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B9_angel ♥
Why do non smokers make such a big deal out of smoking?
Its like... if someone wants to smoke and their of a legal age.. basically whats your problem? If you dont like the smell or the actual smoke... move away from someone whose smoking.. you dont need to give a lecture about it.. why do non smokers go crazy about smoking? The thing is... i dont see such a big issue about mobile phones .. and they can be more dangerous than cigarettes. =]

Because everyone's a hypocrite.

they shud just mind their own business.
everyone knows smoking is bad, even smokers know that.
but its our lives so let us smoke in peace.

i get irritated often when people actually tells me to put out my cig in an open area.
sometimes, i smoke far away from people so not to disturb them, and still i get lectures!

they just think theyr the "good people" to not smoke, trying to convince others to stop aswell...

if smoking is so bad, why dont they ban it?
i smoke but its not like i smoke one pack a day, maybe just 2 sticks a day or none at all.
those non smokers shud really just mind theyr own business.

philosophy major
because people feel as if any opinion that is different from their own is a wrong opinion and they like to feel superior to others

I personally dont care if someone wants to smoke or not...as long as they don't do it around me. 2nd hand smoke is proven to be more dangerous. I don't want something deadly being blown around me. If you want to smoke, be respectful and don't smoke around other non-smokers. We should have a right to be in a safe environment.

Amen. I am a reformed smoker. I chose to smoke and chose to quit. It is your body. You do what you want with it. I quit because it was costing me a fortune and I would like to increase my health. Every adult who smokes knows the consequences.

Let them have cigarettes!

Being a smoker myself--I believe it's probably because so many smokers disrespect the nonsmoker by smoking around nonsmokers.
If I am around someone that I don't know or know they don't smoke I always ask before I light up. I will even go outside. I also believe that some nonsmokers are bored and need drama in there life. It's my life and as long as I respect them as nonsmokers they should leave there nose out of my business and find something else more productive to do with there time. Research studies are proving that mobile phones are producing cancer in the brain.

I am guessing you are a smoker.
What bugs me about it is that is reeks!! And whenever I see people smoking they always throw their cigarette butts everywhere! It is a disgusting habit.
I agree it is your choice to make this bad decision and shorten your life by 5min every cigarette. I'm fine with that. I would just wish that you keep your habit to yourself and not poison my body, other people's bodies.
It really sickens me to see parents smoking with their children around. Also how much it affect the child, not in the sense of their health. It can really hurt a child emotionally seeing their parent smoke. The child is well educated, and all they see are adds saying smoking kills. Then when the child sees their parent smoking it scares them.

It is all your choice. You might like having a habit, idk. As long as you are not infecting or harming anyone else... go for it! Have a great shorter life!

if you're smoking next to someone that doesn't smoke, the courteous thing to do is ask if it's ok to smoke there. Second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking ... I personally rather have that person smoke elsewhere... If that person decides to be a smoker that's they're business not mine just don't smoke around me ..

I smoked for 20 years and I quit smoking 4 years ago. Now that my sense of smell is coming back I have realized how bad I used to smell! I don't give lectures to people who smoke but I do feel sorry for people who continue to smoke like my mom, brother, and sister.Most people who smoked at one time or another are the ones who like to tell other people what to do about their smoking habits and it really annoying I know.

wild bill
I think we're taking the wrong approach, beating up on poor, ignorant smokers. What we should do is give them all the free smokes they want. Statistically, they will die sooner and, according to Darwin's theory, it will help clean up the gene pool, esp if we don't let them breed. Then we can start on ignoramuses who won't wear head protection, for instance.

Pink Fairy Boy
Well im a none smoker. and i dont care if people smoke and want to slowy kill them selves, thats there right to do so.

But when you smoke around me in a public place then your putting my health in danger. i dont care about the smoker health but i do about mine.

Against DOGMA
Smokers are polluting the environment (that is what the activists would say not me) Smokers cause a rise in health care costs and their diseases from smoking is preventable so why should others pay? It smells and people are disgusted by it when they walk into a room or walk by the person who smells. People know it kills and they get really annoyed that someone would intentionally poison their otherwise good body. I also suspect people have lost family or close friends and get pissed when they see a perfectly healthy person smoking a cigarette as they feel their friend or family member would have given anything for that non-appreciative persons life. These are ideas and possible answers to your questions, they arent my opinions... my opinion is that do whatever floats your boat as long as it doesnt harm me or helpless others without a voice, to each his/her own

Oh yeah, There are discussions going on everyday about Mobilee/cell phones. Should they be banned from classrooms? Should there be laws preventing drivers to use phones while driving?. Do they cause brain tumors?. The list is long.

Non-smokers are worried about second -hand smoking. I used to live in an apartment building. My apartment used to smell like I was a smoker. It came in throw the exhaust/venting pipes through my bathroom.
Also we do not want kids to start smoking.

lonesome star
because some smokers smoke next to us and we dont want to get affected by your smoke. if you want to die early, well thats one the smoker. we feel for you but hey your choice, but dont smoke near me, i like my lungs nice and clean.

Cran Juice
Because smoking is the one thing people do socially/habitually (besides drugs) that have no benefits. They waste money, they kill your lungs, they stain your teeth, they make you smell bad.

Why do I have to move away from someone who's smoking? It's my right to be here and be healthy. just as much as their right to smoke. Why can't they move? I don't want them risking my health because they want to commit to their habit.

And no, cell phones are not as dangerous as cigarettes you ignorant soul.

Oh no cigarettes aren't dangerous at all. You dumb ***. Cigarettes kill.
When you have an infant who is sick with colds or ear infections the first thing they ask you is if anyone in the house smokes.
When a pregnant woman takes a drag, her babies heart stops for a second or starts to skip beats. Hmmmm.

Smokers literally smell. Kids who live with smokers come to school reeking of smoke, their coats and backpacks are suffocatingly smokey. Your teeth are yellow, your nails and skin on hands with yellow and rot.

Last January my dad died of Lung Disease. He quit smoking 10 years before getting sick. His lungs were too far scarred from the previous years of smoking. Trust me, you may not be a parent now, but one day you might be and your kids will be crushed when they watch you wheezing and using bigger and bigger canisters of oxygen. One day you wont be able to get around, you will then be permanently stuck in your house with a big machine with a long cord so you can make it to the bathroom. Even getting out of bed and bathing is nearly impossible. Without oxygen your body will rot away, muscles will melt and you will then just wait to die.

Dont do this. Take it from me. Don't hurt your family by smoking. It might take years for the damage to appear. And trust me, getting on a transplant list is not as easy as it appears on tv.


Paranoia. It didn't use to be like this. Lab rats put a scare into alot of people saying second hand is worse than actually smoking. If that were the case, why don't they take up smoking to stay healthier? I rest my case.

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