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chloe ‚ô•
can someone help me on smoking?
Basically before ive smoked a few cigarettes, only ever one whole one the others have been shared with a friend.
Will it do the same to my body as a heavy smoker?
I regret ever trying one because sometimes i crave one, im not addicted tho.
Please help x

Butch UK
one won't hurt , don't believe the hype, many sports stars smoke on occasion's, but if you get addicted , this is what can happen , for a start, you will smell , your clothes will smell, your skin will become rough and wrinkly, your blood vessels will clog up your lungs will loose the elasticity, your breathing will become laboured , you could suffer , strokes , heart attack, lung cancer, or emphysema, you will get all of the above or some or none , oh and it can rote your teeth, PACK IT UP NOW i have smoked since i was 14 and am addicted , i am 59 and have some of the above , wish i had never started., but most of all it is not adult or make you look sophisticated or hard it makes you look like a ****. ,

I don't want to say I told you so but it really wasn't a good idea to start an addictive drug that could potentiall kill you!!!! But i think you understand that now so basically if its your friends you are pressurising you to do it, or tempting you - hang out with them in public places where your not allowed to smoke!!! And you can always make up that you've been diagnosed with asthma!!!! hahaha that ought to do the trick. Whatever you decide think of the advert where the unwrap the cigarette and its just like a long strip of fat. o and p.s. smoking is REALLY unattractive. Wish you all the luck in the world, take care.

princess missy
hey, craving one is the verge of an addiction.
What stops me is that

every cigarette smoked or every three minutes of second hand smoke:
lessens your life by 5 minutes.

Eat liquorish

ju w
any smokin is bad, please stop asap,
good luck,

no it wont be the same, a year later it will be like you never had one. This is something i find myself saying alot.... " You dont NEED you just WANT. You can live without certain things." Now is the time to stop yourself before its too late. Be strong!

Tom K
it wont do as much harm but even 1 can harm ur body if ur not addicted ull and crave them ull soon be addicted use will power and giv them up

no just stop smoking NOW.. if your not addicted

If you are craving you are beginning to get addicted. When you start to crave one eat a piece of black licorice instead. I know someone that worked for a support group to help people quit and was told that cigarettes have a flavoring in them (much like black licorice...probably Annice). She would always tell them to eat licorice to satisfy their craving.

No, you are just fine. Don't worry about it. You have to smoke many thousands of cigarettes to be like a heavy smoker.

When you crave one, smoke one. You are young, and need to enjoy your life.

Cee Eff
If you "crave" one, you are addicted. That is the definition of an addiction.

Sharing a cigarette makes no difference. You still smoked it.

It will not do the same to your body as a heavy smoker, but if you continue to smoke occasionally, it will have long-term effects.

No, don't worry. It takes a smoker dozens of years of smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day for any negative health effects to occur. Sometimes, even then the person remains in good health.

Honestly, if you are only smoking a few cigarettes every once in a while, you won't have any problems. Social smoking is basically pretty safe. The only thing I'm concerned about is when you said "sometimes i crave one, im not addicted tho." If you are having cravings, that means you are addicted. If you don't want to be, try limiting how much you smoke until you don't "need" a cigarette anymore. One cigarette every so often will not cause you become addicted.

Best of luck!

I started using an electronic cigarette a month ago, and am very happy. I get all the same sensations, I like to puff. At the same time you get only nicotine without any other garbage, and I can smoke inside wherever I want, it's legal even on the planes, because there is no tobacco or any kind of burning!

It saved me a lot of money too. I got it from www.myvic.co.uk if you're interested. You can even quit smoking easier because of the control over the nicotine content.

You won't have the damage of a constant smoker NO WAY!!

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