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a question for asthmatics....?
I am doing a case on asthma this week and I just wondered if you can kindly share some info about your conditon with me please? I am interested to know....

how old were you when you were diagnosed?
how bad is your asthma?...what, if anything does it restrict you from doing?
what makes it worse? ie. exertion, night time, cold mornings, pets etc
are you allergic to anything you know of?
and what inhalers or other medication do you take? If you dont know exactly which drugs are in there then just the colour of inhaler and how often you take it will do. Also have you ever or do u currently use nebulisers?

Thanks very much

lucy (medical student)

I was diagnosed at 6 weeks old, that's when I had my first attack. I am 32 now and have had it my whole life.

My asthma has been classified as moderate to severe. I try (and have always tried) not to keep me from doing anything. I played sports when I was a kid, even though I was told not to. I missed a lot of school and was in and out of the hospital growing up. Back then, there were almost no maintenance drugs to speak of. I do have to miss work 2-3 times a year due to severe flare-ups.

Pretty much everything you mentioned above aggravates it and I am allergic to pretty much everything. I take Azmanex and Albuterol inhalers, and Astelin and Flonase for my allergies. I have a nebulizer for the more severe attacks, which is currently being used by my six-month-old. He is on Pulmicort and Albuterol, because it looks like he's going to be just like mommy.

how old were you when you were diagnosed? I was around 10months
how bad is your asthma?...what, if anything does it restrict you from doing? Nothing, but in summer i start having breathing problems during running or sports like that
what makes it worse? ie. exertion, night time, cold mornings, pets etc: dry grass and pollen. sometimes pets yes
are you allergic to anything you know of? not really
and what inhalers or other medication do you take? If you dont know exactly which drugs are in there then just the colour of inhaler and how often you take it will do. Also have you ever or do u currently use nebulisers? I used the brown one ( preventer) every morning and night and blue one (reliever) whenver i need it. Eg, i bring it to school especially during sports. I should be using nebuliser but i prefer not.

how old were you when you were diagnosed? 11 years old (I am 27)

how bad is your asthma? Quite bad

what makes it worse? Cold weather, exercise, illness

are you allergic to anything you know of? Erythromycin

and what inhalers or other medication do you take? Ventolin 200 Accuhaler (once a day and as required), Seretide 250 Accuhaler (1 Puff twice a day), Carbimazole 20mg (For over active Thyroid)

Also have you ever or do u currently use nebulisers? No

I hope this helps.

Choong Blood
5 or 6 yrs.
really bad already had an asthma attack at 13yrs
running and long walking.
sleeping in the heat. any hot areas.
highly dust and urine stains
albultrol inhaler redd or yellow white
in have a nebuliser in my room and yes have used one before at school,home and hospital.

i'm 15 now!

sian p
Hi, my 10 year old son is a sufferer, I will answer the questions though!

He was diagnosed at 3 years old.

His is quite acute, I was told when he was younger that it would get better as he got older, if anything it got worse, it's now evened out. He does get quite puffed out when he plays football but as long as he has his inhaler on him it's well controlled.

There isn't a specific thing that makes it worse, if he catches a cold or a virus of anysort it seems to manifest by giving him a bad chest. He does have a flu jab every year, and he's not allergic to anything that we ccurrently know of.

He takes a symbicort inhaler as a preventer (2 puffs in the morning, 2 puffs at night) and a ventolin inhaler as and when he needs to. If he does have a bit if a bad chest he doubles the dose on the symbicort.

He has used a nebuliser 3 times, when he was hospitalised with his asthma.

Hope this helps

Nice marmot!
I had it when I was about 14 - 16 then it went away and came back when I was 34 (few months ago).

I don't get it as bad as others do maybe. I can pretty much do what I like unless I have an attack when I just wheeze and stay still. The sprays help a lot when that happens.

