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 Breathing in dry air all day makes my nose dry and gives me a headache. How can I change this?
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 Smoking cigarettes ?
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 I quit smoking 10 weeks ago and am still coughing up gross dark flem... Should I be worried?
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 diagnose my symptoms please?
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 Is it true if you poke where your ribs near lungs you'll stop breathing?
My Freind told me if you poke it youR ribs where your lungs are then you can stop breathing. Now Im scared to sleep on my side and stuff....

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 is smoking weed a good idea?
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 How bad is weed for you?
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 Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
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 Is pneumonia contagious?

 how can i tune my body into needing less sleep,is it possible to have 4 hrs sleep and still feel awake?

 is it healthier to smoke really weak cigarettes?
i recently switched to smoking cigarettes with 0.1mg tar and 0.1mg nicotene.

this should make it healthier or not? and less addictive?
Additional Details
but if the amount of ...

Michael C
Why doesn't snoring wake up the snorer?

Mischele, RN♥
They're often used to it and by the time they're snoring, they're heading off into REM sleep.

Because you are breathing.

Sometimes people who snore don't necessarily wake up from the sound of their own snoring. People who snore heavily can also suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is where you stop breathing for a short period of time while sleeping. Your body's initial reaction is to wake up so that you can start breathing again. If you know someone who snores and often wakes up in the middle of the night, have them see an ear/nose/throat doctor to make sure they do not suffer from sleep apnea. My son did and had to have his tonsils and adenoids out at the age of 3.

·will¹ªm ºn vacation!
sleep apnea wakes up the snorer.
the patient suffers from sleep disturbance.

it does sometimes lol, its soo funny when it does

man i wish I knew

My husband snores really loud and it never wakes him up. Its weird though because he usually only snores when he first falls asleep for about 30 minutes. Which you would think since hes not in a deep sleep it would wake him up. I only snore when I have a cold and often I wake myself up when i catch myself snoring. The only peace I get at night with my husband is if i fall asleep first and dont hear his snoring.

It does....many times I have been roused awake by my own snoring.

It is a cruel irony........
One that I experience every night, unfortunately. Earplugs help.

I have woken myself up before with snoring

I wake myself up but I am a really light sleeper.
Usually I only snore if I am really tired or if I am sick. So, in those two cases I wouldn't wake up anyway....

It very often does if it's loud enough.

my wife snores and I stay up all night (very loud) but she sleeps like a baby.. then i snore alittle and she wakes up and kicks me...

It's is literally a battle for who gets to sleep first in my bedroom.

I wake myself up when I snore!

anton p
Waking up is usu. done not by the noise but by the lack of air. Snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft palate and of the uvula that obstruct the airway. That might lead to the sleep apnea, a quite serious condition that cuts the oxygen supply to the organism. The organism fights back and awakes the sleeper. In the last phase of the awakening the sleeper begins to be conscious of the environment and hears his/hers own snoring attributing the awakening to this noise. In the less severe cases the sleeper gets it through the night but will still feel kind of drowsy and tired in the morning due to insufficient oxygenation.

I know it wakes me up as soon as it starts, luckily for me its only when i have a cold.


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