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Why do smokers complain when smoking harms them?
I'm sick of hearing smokers complain when they get sick. For example, when they get strokes, emphesema, lung cance etc... They say things like "it's not fair", or "why did this have to happen to me".

It's like, you know that you had a very good chance of getting sick, so why keep doing it? If you are going to smoke, fine, be a foo, but don't complain about the consequences, it's your fault.

I heard of this one woman who was aged about 40, and she had three young kids. Two sons and one daughter. She was a heavy smoker, got lung cancer. When she got lung cancer, she was trying to get sympathy, and saying things like "This is not fair, my kids won't have a mother now". She went through a lot of pain, but I didn't feel one bit sorry for her, because it was her fault. I felt/feel bad for her kids, who have grown up without a mother (this happened in 2003), but why feel sorry for her, when it was her fault? No one made her, or any of the other smokers that get sick, smoke. They chose to do it themselves.

they cant stop,
not everyone is that confident and has that typeof will power.
imagine your body hurting terribly without that nicotine,
or having a fever just because you dident have a ciggarette in the morning.

You could ask that question for almost anyone. Why do fat people complain about heart disease and yet keep eating? It's not that these people really wanted to get sick from smoking. Hopefully, you're living your life %100 healthy asking a question like this.

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