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 Im a girl..is smoking weed or cigarettes a turn off? ?
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are cigarrettes more harmful than marjuana?

Kevin S
no but both are terrible for you.

Everynite i Pray for u
Anything these days could be harmful to your body, water, food, cigs, drugs,medicine, anything that goes into your body they all got chemicals, just certain things are MORE harmful than some.. but to answer your questions they're both harmful, but what am i to say because i am smoking a cigarette right now..

who cares you only live once

Callan M
hell yes, marijuana is not harmful

The Face
Depends on the usage. In the long term cigarretts are! In the short term marjuana! if you smoke to much you can die in a day from marjuana

they both are harmful to you. tobacco has tar so imagine its tobacco

Halllllle :D
Nope, Cigarettes cause lung cancer, but smoking weed kills the brain cells and makes you do things that are more dangerous than generally smoking anything.

It all depends on where you get your marijuana. If you buy it from a "drug dealer" then it is probably loaded with pesticides and other garbage that is sprayed on it to help it grow. The truth is that both are horrible for you and unless you are growing the pot yourself and processing it yourself, not using any chemicals on it, then it might be *slightly* better than cigs, but not necessarily.

Cigarettes are more harmful to the person smoking it. Marijuana is more harmful for others because you have less control over your behavior.

Depends on what you mean by harmful. Cigarettes cause more physical damage and can lead to cancer. Marijuana is know to cause a lot of mental health probelms but physically is better for you.

kit kat

Yes. Nicotine is considered the most potent organic PESTICIDE ! When used as intended,nicotine will kill you. No one in the history of the world has died from a THC overdose. THC is not addictive. THC has real medical benifits, nicotine doesn't.

Catskill Murph
I would have to say yes and only because cigarettes are loaded with chemicals put in them by the manufacturers. Dope is not pressed like tobacco is. Although it could be tainted with other things.

Neither is good for you

They are both pretty much the same..... DONT TRY ANY OF THEM

Sean Jean P.
stop with the cigs

Anything cut with chemicals man made would be worse

Yes, Cigarettes have tar, arsenic and a bunch of other additives in it whereas pot is all natural.

Ronald Reagan
No, but they are both bad for your lungs. Inhaling any kind of smoke is.

Emily Merritt
yes cigarette are WAY more harmful. They cause long term damage such as lung disease and they also make you ugly. Pot doesnt cause any long term damage what so ever. Also, you can get addicted to cigarettes quite easily aand their is no addictive drug in marijuana.

Who knows
Yes!!! Cigarettes have more toxins and chemicals in them than pot does. Not that smoking pot is good for you, but it is better than cigarette smoke.

uh...YEAH. marijuana can not do anything to you other than COAT your brain cells, meaning, it doesn't kill the cells it just coats them until you quit. and if you get caught, you can get put in jail. haha. and also i guess your lungs wouldn't do well with any smoke, but it's still alot better for you than cigarettes.
cigarettes can give you lung cancer and other health problems. it's not healthy, it's not good, cigarettes are just bad for you. just remember with marijuana, don't panic, it's organic!

I would have to say cigarrettes are very very harmful compared to marijuana. Heavy marijuana smokers show less evidence of lung injury than heavy tobacco smokers. "Many people think smoking marijuana is just as harmful as smoking tobacco, but this is not true. Those who hold that marijuana is equivalent to tobacco are misinformed. For example, most marijuana smokers smoke the bud, not the leaf, of the plant. The bud contains only 33% as much tar as tobacco. In fact, marijuana is an expectorant."

Sweet Pea
Yes they are. for the most part people smoke more cigarettes than marijuana. then there are those people who smoke 24/7 all day every day.. i would still stay yes.

no, the lungs do not do well with any kind of smoke, regardless of the source.

Katey B
but then again anything goign in your lungs but air cant be good

Yes. Youre smoking poisons as opposed to smoking a completely natural ingredient. But the smoke is still bad for your lungs.

Given the fact that you get arrested with possession of marijuana and not with ciggies, I say Marijuana is more harmful to your well-being.


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