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anyone else dreading the smoking ban?
especially in london the weather is so crap and going outside for a ciggie means drowning in the rain!

mummy of 5 girls <3 <3
yup totally i wont be eating out or drinking until the weather has improved enough

the rain will dampen your ciggie

Steve F

You are not allowed to take your drink outside if it's in a residentual area.

So there's another recepie for disaster with getting your drinkes spiked when you're out having a smoke.

absolutely. hop my local will have a covered area built

yep.. and no.. as long as they don't ban smoking in MY car..lol
wouldn't suprise me... nanny state..

and none smokers , u might think posting silly comments on here is great fun.. but less people smoking = more stealth taxes.. perhaps that might take u off your higher moral ground..

it'd have less impact on me if they banned drinking..... give it a few years..lol

and yer if u are in rented places u have to not smoke for 30 minutes / 1 hour.. as they are prolly afraid of getting sued 10 years down the line.

jason c
Big brother is watching you!!! If the government had banned smoking full stop then I would be in a more positive frame of mind. However they are making criminals out of normal people and still taking there tax cut.
I heard this morning on the radio that if you are to have a visitor to your house from say the council or a deliver from a store you need to not have smoked a cig for over an hour and a half or they can refuse to enter the house.
At the same time we have troops dieing every day in Iraq, children murdered on our street and bombs being planted in our cities.

what about us scots it should of happened to u last year but we have good weather in scotland so were ok

Del Piero 10
We have to suffer for our art. (it's like December here, dark and raining)

doodlebop xx
i'm so fed up of hearin about thins bloody smokin ban..prob coz i'm peed off with it, i must smoke 8 cigz a month if that so its not a case of how will i cope coz i can liv without, but i like the odd cig in a pub with a mate n a drink n i wont be able tooo..the cheek of it. designated areas i say.. you enjoy your cig mate, av 1 4 me. hahahahah who cares about the health issues..my mate was the most healthiest man ever, organic, excerised..didnt smoke or sunbathe n e died of cancer so...i dunno..i'm babblin on now..c u sweet. x

Not in d least but i do feel 4 smokers though

I'm a smoker
but I'm used to smoking outside
the only one i would be is the nightclubs
as when i drink i love to have my ciggy...
i dont go out clubbing alot though so i probably wont even notice it...
there is one thing i hope they do stop in the nightclubs,and that is the smoke they blow out onto the dance floor...to me that is bad for every-body's health....
but also people who dont smoke! dont realise that there is car fumes out there that we breathe, that is alot worse then a ciggy if you ask me....but yet they will happily travel in their cars in front and behind people... let alone stand around a fuel station to put fuel in the car....
sorry just had to have my say....

It's already here in Wales I'm a smoker and as there is no smoking in pubs I tend not to smoke as much or miss it

Well, it won't stop me smoking.
I'm just worried that been outside is some sort of scam to make us more exposed to the anti smokers therefore making us an easy target to round us all up and cart us all off to a seperate island in order to protect the non smokers.

Yeah. I don't mind being shoved into a special room but am not looking forward to having to smoke outside with all the do gooders looking on disapprovingly.

I'm sick of judgemental society where we are all supposed to conform. Where has the freedom of choice gone ? How dull when we are allowed no individualism and are all required to live by a certain set of rules deemed "appropriate"

Although I appreciate the smoking bans (many US states and cities on my side of the pond have them) since I have asthma and allergies, I don't like the principle they are based on.

I personally believe that all restaurants/pubs/bars should have a right to determine if they will allow smoking. In the past few years, a lot of restaurants have looked at consumer preferences, and have made the premises entirely non-smoking, without interference or threats from the local government.

And yes, it's horrible that a city with weather like London's is going to force smokers to go outside. However, I guess one could be glad that it's nothing like going outside in Indianapolis (doesn't get above 0C for a month or two, winds howl and often make wind chills below the -15C mark, and summers are above 30C and humid as all holy hell). The city itself just passed a smoking ban, and its suburban districts intend to follow soon.

happy chappy
yes I enjoy a cigar with a pint not outside though, also a ciggie with a pint with a good conversation, so I`ll not enjoy it as much now.

NO WAY!! i cant wait!! if you wanna kill yourselves go ahead, just let the rest of us live our lives xxx

i hate the smell of smoke on my clothes down the pub so it will make a nice change! bring on the ban. i would be pretty pissed off if i was a smoker though!

I stopped 2 days ago - but am dreading listening to everyone whinging about standing outside in the rain!!! I'll probably start again just to show solidarity!!!!!!!

Lynn C
not really i will just stay at home and save money and have guests round for fun and drinks

I do not smoke so haha

I'm truly all for it.

I'd rather you went outside to poison yourself so that I can breathe clean air inside my favourite pubs/restaurants for once.

I love getting back after a night out and realising that my clothes and hair don't reek of cigarrettes!
Besides it may deter people from smoking. It may even put people off from starting to smoke in the first place.

The smokers who are protesting this are just plain selfish! They say things like "I have a right to smoke inside"... What about my right to breathe non-carcinogenic air? If they then say that I could step outside, I then retort with "so I should suffer for your habit? that's not very fair, is it?"

not at all i stopped 11 days ago now so it be helpin me :O)

Not me, at last I will be able to go into a bar withour choking on the second hand smoke.

On the contrary, I cant wait. I was living in Dublin when they brought in the ban over there and I can honestly say, the quality of pubs improved overnight. Its so nice to go out for a drink and not go home stinking of filthy cig smoke (lol, it wont let me write the word [email protected]). It gets in your clothes and in your hair and we all know the damage it does to your insides. It cant come soon enough

‚ô•sandpaper kisses‚ô• >^..^<
No i can't wait for it, should have been done years ago.

Why dread it?

Why not simply stop smoking?

It makes you smell terrible, it looks cheap, costs you thousands of pounds every year and destroys your body untill you die.
There is not one reason on this earth to smoke, so stop now, use this ban as a reason to stop because it's never ever going to go away no matter who runs this country.

You will look better, feel better and probably live long enough to see your children grow up, get married and have a good life with you in it.

Now, isn't that a good enough reason on it's own?


Note to jungle jungle, Stealth taxes? Bring 'em on.

I will happily pay £1000 a year so i don't have to sit in a pub/bar/restaurant and then die because i had to breathe in your smoke.

I have absolutely no problem with other people smoking as long as i don't have to smell it or breathe it in, i think most non-smokers wouldn't too.

If smokers had been more considerate in the first place and went outside where possible there wouldn't be this ban.
The Government has brought it in because the majority of this country don't smoke, they don't want it in our lungs and it seems the only way we can get this to happen is to have it banned.


Isn't there an irony that all these questions go into "Respiratory Diseases"

Doesn't that, in itself, tell you something?

the athiest
no i cant wait. ban smoking altogether. they can kill em selves but why do they have to kill me?

I feel it is going to do me a big favour..
I apreciate the health risks for the non smoker really i do and its going to be great for them.
But are they going to ban drinking in pubs or introduce ration books now as drinking abuse is on the increase there is nothing worse than being confronted by someone out of there tree unreasonable that start on innocent people for no reason.Or worst still become phsical.

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