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 Does tobacco stay in your system? How Long?
I've have to take an Anger Management classes for a ticket i got in May. And This place where Im probably going to go is going to ask for a Drug Test. I haven't smoked weed or anything for ...

 How do I reduce my bad breath?
I take medicine, could that be it, and how can I stop making it smell bad instead of brushing my teeth all the time....

 My mother hasn't smoked in 7 years. She just started again. How can I get her to quit?

 whats the best way to give up smoking?

 What is the best medicine to take to go to sleep?
I have fibromyalgia and i can't sleep, I finally can go to sleep 3 or 4 am and then of course get up way late, now i feel it is a pattern and i cant break ...

 former smokers only plz?
hi iam 19 years old girls 5ft3 140lbs iam a former smoker i quit smoking 5 months ago cuz of breathing prob now after that 5 months i cant run for 5 min i get daisy and cant breath and everthing ...

 I have a persistant cough that produces mucus. How do I get rid of it?

 My 81 year old dad has pneumonia and is in the hospital.Isn't this extremely danerous at his age?
He also has emphysema.
Additional Details
Please pray for him.Thank you....

 Smoking is good or bad?

 i've just coughed up about 2 pints of blood?
i think it's coming out my ears but i can't see because it's coming out of my eyes and nose? ...

 Does a collapsed lung just go away?
My 21 yr old husband had pain in his upper right chest when he breathed for a full week - but now he says it's 95% gone and he refuses to go to a doctor's appt I made him today. I am sooo ...

 How can one kick this habit of smoking cigarettes.?
I have smoked for over 30 + years and really need to quit.
I know it is ruining my health and no doubt shortening my lifespan, but honestly, this is the hardest thing I have ever tried to ...

 Can shortness of breath be related to stress?
I've been very stresed out lately due to school and for the past month I've been having shortness of breath. I'm not wheezing or anything, I just can't seem to inhale completely ...

 I'm an ex-smoker. Is there any way I can help CLEAN MY LUNGS?
I used to be a moderate cigarette smoker for ~5 yrs. I recently quit a couple of weeks ago.

I was wondering, is there anything I can do to help clean my lungs back to their original ...

 I've smoked 3 cigarettes and I am incredibly frightened?
Well i'm only 14 and i've smoked 3 cigarettes so far and i don't think i've ever been more scared in my life. I feel this nagging sensation telling me to smoke more in the back of ...

 how to stop sweating in PE?
i have PE, and afterwards i get really gross and sweat shows through my shirt, especially on the back. i sweat really easily. any help?...

 how to stop my daughter smoking?
i have just caught my daughter smoking for the second time!
i am so mad!!
myself and my husband are both ex smokers... we stopped smoking 5 years ago.. we don't let any one smoke in ...

 For some reason I cough up blood?
Ever since I'd been diagnosed with asthma, when I struggle to breathe I seem to cough up blood in my flem. Why?
Additional Details
I'm 14 year old....

 i smoked today im my bathroom and im 12!!!!!?
wat should i do!
i stoll my moms cig and i smoked it
it felt good but im not tempted but i want to do it again
im friend smokes and she loves it!
i think i do to but i dont no cuz ...

 About secondhand smoke?
If you do your best not to smoke in front of anyone, what are the chances that someone will breathe in your secondhand smoke?

For example, I do my best to only smoke in private places when ...

Why smoke when you know it kills?
Why people kept producing cigars when they know that cigarrete smoking is dangerous to their health? Are there any advantages?

Because people are stupid. Many fall on stressful times and seem to think that killing themselves and everyone around them by smoking is going to help.

because it makes you soo cool!

Rachel Mathsen
Once you try it, the nicotine stays in your blood.

it's a hard addiction to kick off.

but smoking is pointless, because you are paying for your death

Amanda W
The advantages for the companies making it is they make money, and for the smokers they're just addicted.

the feeling is great!

Seung-Hui Cho
because some people like it

because they think it's cool or attractive.
my cousin is 15 and she smokes but i'm not even sure if she's addicted because she only takes 1-3 hits off of the cigarette and lets the rest burn or throws it out about half way through.. then lights another in about an hour?

i guess she just thinks she's cool but that crap gives me the worst headaches and i won't let her smoke around me; she can kill herself but she isn't going to do that to me.

Harry F
same reason people eat a lot of junk food and drink lots of soda. its addictive

probabaly because people make money from it and it calms them down

Shy girl
Exactly me too think da same but no 1 can do ny thing in dis cos it becomes n habit which 1 get n den they can't stop smoking suddenly!

♥, jεssicα
some people just smoke to keep them skinny,
i think it's pretty gross though

Apocalypse Girl 4Ever
Some times people are desperate to be "cool" and they'll do almost anything to fit in with a certain group of kids. Sometimes that group smokes... sometimes it's simply peer pressure....the only problem id that once your addicted, you're stuck. Breaking an addiction is harder then some people understand.

Addiction, It cures emotional pain, and when it does kill you all of your pain is gone. That's why I've seem many people smoke and do drugs.

Katie W
The same reason stupid people play Russian roulette. They get a short term thrill, and never believe that it will kill them eventually. Teens seem to be the main source of new smokers -- more proof that teens are often idiots. (I grant you, adults are often idiots too...)

if you havent smoked then its easier said than done

just to be stressed out and go smoke a cigarette.. it's just pleasuring

I asked my dad that one day and he said
because he wanted to, and because of stress. And he knows its bad and not healthy. but does it any way and he said he could quit if he wanted to because he did before.

I think its dumb and he should stop
Theres no advantage just maybe an earlier grave and to smell bad and get wrinkly

Kevin P
In general, its not the tobacco that is deadly but rather the added chemicals that companies add in to the cigarettes to make them more addictive. Because of this reason, when I smoke cigarettes I smoke American Spirits. They don't have any additives and they are, in my opinion, a smoother smoke. However, I prefer a pipe. Since you don't inhale with a pipe there is very very minimal added risk of lung or esophageal cancer/disease. But like it has already been said, it's generally an addiction. People start it to relax or lose weight and get addicted. I smoke about once a week but I never feel the need for a cigar, cigarette, or pipe

There are no advantages accept for stress relief. But in the end, if the person that smokes get cancer or any other things you can get from tobacco ,they most likely get MORE stress. I think that the main reason why people keep producing cigars/cigarettes, for money purposes. When you think about it, some packs of cigarettes are over $10.00. And if over 25% of canadians smoke, that's a lot of money. PLUS i have no idea on how many people that don't live in canada smoke. Hope i helped!!

some people are addicted to it. the only i advantage i can think of are getting rid of stress and getting skinnier. there are 2000 chemicals in cigs, 20 are found in cancers. please dont smoke.

Only when your dying of cancer but besides that no. Teens do it because they think it is cool then they get addicted then they cannot stop. Then their kids see their parents smoking and think its ok then they smoke and the spiral never ends. Occasionally the kid is smart enough to not pick up smoking from their parents.

Apple Juice
No advantages, just addiction. It is not only physical but mental as well.

Why keep driving cars when we know we're running out of oil and it kills the planet?

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