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a question about the 1st of july smoking law!?
right i am not sure if i really understand this. i am a 16 year old girl smoker. from the 1st of july i can't smoke indoors anywhere but i can outside. is that correct? thnax in advance!!!

check out the website


I've just stopped 8 weeks ago after 18 years and i feel great should have done it ages ago

And they are putting the age up to 18 soon

you should check it out. and er,if you're bothered about the law maybe you oughtn't smoke in the first place that's illegal too.

You cannot smoke in public places but you can in your own home. If you're out anywhere just think to yourself, "does someone work here and can my smoke come into contact with a non smoker?", if so then you're in a place where it's banned. Most work places have a designated place for smoking and pubs usually have designated area under cover outside.
If you want to use this ban as a kick start to giving up go to the website as there are loads of ways that the government is offering to help.

�� Karen ��
Hi there
Yes you are correct, In Scotland this law has been in place for a year and it is working well..
why not try cutting down with a view to stop !!!! I stopped three years ago and i feel much better and my clothes don't smell either.. so come on give it a try !!!

You're right - but quit NOW before you get hooked.

dels replies
Yes you can smoke outdoors. Certain places like schools and hospitals although surrounded by open areas have banned smoking inside their boundaries although technically they are open air.They are perfectly entitled to do this,There is a bit of controversy over places like bus stops, which although in the open have people waiting who are not smokers and might object to someone smoking near them.,It would probably be best not to smoke too near to other people if you can help it. In the long run you would be sensible to stop smoking while still young to prevent irreparable damage being done to your lungs. They will get damaged I can assure you. In 30 years time you will wish you had given up when you can't breath and need an oxygen cylinder to stay alive.

Let me join the others who suggest you give up smoking. It is much easier if you work with someone else who is also quiting. My ladyfriend and I stopped 3 months ago and I don't know if I could have done it alone. I had smoked for 54 years.
The cost was not a reason, but I have found that I save
US$ 86.00 per week.
My breathing is not good and I regret the day I first smoked.
Good luck

That is correct

only in your own home and outside - no shelter must be above your head when outside

Why would you want to smoke at 16? By the time you are in your early 30's you will have old, wrinkled skin, dull hair and eyes. Take care of yourself, and stop smoking today. You WILL notice the benefits once you are a little older. I have never smoked, and I can promise you that the girls that where in my class who did smoke now look at least 10-15 years older that me. I am now in my 40's, and I am so glad I never started. If that hasn't made a difference to your opinion on smoking then answer this - If you went to a supermarket and the label on the pack said, "You eat this at your own risk, this product could kill you", would you still buy it? I don't think so.

yes, any public place, like a pub, cinema etc. You can still smoke in your own home, the best thing to do is not smoke in public anywhere that way you have no worries about getting a fine. I know it's hard. I stopped about 2 months ago. Most pubs are having smoking areas outside though.(well they are where i live anyway)

Saucy Spider
First of all the best thing you can do is give up.

Basically from the 1st July you will not be able to smoke in enclosed public places such as pubs, public transport, shops, offices, places of work. You will have to go outside instead. Some places such as hospitals will not even allow you to smoke in the grounds, you will have to leave the site completely.

Go on give up - just think of the money you will save and non smokers like me will like you again.

Pebble da rebble
You will only be able to smoke in designated areas, why dont you join me in trying to give up. we could help each other.

S Csparky
yes outside is fine its like that in

Steve D
You won't be able to smoke in any confined public places.
At the same time, there's going to be extra enforcement of littering on the pavements of ciggy butts, with on-the-spot fines of up to Β£80, so you can't even nip out from the pub/club onto the street for a quick smoke without being careful of where you put your butts!
Why not do what loads of others are doing and use this opportunity to quit and add some years to your life?
I've been a smoker for 20 years, and the thought of DJing for a whole night at the club that I work at without being able to light up is not a good one, so I'm quitting!

That is correct although soon you will be too young to buy cigarettes so I suggest you start giving up!

Yes you are correct. If it is an enclosed public place e.g shopping centre, pub, club retaurant etc. you will not be allowed to smoke, but outside is fine.

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