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Michael O*Leary
Why are anti smokers trying so hard to make others stop? Smoking will come back,It always has and always will?
It's a battle that they just can't win. You can't tell young people what to do they don't want to know, They are all rebels so don't even bother to try. Just look to yourself and leave other people alone.


They mean well but the more they go on, the more stressed smokers get. The first thing they do is light up to calm down!
I agree with you, live and let live is my motto.
The worst offenders are people who used to smoke and have now quit. If things are so great why are they going on about smoking all the time!?!

Who gives a damn, if people want to smoke that's up to them , there's too many do gooders trying to tell people what to do these days

The Mage Sage
These 'Nocotine Nazi's', will always try to impose their will.Taking the stance we know what is best for you!
If they claim to be worried about the dangers of passive smoking,why dont they cry out just as loudly about industrial and traffic pollution?(How many of them actually drive electric cars.)
There are numerous other harmful activities and issues they could focus upon,so why target smoking?Well it allows them to take,in their perspective,the moral high ground.
Smoking is my choice,so as far as I'am concerned hese control freaks can Foxtrot Oscar.
As far as cost to society i.e. medical etc.,if the income to the national budget via tax and duties we pay on tobacco products were lost,everyones taxes would have to be increased.

I loved smoking for 7 years until I gave up at the age of 28.
I didn't want to give up, but had to because of health reasons. I've had Asthma since I was 14, and in my late 20's it became more severe. Now, at the age of 30, the slightest waft of cigarette smoke sends me into a severe and very distressing Asthma attack. I have a nebuliser at home and have been rushed to hospital 4 times in the last year with Asthma attacks caused by other peoples cigarette smoke.
I have to avoid smoky pub beer gardens, people who smoke in the street and have to turn down party invites because people will be smoking indoors. Smoking is a big part of my fiance's life, and he has to smoke outside due to the allergic reaction I have to the smoke.
ALL of my friends smoke, so I'm the one who is forced to miss out on social gatherings because they need their fix and want to get it where ever and when ever they want. When my fiance and I have had parties at ours, a few of our friends get stroppy when they're asked to smoke outside. They know how bad my Asthma is, but complain that their 'right to smoke' is being violated.
I fight for my life every time I have an Asthma attack, and suffer with extreme chest pains and sore throat for weeks afterwards.
I don't try to stop others from smoking; I understand how difficult it is to give up, and also remember how much I loved smoking. But my life is pretty much ruined because of other peoples nicotine addictions.

So...I've looked to myself, as you suggested, and still can't see why smokers should have the right to smoke around me.
Their smoke will probably kill me one day, so I'll carry on asking smokers to puff else where if I'm trying to live my life normally around them.

I'm not looking to win any battles by stopping people from smoking, but I do fight a personal battle every day trying to avoid smoky areas.
I hate having Asthma attacks that nearly kill me.

Because the anti-smokers are lobbyist just like tobacco executives. They need a paycheck and as long as they can convince someone the worthiness of their cause then they will continue to receive funding. When or if smoking is banned all together they will take up some other cause to pay the bills. The others who dont benefit financially from anti-tobacco hype fit the bill of your average "angry at the world, must make others think like me, born again butt wipe." Its simply something to add some altruism to their life.
I don't see why insurance companies won't treat smoking related illnesses as self inflicted. If that happened the burden would be on the smoker and not everyone else.

I say make cigarettes stronger. This country needs more population control.

ths question bothers me, because am close with a family who just lost a mum and grandmum due to lung cancer last week...She had to go around with an oxygen tank. The girl is devastated and in shock. She was very close to her mother, because she was a wonderful mother.The grandchild, age 14 yrs, threw himself upon the grandmum's coffin..Saying" why?!grandma,why?! we only had lunch yesterday."

She was only 68 yrs old, but suffered from C.O.P.D for 10 years prior.
My own mum and dad also used cigarettes for 20 some odd years,
and have the effects of C.O.P.D and asthma.

I'm also worried about the effect on my own lungs, since in those days,
everybody smoked around children, with windows shut..I'd always have a headache from the cloud of smoke we kids were forced to live in.

I agree. We all have free choice to do our own thing. As long as it don't make others suffer.
I never understand why others try to shove the opinions on others it never works, people will do as they wish.

Smoking will always be around. It is dangerous but that is up to the person whom smokes no one else.

I feel smoking is being dealt with much more heavily, what about drinking? what about violence?

I do not agree that someone can not totally give up smoking (no rude). Giving up smoking largely depends on individual willingness to do so and "religiously" following up with the free service advice and medication available.

There is no harm trying to help people to quit smoking as we all know doing this will lead to improved health and general well being.

Hope this helps.

i think nonsmokers try too hard to try and stop other people from smoking i mean surely they all know the health issues and what have you but i think we put too much money into trying to make them give up.

Yes, there will always be people so stupid as to ignore the fact that their addiction is killing them. That is absolutely their choice - the government's only responsibility is to ensure that it is an informed choice.
However, inflicting the results of your smoking on others is another issue. No one has the right to exhale carcinogenic and toxic smoke anywhere where I could inhale it!

To Trevor "NON smokers and entire governments of countries are sick and tired of paying for all the health problems of smokers"

You do realise its the smokers that subsidise YOU? its the tax on smoking that keeps the NHS afloat

edit - im not talking about worldwide im talking about in the UK Trevor

"Problems of the Heart, lungs and cancer due to smoking"

how have you come to the conclusion that this is the worst cause of death worldwide? where do you get your facts from?


think you should borrow my name....

edit - Trevor my best answer rate is not the issue here, yes i only have 7 or 8% thats because i tell it as i see it and most of the time that isnt what people want to hear, oh and I dont go around asking questions and giving myself best answer too eh Trevor.... (64% my ar se like you got that legitmately)

Personally i couldn`t care less , if they want to kill themselves then thats their perogative ..

P.S - Have you got a light ?

i am a smoker and agree with anti smokers

the battle will be won slowly but surely

The very fact that you had to post this question under "Respiratory Diseases" should be all the answer you need.

Dan W
I agree with you. However, these people who are telling them not to smoke, are usually family relatives or close friends of the smokers. They simply don't want to see their loved ones die of cancer.

millions of dollars in preventable diseases, time lost from work, illnesses. Higher insurance costs that everyone pays. Second hand smoke. Most smokers aren't "rebels" when they are on their death bed with emphysema or lung cancer.

I agree that once hooked no amount of persuasion from anyone will help a smoker stop unless they decide to do it themselves. I do think that the anti-smoking brigade are winning the battle though. I think in the end smoking will simply become completely unacceptable, perhaps even illegal. The change in attitude to smoking in the last 10 years has been phenomenal.

Janie B
As a smoker of 26 years years I can tell you taht there are few of us who wouldn't prefer to be free of the addiction.

Your comments are silly, "Smoking will come back, It always has and always will?"

You make it seem as if humans have always smoked, crap, it's been a houple of hundred years, that's all. Use peaked in the 50s and 60s and is now in dramatic decline.

I smoke - I'd like to see it banned.

Yes, there will always be people so stupid as to ignore the fact that their addiction is killing them. That is absolutely their choice - the government's only responsibility is to ensure that it is an informed choice.
However, inflicting the results of your smoking on others is another issue. No one has the right to exhale carcinogenic and toxic smoke anywhere where I could inhale it!

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