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Which is more harmful: smoking a cigarette or smoking a cigar?

下载 华军...what does this mean?
cigar because it is bigger and it has more chemicals

both are extremely bad 2 ur health but i would guess that cigars are more harmful bcuz they have more tobacco in them.

A cigar, when my mom quit smoking I remember she had pamphlets on smoking info and it said that one fat cigar contains as much tobacco as a pack of cigarettes. And it doesn't matter if you inhale or not.

cigarette because you actually inhale the smoke with a cigar you just turn it over in your mouth

Equivalent. Even though their made of the same chemical compounds, their both bad for your health.

[email protected]
well im not sure it depends some cigars have alot of tar which is bad for your lungs but ussually ciggarettes have alot of chemicals in them, if its an american spirit then ciggaretes would be healthier for sure

Why smoke at all? Neither one of them is good for you. As a general rule cigarette smoking is more dangerous as it is inhaled while most cigar smoke isn't. Both can cause cancer as to can smokeless tobacco products. Don't take a chance on hurting your health it isn't worth it.

It depends on how much you smoke. One cigar has way more tobacco then one cigarette. If you smoke one cigar a week as opposed to 2 packs of cigarettes a day, which adds up to 14 packs a week, the cigarettes are more harmful. Going back to my original thought it all depends on how much you smoke. =)


I Don't Know

Mazin Jindeel
On your lungs, heart, and brain, it would be a cigarette. On the mouth and throat it is the cigar.
Both are horrible for your health -- DON'T SMOKE!!!

Cigar it has the same toxins and tar as a pack of cigarettes.

Animal LUVR

Jimmy Krumpets
cigarette i think

They're both harmful, but I believe they affect the smoker in different ways. A cigarette is more likely to cause lower respiratory problems and circulatory problems (including, but not limited to, cardiac problems). A cigar is more likely to cause cancers of the mouth and upper respiratory problems.

they both will give you lung cancer and you will Die prematurely

1&half Cent
Cigarette you inhale. Cigar you don't. Unless, you are referring to a blunt.

Cigarettes are more addicting then meth, so I would say cigarettes

You are not supposed to inhale cigars, so I would say cigarette.
But cigars are thicker, so if you inhaled it would be worse than the cigarette...

Don't smoke!

A cigarette. You inhale the smoke and so it goes down to you lungs and stuff, you can get alot mor cancers from them.

With cigars you just kinda let the smoke sit in your mouth and you only get like mouth cancer. They're both super gross though.


theoretically cigarettes are more harmful since they are inhaled more fully than cigars. Neither are good for the body.

This is the most obvious question ever.

You inhale cigarettes, not cigars.
Therefore, It is MUCH more harmful to smoke a cigarette, being that you are inhaling the smoke into your lungs.

Samantha F
My friend told me that one cigar contains as much nicotine as like 5 smokes?
But I think cigarettes are worse...even tho I smoke them >_>

cigars you dont inhale or smoke all the time a cigarett you smoke contantly a cigrett will kill you faster than a cigar any day

Cigarette, because they are addicting.
I am a smoker, I know.
I have smoked cigars and they are not addicting. There is no nicotine contained in them, maybe a little but they do not have all the horrible chemicals a cigarette has. But if you really enjoy cigars, your brain will trick you into thinking you are addicted.

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