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 Ways to help my sore throat feel better?
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 will my doc give me.....................?
antiniotics for a cough? chest infection

i really really need it

im worried he wont give me them help>!...

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 I can't breathe :( Please help.?
Okay so I've had what seemed like a cold for the past week and a half.
I went out in the snow yesterday and I don't think that helped too much.
But atm my chest feels funny, I can&...

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Hi. I'm a 19year old male, im a smoker and not healthy in general(giving up tomorow)! My finger nails have gone really shiny though it looks like i got nail varnish on, I have also got stabbing ...

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A week ago I was having very severe chest pains and went to the ER, the ran tests including a EPG and found everything to be normal. For the last week I have had mild chest pains, nausea, and today I ...

 Am I having a heat attack!?
I am 13 (14 on Feb. 1st)
Weigh appx. 90 lbs.
I tested my resting pulse and it matched my age range.
yesterday I got dizzy.
I'm not dizzy now.
I feel like my ...

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i,m 60 years old now surely its to late i.ve been smoking since 14. that 44years.and how could i do it....

 What's A Good Way To Unclog Your Nose?
I can breathe great out of my mouth and I can do it through my nose as well but not as good as I would want it to be. If I blow out through my nose, you can hear that it's clogged. Is there ...

 Anyone doctors know what this may be?
My boyfriend claims he has always had chronic brochitis whatever. Just yesterday, he kept coughing. And would cough up mucus. Then he went to the bathroom and just that short 10 feet trip made him ...

 what does it feel like to smoke weed?
i just wanted to know why its so awesome?...

 What does the short form TB (for an illness) mean?

 what am i sick with? symptoms.?
what is wrong with me.

i have a
sore throat
dry cough
achey body
no fever
chills, even in a hot room.
kind of feel cold and hot at the same time

 Can you smoke nutmeg?
ive heard about eatting nutmed to get you high but what happens if you smoke it?
is it bad for you?...

 Is swine flu a more serious concern for children with asthma?
My 2 year old has allergy induced asthma and breathing issues. Whenever she gets any kind of cold or flu it's 3 times worse than it would be for another child. Within a day we have to start ...

 Are u a morning person or evening person ?

 What are the symptoms of a sinus infection?

Why do I always get a plugged sinus/cold for like 4 days after snorting cocaine, but no one else gets it?
I'm not asking really why I get a cold/plugged nose, i know snorting cocaine can cause that, im more asking why i get it so bad compared to other people, poor immune system, am i snorting it deeper then other people, is my body allergic? This is my first time in 6 months doing it, and i've had this happen before. BTW The mucus that comes out of my nose is REALLY thick and yellow.
Additional Details
I did it with about 6 other people who did either the same or more than me and where completely fine, and the times before that i was the only one with this cold as well. So weather it was over cut or adulterated is besides the point, I'm wondering what would make me more susceptible compared to others and if that could be a sign of another problem ,AIDS for example (I do not have aids) but you get my point now?

it could mean a few things:

you are snorting it harder
the quality of your white is crap (its been overcut with something)
it could be getting stuck up in your nose
you could be gettin an infection of some sort

do you get a wicked bad drip?

vickey k
why would u be worried about ur nose and not ur health or any other body functioning parts? anyways sounds to me like u need a good drug rehab program plus go to a doc, u have some green, yellow and thick discharge is a sure sign of infection .

♥ TTC #1 Baya Louise ♥
Your really "toopid". Get off of yahoo answers. Theres kids on here. Get a life.. and probably a job.

I don't mean to offend you, however.... that's fairly disgusting, and obviously your body is trying to tell you something about cocaine...

Something that probably translates roughly to:

I know you say that you haven't done it in six months until now.

But you really should just stop doing it all together.
Believe me, I understand that illegal temptations are exciting.
I'm sure some things like that feel great.
But obviously your sinuses don't think so, and besides that...
There is a REASON that cocaine is illegal.

Whatever you do, I hope things turn out alright.

boy.... that sounds AWESOME.. i cant wait to go get some myself!

It's your body's way of telling you to quit trying to kill it.

Goto a head shop and get the testing kit for your nose candy. Sounds like your friends think you are a lite-weight and they added in too much talcum powder before you come over. This is important also, because baby powder can contain asbestos or zinc fibers.

Yeah, your somewhat allergic... I would stop doing coke unless its really worth it.

Brian M
Just be patient.
After a few years of snorting, you won't have any sinuses left.
(if you're still alive)

Love Life
it is an infection, go to drug program and stop being an abuser

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