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ì dσ∩† ßi†ε
Why does it hurt when I breathe through my nose?
Whenever I start breathing through my nose it feels like my nasal cavities are burning. It's really uncomfortable.

What should I do?
Please no one say "breathe through your mouth".

i would say...
breathe through your mouth
seems like the best alternative here

Stop sicking crayons up there!

I take it from your avatar that you live somewhat in a colder climate?

You may need to get a precription of nasal spray from your doctor

the amazing chef
just dont breathe through your nose duhhhh

micky d
stop breathing lol

Day Dreamer
clear out your buggers

*Caraa :)*
well, OMG i hate it when that happens. its usually u have a sharp bugar in ur nose or there ARE no bugars in there. ^_^ still worried??see ur doctor, hes sure 2 help.^_^

That was extremely rude!

Anyway, you probably either have a nasal rash, or you've broken a nose bone recently without knowing.

It's a possibility they are sore and sensitive to the air at this time. It could be too dry in your nasal passages.

You could try a pinch of vaseline ointment or a sterile otc ointment, it would probably help to sooth. I had to do this after years of bloody noses (doctor recommended) due to the blood vessels being too close to the surface, and I haven't had a bloody nose since. For you, it would at least sooth the inside of your nostrils.

Marie H
It sounds like maybe your nasal cavities are dried out or maybe you have a sinus infection. Has it been very cold where you live lately? You're most likely dried up. Get some of those over-the-counter nasal sprays and drink lots of water. It might also help to to a long hot shower and get the steam flowing. Maybe find a sauna.

Ashley[hes my drug &im addicted]
well do you smoke
because i know when you smoke
and blow the smoke out your nose
sometimes that can make it hurt.
but go to a doctor they will help

help me?

FF'n Momma
You're dried out. You need to get some nasal spray to soften it up. Your home is probably too dry too. You need a humidifier.

get a room air humidifier- that will help to moisten your sinuses some. they are probably dried out! You can also try a decongestant, that will promote drainage. Don't use an Antihistamine- that dries you up.

its really dried out up there. I find that if you take some vasiline on a q-tip and rub it around the sinus opening it helps

Jus' call me L
it sounds like your nose is dry - not like in a 'get lotion' sort of way, but like you ened more moister in the air you breathe - 2 things to help pretty quickly:
1. get some nose spray that is ONLY for a dry nose - it has saline in it and will help the burning and dryness
2. get a humidifier and sleep with it at night - they are around $25 and i bet will cure your problem!

also, if you fly a lot, take that nose spray with you - when your nose is dry like that, it is much easier for you to catch a cold because there is in mucus to fight it off!

good luck!

no you should go to a ear/nose/and throat doctor..

possibly a nasal sensitivity ?
call your doctor or make an appointment if its bothering you

try looking up physical problems with that being a symptom. or try going to the doctor. but if you're trying to save money, look online for possible problems. then look at remedies. try some. good luck!

this will pass unless it's been a LONG time. as in a week or something. sometimes when it's clogged (you know) and that STUFF is dried it burns.

Buff Me
it means your catching a bad cold


#1 Beeotch
Maybe you have a deviated septum

Have you asked your doc?
is it only occasionally?
sometimes when the surrounding air is really cold or vise versa...its happenes to me too

Your sinuses are dry. Try getting a humidifier, vaporizer, or go to the drug store and buy some saline nasal spray (just straight saline, no medication) and that should relieve it, and drink more water - you may be dehydrated.

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