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 Chest pains from smoking cigarettes?
For the past couple of weeks I've been having these strange chest pains, especially when I smoke more. Is this really serious? (I've been smoking since I was 12, I'm now 19)

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The question is in the top. I just would like to know....

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 What makes a sore throat better?
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I can't even talk,
I've taken medicine,
what will make me feel
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What does this lead to?
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 What is harder to stop- cigarrettes or drink?

 Is this just a cold or is it something else?
I have a really stuffy nose, I'm really tired, my lower back is really bothering me and my throat hurts, but not that badly
Additional Details
I have a really stuffy nose, I'm ...

 How can I convince a friend to stop smoking weed?
A good friend of mine has been addicted to smoking weed for quite a few years now, but he keeps arguing with me when I tell him its bad for him. I can see its effecting him but he wont get it through ...

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 grey skin, cough,what can this be?

Why are smokers attracted to garbage science to prove that smoking is good?
I got this answer for another question:
Armand Van Hoye:

Paracelsus knew 500 years ago that every substance can be a poison.

If you drink 15 l water in one hour, it is a poison.

Paracetamol is only bad, if you use it for a long period, or in a overdose. Paracetamol/Codeine is more dangerous. Codeine is a mild derivative of Opium. In very small quantities it is even used to treat a simple cold. Here there is no danger. A cold only last a few days, so a very small quantity of Codeine is no danger at all. A painkiller is far more dangerous, because some people take it when it is not really necessary. The danger of becoming addicted to it is far greater.

Specialists do research on Nicotine. It may be possible to use it against "Parkinson" and other diseases of old age. As Paracelsus already knew, it depends on the quantity.

The same thing is true about many medicines so a good doctor may tell you more.

I swear, tell a smoker the sky is blue and they will still disagree with you.

[email protected]
not for nothing but your philosophy on addiction is stupid and not accurate!!!! you do not have an idea what you are talking about. i have known people to smoke over 40 years 2 packs a day, and they are the smartest people in the world today. do you really think that cigarettes is the cause of people to get cancer? then you are dumber then those that do smoke!!! you do not have to even smoke to get cancer! you can live away from Society and still die of lung cancer. the number 1 cause of death in the world today is the creation that man had made through time! plains, cars, trains, rockets, bombs, nuclear war heads, guns, machinery, gas, electricity. etc. and much much more! if you really want to get technical! the number one cause of death and destruction of the world, the real "POISON" on earth is "MAN" we are the true reason that the world is dying!!!

almost every smoker knows it's bad for them ,nicotine is a powerful drug and very hard to kick the habit, no garbage about these facts and I believe you that the sky is blue .

Chuck Le Dust
I smoke and I know it's bad. It's an addiction that I'm trying to stop. You're generalising a lot of people from one answer. Happy now?

Because they are in denial. Just let them kill themselves.

Mommy to Lauryn and Sydney
I swear, tell a smoker the sky is blue and they will still disagree with you.

Report me if need be but your a f-ing idiot 99% of smokers know it is BAD for them they just choose not to quit they smoke but they are not morons they know the risks.

Straight Talker
Smoking or non smoking.. its still a matter of choice. All I know is, the president of the American Cancer Society on national TV once made a slip in a statement, announcing that in reality there was no absolute proof that smoking caused cancer.
Amazingly, he did a cover up as soon as it was out of his mouth. Kinda makes one wonder just how much actual evidence is really out there, or does alot of it have to do with the $.
So many things now days cause cancer thanks to our new improved world. Take your choice.
Oh, by the way.. the sky has no color. The blue you see is an optical illusion.
Have a good day.

They are just trying to justify themselves. Trying to take the focus off of them.

Using nicotine against Parkinson's disease does not mean that people have to smoke it.

People don't like to admit they're wrong, weak or have shortcomings. They'd rather believe that their bad habit really isn't so bad. It's like being addicted to prescription drugs- they reason that it's not bad because a doctor prescribed them. If they can find any minimally positive light to shine on it, they will. If smoking was safe, there wouldn't be warnings on the packages, and you'd be able to do it at any age. As a college student, I am still shocked by how many other students I see smoking around campus! I grew up with "smoking is bad" drilled into my head and I just can't believe that so many people (and so many very young people) still do it.

Kelly V
because they like smoking !!!!

sometimes people have a hard time admitting they are wrong. Others have a harder time believing that they're addicted. Some people just like to argue.

Billie Dee
I think you're generalizing too much. All my friends who smoke know it's poison. I'm an ex-smoker because it's poison. Of course - I probably knew that when I started but did it anyway.

How would someone think there's a health benefit to smoking? Whatever you smoke - you're introducing burned substances into your lungs - none of which is good.

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