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Whst are the Pro's and Con's of Smoking?
What do you think is good about smoking and what do you think is bad about smoking?

Watch this


Nicole ;)
good-absolutley nothing
bad-cancer, lung problems, yellow teeth, smell bad, no one wants to be around you, addiction, get sick more often........yeah you get the picture it is horrible.

No pros.

I don't think anything is good about smoking.

Con's several..cancer..emphysema..COPD..
second-hand smoke...wasting your money just to get sick and cause discomfort to other people..ruining the environment..making health costs rise..blood circulation problems..heart attack..stroke..may be contributed to ovarian cancer..smelling like tobacco...bad breath..yellow teeth..can cause osteoporsis..
Pro's possibly one..it can curb your appetitie and help you lose weight..but then you will have to find another way to keep it off.. anyway... if you don't want to drop dead or kill someone else...


I am a smoker and wish I had the willpower to quit. Along with smelling like an ashtray, you will have breathing problems, you're voice will get deeper over time (I miss the singing voice I once had), it messes up your teeth and makes you loose them and it also affects your gums (I have a dentist bill that is running into the thousands)

My advice is:

Only pro reported by smokers: I heard it relaxes you


Everyone knows about the lung cancer, bad breath, stained teeth and fingers

What is not known by most people:

Increases you risk for EVERY kind of cancer, linked to obesity,
decreases you lung function (i.e. you're out of breath more easily),
increases you chance of getting infections (it kills the cilia cells lining your respiratory tract that is responsible for moving pollutants and bacteria you breath in each day out of your lungs)
...makes every single medical condition that I know of worse, and harder for your doctors to treat. Big ones that get worse are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, even acid reflux

I'm a smoker trying to quit! There are NO pros for smoking!

good about smoking:
makes u skinny

bad about smoking:
lung cancer
bad breath
turn of to most boys
come off as white trashy
did i mention cancer?
you get addicted so you end up smoking like 3 packs aday.
umm. yeah

Love Never Fails
There are no pros to smoking, only cons. It is horrible for your health.

There is nothing good about smoking......I have smoked for 22 yrs and quit 4 days ago.....It smells, causes breathing problems, is expensive, and can kill you and those around you....please dont start if that is what you are thinking.

This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done...child birth was easier than quitting smoking. I averaged out what I have spent in smoking over the last 22 yrs and I could of paid my house off with that money. It is a very bad habit to start.

good- it's slimming, something to do while drinking
bad- it stinks, you can't do it anywhere anymore, it is expensive, it is unhealthy

There is nothing good about smoking.

Cons? Paying to kill yourself, cancer, stained fingers, mouth disease, smelling bad, having to stand outside in the rain to satisfy a drug addiction while your friends are all inside having fun...

Edit: And no, it doesn't make you skinny. Some research says it boosts your metabolism, but so does drinking green tea or eating cayenne pepper and neither of those are likely to give you cancer.

It also doesn't relax you. All it does is temporarily relive the drug withdrawal, and NOT withdrawing from a drug addiction is a very nice feeling. When you take a drag, you're only relaxing because you are no longer withdrawing.

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