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& how safe is it to feel safe?
Will I get mono?
So I found out one of my best guy friends has mono. I remember him complaining for a while he had a sore throat, and then that he was dizzy. Well he wasnt in school today, and after school he called me and said that he was in the hospital because that morning he was having trouble breathing and was coughing, his throat was unbelievably sore and that every time he coughed he felt like he would pass out. The doctors told him he had mono, and he has to stay in the hospital for a few days since he let it get pretty bad. I want to go see him so bad but my mom told me I can't because "I will get mono from being in the room with him." The fricken kid has an iv, and hes one of my best friends. I wanna be there for him. Will I really get mono from visiting him?
Additional Details
everyones saying theres common ages...well im 14 if that has any impact? and thanks everyone ill show this question to my mom



i cant tell the future and if i could i wouldnt have eatin that "thing" off the floor last week

EDIT money was involved

Alex J
omg maybe



Tiana M
Yes, you could get mono if you go into the room with him! Check out WebMD for more information about mono and how it is spread.

Because I'm a Patterson.
Eventually we all get mono Sarah. Its just part of being here.

Allie J
no, you wont. your mom's being a weirdo

1♥♥♥♥% me
possibly- Thats a bad sitch.

I'd appreciate if someone
answered this

u really have a good chance of getting it

No you should be fine. Does your mom think all the nurses and doctors who are caring for him will get mono? I've worked at a hospital for several years now and have dealt with patients that had mono. When you go in the room you will wear a mask and gloves and before leaving make sure you wash your hands throughly. oh and no kissing hehe.

Definately not. Mono can be spread through contact with saliva, Mucus from the nose and throat, and sometimes tears. You would have to drink after him or kiss him (thats why its called the kissing disease) or do something that of that sort. Tell your mom to check out this website: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/infectious-mononucleosis-topic-overview

Probably not if you really want to you then I think you should because the risk is not extremely high

nope. unless you have hooked up within him or shared drinks/lapsticks within the incubation period which could be up to a couple of months...you'll be fine. just drink that orange juice. =]

possibly...im sry thats terrible

Mono is not spread as easily as some other viruses, such as the common cold. The mono virus is found in saliva and mucus. It is usually passed from one person to another through kissing, although it may rarely be passed in other ways, such as coughing. Signs of mono usually develop 4 to 6 weeks after you're exposed to the virus. Generally, people only get mono once. It's most common among people 15 to 35 years old. It is Caused by the Epstein Barr virus

You could get mono from him if you kissed him or drank after him.

Mono can also be spread through contact with saliva, mucus from the nose and throat, and sometimes tears. Because the virus can be spread through kissing, it has earned the nickname the “kissing disease.” If you have mono, you can avoid passing the virus to others by not kissing anyone and by not sharing things like glasses, eating utensils, or toothbrushes

i serioulsly doubt it--
im pretty sure you'd only get it if you kissed him

Theres always a chance, but in my experience, I had mono when I was in high school, and I never gave it to anyone, not even my boyfriend. So, I think you should go, and just frequently wash your hands and don't touch anything...and you should be fine. Always practice good hand hygiene :)

no. if mono was that contagious the doctors wouldn't permit visits. Go see him he will love the company

heck no thats a bunch of bull. i had mono in 2nd grade because of drinking out of the water fountains. the only way ur gonna get it is if you kiss him or drink after him or in some way exchange sylava. no you will not get it from visiting him.

no mono isnt spread easily it's spread through saliva and mucus so just dont kiss him or anything like that but if you go keep a distance because it can be spread by coughing the virus usually takes around 4-6 weeks until it's fully developed so when you get home take a shower just in case it's common ages 15-35 so yes you can visit him good luck! :)

noo... ur mom is just being protective of her baby girl. You can only get it from him if you get too close, share a drink, or kiss him. Or a blood transfusion, but I doubt u would be doing that anyways.

It's infectious, so you might.

Go see him and ask the nurse how to limit the chances of infection. S/he may be able to assist you. 2nd-worst case, stand at the door and tell him how much he means to you. Worst case, call him and tell him how much he means to you. Complete bed rest is the best way to get over it (hey, I had it). So anything you can do to guarantee that he stays bored and in bed after he gets out of the hospital is a gift--to him. Good luck!

Gabby ♥'s the Steelers!
actually, mono is more spread by direct contact, but there is a slight chance that an indirect contact such as being in the room with him might give you mono. All you have to do is where one of those surgical masks that covers your mouth, then you will able to see him. Mono is usually spread by saliva droplets from the sick one to their partner or friend either by kissing or simply just coughing. If it was my friend, i would be right beside them, also. Just wear a mask.

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