Its bad when I have a cold, its triggered by dusty places, feather pillows, cat hair etc and also seems to be by red wines containing sulphites. Damn, I love wine too!

I'm on the orange and blue inhalers. Orange twice every day, blue up to 4 times when needed.

No nebulisers.

Hope this helps!

Elizabeth H
I was in my 30's when I was disagnosed I use a blue one and brown inhalers I used a nebuliser once

I get the flu jab

Lori C
Hi Lucy! I have been an asthmatic for over 15 years now. I was diagnosed when I was 12. Over the years it has gotten some what better. I am not really all that restricted, but I have noticed that with chemical fumes and certain times of the year it gets worse. I can not have any type of pet with fur. We have even tried dogs that are suggested to be good for asthmatics and I still get sick. I do have seasonal allergies and I am allergic to penicillin. I use an albuterol inhaler, as needed, and I use advair once daily. I also use Flonase for allergies. I used to use a nebuliser, but I didn't like the feeling I would get afterwards. I would get really shaking and felt really light headed. I hope that this helps you with your work. Good Luck!


P.S. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Hi, Im 13 and i got asthma when i was about ten.
The doctors told me i would grow out of it round about the age of 17.
I can do sports but i cant wear myself out too much.
When i get a cold, my asthma gets bad.
I have to take 2 puffs each of the brown and blue inhalers in the morning and before bed.
I'm not allergic to anything but...
Smoke, spray, heat etc... affects my breathing.
I have to get the flu jab each year because if i was to get the flu... it would turn on me really badly.

Hope i helped.


*I was 13 when i was diagnosed

*my asthma is pretty bad because at times it seems like i cant even walk up the stairs without loosing my breath and every time i exercise it also happens, and at times i just want to sit there and do nothing because it feels like it is taking over and i just get sick of that

*Well i have hayfever along with it and that makes it so much worse that it normally would, exercise, hot dry air, cold heavy air, and bad air quality.

*I am on ProAir HFA (albuterol) and i also take singular and advair to help with the asthma and then cetirizine to help make the allergies a bit calmer.

*I used take the albuterol 2 times a day but now i am only taking it at the most 2 times a week because i take advair in the morning and at night and i take the cetirizine and sinuglar at night.

*Well in july i was sent to the ER because the asthma ttack wouldn't quit and they gave me a nebulizer treatment and it help greatly.

Hope that helps :)

Lucy - Excellent search for the Asthama case of questionare. I appreciate.

Jo March
I was diagonsed at 15.

I have moderate asthma that is well controled with medication. I can take part in most normal activities including exercise.

I am triggered by allergies and cold air

Allergic to just about everything - cats, dogs, pollen, dust, smoke, etc

Take singular and zyrtec tables, use advair inhaler in winter, use Proair (red albuterol) inhaler for a rescue inhaler

Do not use or have a nebuliser as I do not have insurance and can't afford one (i get most of my meds through prescription assistance programs)

On behalf of my father a known COPD patient I answer the queries:
65 years
Moderate/ that is he has got asthma attacks [status asthamaticus] once a month or so.
It is worse during winter season.
He is on levo- salbutamol and uses occasional steroid inhaler.
Don't use nebulisers.

Gemma L
I was 6 when i was diagnosed with Asthma, I,m now 16.
I wouldn't say my Asthma was really bad but it does restrict me from running, or any rough exercises.
It gets worse in the winter and it affects me at night times i Wheeze alot which means i cant get to sleep. Exertion is one of the main factors that bring on a asthma Attack for me.
Im not allergic to anything i no of.
I take three inhalers
The brown one (Beclometasone)
The Blue one (Salbutamol)
The Green one (Salmeterol xinafote)
I take the Brown one 4 times in a morning and 4 times in a night when my asthma is bad or in the winter.
I use the blue one when i have a asthma attack and take it until the asthma attack eases off. I usually have this around 2 or 3 times a week.
I use the green one during excersise.
Hope this helps

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