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Will smoking weed........?
okay so i was wondering if smoking weed will effect my hockey at all. I only do it like 1 time a month or mabey a little more/less. I usually run every morning to get my stanima up if that makes any difference. And im willing to give up weed forever cause i love hockey and i cant take the risk of something that will set me back in it

yess it willl affect you i suggest you stop

yes it make s your brain cells die they do not regeranrate and causes cancer

korean=love anti jonas/cyrus
weed...marijuana..pots...nicotin...THEY ALL EVERYTHING EFFECTS U REALLY BAD.

[email protected]
stop smoking pot because it affects your judgement on the ice!

give up weed. it ruins your life. trust me.

help me? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AtpM.xxVVMfJSpCqC0pndq3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080830083710AAHD7r1 thanks.

Well I dont think it will make a difference but your brain cells are dying every time you puff,soo if you want to end up being retarded then go for it.

You just answered your own question, pal. You said you were willing to give up pot because you love Hockey so much and you don't want to risk something setting you back from your hockey.

If you only smoke pot once a month (and I find that very hard to believe, friend) then you should have no problem putting it down and stopping it. Put it down and concentrate on your hockey. You already know that it's mind altering, and that it's an illegal drug that could land you in jail, and that it's illegal to use while playing sports, right? So, what are you really looking for here? Someone to say it's OK to continue to smoke pot and that in doing so you'll become a great hockey player with a bright future? That answer will not come. You know the right answer and you know the right thing to do. I hope you make the right choice.

Don't be a Dope!! do something, like give it up!

Ready for flowers to blossom:].
Make you stupid?

Of course it will affect you.
Keep doing it and you are going to kill all of your brain cells, no matter how many times a month you do it.

just put it this way...

hocky or weed?
weed is crap.
why would you even want to smoke weed?
thats kinda retarded man.

Zach S
it shouldn't

No it isn't a big deal.

Except if they do random drug tests, then you are fcuked.

Unless you smoke up WHILE playing hockey, nope.

don;t do it you may say once a week but trust me my friends an addict now its well sad because he was so lovely x

truthfully weed will impact your life drastically.
weed has changed the way many people in my life act.
no drugs are good to take at all, but i'm not saying i've never done anything wrong. im a softball player & i realised it wasn't a very good thing for me to do.. because to me softball is more important than anything to me..

so choose wisley bc your descision can effect your life drastically

smoking weed is against the law. and it doesn't matter how many times you smoke. ya in the long run it will affect it. esp if you have to take a drug test.

well it sure is worse for you then you think.
but i mean only once a month or something not that bad.
but it can easily effect your hockey.
since it's so unhealthy for you.
but it's likely not to really if you do it that little.
hope i helpped a little.

at least half these people know that its not that bad. the only damage it will do is effect your breathing slightly but if you only do it on occasion and also are a runner you probably wont even notice at all. and yeah i think weed kills some brain cells but so does alcohol and half of everything else in the world. dry erase markers, spray paint, glue, cleaning solvents.. ect.....

and this guy is completely right. - "As far as "wah wah its against the law"...so is jaywalking, but we all cross the street without crosswalks. So is drinking underage but we all drank beers at parties in high school." and id like to add fireworks, going 35 on one street and 35 on another is called speeding, not buckling up even if it is your life. and a bunch of other dumb laws.... ever heard "rules are meant to be brokeN" marijuana laws are one of them....

Dr Funkenstein
lolz once a month will not affect you at all. It's not a problem till you're doin it constantly, 24/7.

Yes. It could effect you long term in ways we don't even know yet.

Please answer my question ---> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AoWgyACGXMyCGAo50GuTKL3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080830115811AAozMNm

jorma king
smoking weed will put toxins and carcinogens into your body. plus it will add fat cells to your body and it will store that fat in your body of cells. it also increases your chances of a heart attack

Coming from a kid here that smokes pot about 4-5 times a day, im in football, and im not affected at all... i actually usually burn one before a game because it increases my performance. don't sweat it

Once a month wont make a difference. There are alot of people in the world who smoke occasionally and dont have it effect their lives.
Its the heavy pot smokers who will have side effects. If you smoke out of a pipe, watch how the glass starts to turn brown. Or even if your smoking a dubee, at the end where you lips go the paper will start to turn brown. That junk, is what your inhaling. So for heavy smokers, the lungs are effected.
However it is not nearly as bad as smoking cigarettes, and if you want to compare it to drinking, alcohol has been medically proven to cell brain cells in the Hippocampus in the brain which is the memory center, as well as damaging the liver.

All in all, Once and month is not going to make a big difference at all. Especially if you run every morning, your lungs and heart are getting the proper work out they need in order to stay strong and healthy.

If your going to be tested for drugs in the future it would be wise to stop. THC from weed will store itself in your fat, but will stay even longer in your muscle tissue. But like i said, it probably wont effect you much if you arent a heavy smoker.

Ignore all the anti-pot extremist answers. You need facts, not moral stands.

Add: There have been stuides which have linked smoking weed to brain damage, there have been others which have found no links.
There are absolutly no tests to prove that weed causes Cancer of any kind.
Weed HAS been proven to increase you white blood cells that fight of sickness. (Why its used as a healing drug)

Well if you are already a smoker "I only do it like 1 time a month or maybe a little more/less." And you are already playing hockey wouldn't you already know that answer? Hope that your coach doesn't start with drug tests.

it can only do you damage, if you're in athletic competition.
it isn't as damaging as cigarette smoke, but is still damaging to lungs.
smoking anything is not natural for the human body.

donald g
Wow, there sure are a lot of goodie-two-shoes on Yahoo these days. Smoking one joint a month isn't going to affect playing hockey. I played hockey in college, and while I didn't smoke the ganga at the same time, what kills your sport is losing your passion for it. You could do heroine and play hockey at the same time though I wouldn't recommend it. If you love hockey, love playing it regularly, a joint now and again won't do anything negatively.

Now, you do run the risk of being caught in a drug test - having THC in your blood/urine can fcuk your college playing future, yep.

I'd say, smoke a joint one a month instead of drinking. Drinking - now there's a way to ruin your life.

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