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Whats the point of smoking cigarettes?
well im only 16 years old and my friend is only 14!! She smokes alot of cigarettes and the other day she offered me to smoke and i told her nah im ok. She told me its nothing bad that she just has a habit of doing it. I want to know whats the point of smoking cigarettes? Why do people do it? Is there side effects?

nao sei
nicotine is inside and makes you addicted. Don't even start, its like a prison.

People smoke because it makes release serotonin in your brain. That makes you fell relaxed for about an hour, but then you get even more nervous than you were before.

I smoke for 10 years and I quit for about 3. Believe me, i regret the day i started and i am really happy to be free again.

You done the right think!


People do it for many reasons... each have their own. They think it relieves pain, stress... or whatever.
But just don't try it.
It's bad for your health. Sure you see people that smoke and they're perfectly fine...
So who says you should be like them?
Smoking can cause a lot of sickness.. so best way to avoid those sickness... don't smoke. :]

Wow, that's quite a question. I'll do my best to be as thorough as possible.

First of all, it's not good for you (or your friend) to be smoking cigarettes at all, if only for the fact that it's illegal.

Many people begin smoking cigarettes because their friends do it. It's a silly reason to do anything, but the majority of smokers start before they're 21 because of the peer pressure. Whether they're influenced by their friends, family, or just curiosity, it can quickly cause a habit.
There are tons of reasons that people smoke. Personally, I smoke because it has become quite relaxing for me. I started using it to de-stress (although it doesn't actually accomplish that at all, it's a stimulant) and now I'm addicted and really don't care to stop. Some people realize that they don't like it as much as they thought and try, whether successfully or not, to quit. Other people smoke because it can help with weight management. Generally speaking, it decreases appetite and therefore, can cause some weight loss.

Side effects are numerous, even from just one cigarette. Second hand smoke is also very dangerous and can cause just as many problems. The tar in cigarettes will build up in your lungs over time and create problems---even cancer. You'll also probably find yourself with much less money since cigarettes are so expensive.

There's nothing wrong with people who smoke. I do it myself, and I'm well aware of the health risks. Smokers should not be labeled as "bad people". HOWEVER-- There's absolutely no good reason to begin smoking. It will make your clothes smell horrible. It's highly likely you'll become addicted before you know it, and then you'll have to focus a lot of your energy around getting cigarettes. They're becoming much more unacceptable and people really are beginning to look at us like lepers. Smoking makes you extremely susceptible to illness, from chronic bronchitis and emphysema to cancer of the mouth and lungs. It's a bad decision for anyone.

I know that was a little long, but don't be afraid to ask your parents or health teacher about smoking. While their answer will be biased, it's in your best interest. Cigarettes aren't evil, but smoking is not a healthy choice.

to look cool. for an adrenalin rush, you get cancer and it pretty much just munts you, u get yellow teeth aswell

Joshua H
People typically first try smoking out of curiosity -- they see their friends doing it. Some find it pleasurable at first but most find it mildly unpleasant, However, if they practice long enough to get the hang of it, most find that the nicotine in the smoke, a stimulant, is pleasurable. It causes the body to release pleasurable chemicals -- epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, endorphins, enkephalins. It has a calming effect and it makes people more animated, social, talkative, and outgoing. It also tends to make things more fun. And it helps you focus and deal with boredom. Watch a smoker light up some time -- you can see the relaxation and animation on their face. Studies find that women tend to smoke for pleasure, while men tend to smoke to reduce anxiety. Some women also smoke to lose weight. Then, after someone has been smoking for a while, they often get addicted, and then they feel bad if they *don't* smoke


i dont understand why people smoke.

it doesnt benifit you in any way!

people are crazyy...idk =]

Robert B
There is no point. Smoking is for people who lack common sense. They know the dangers but still do it. Now how daft is that?

ya cancer of the mouth ,throatt, lungs dont do it its pointless yellow teeth ur face starts to sag just dont do it

People smoke because they enjoy it. It is hard to describe to someone exactly what it is like. You have to try it to understand.

lol face
yes there are side effects and they are fatal. some like cancer or the fact that the lung looks like a black raisin. nicotine is the addiction factor and you friend is most likely if she starts smoking now will get into "harder" things like; heroin cocane weed meth or ex. try to get your friend to get help because it not even legal so talk to her.

relaxes you.

Mike D
it calms some peoples nerves but everybodys different and the long term side affect is lung cancer

people smoke because it relieves stress, to most people, just like drinking does to Hardworking, people who have jobs, and teens smoke and drink because of either one thing. PEER PRESSURE, or influence by their parents, or peers, or to look "cool" your friend can get lung cancer by the time shes twenty or thirty, so you need to get her help! unless she wants to have black lungs. You did a good thing by not following her, keep it up!

There is no point. Some people think it's 'cool' but it will never be cool. Essentially you're just pumping your body full of harmful chemicals. That's why they're called Cancer Sticks.

I'm shocked that anybody old enough to type doesn't know the side effects of smoking cigarettes. Try using Google and visit some of the anti-smoking sites. There will be enough info there to put any sensible person off smoking for a million lifetimes.

You did the right thing by saying no. Be proud of yourself for that.

The point is to relieve stress or something.
Or to solve the habit forming and addicting nicotine problem.

I say your simply paying to slowly commit suicide.

They do it because they are addicted.
Early death is probably the most important side effect.

''Side effects??'' Do you mean the risks of mouth cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, shortness of breath, erosion of tooth enamel, internal bleeding, etc. Did you mean any of those side effects?

Well, besides cancer, emphysema, and death, there aren't any side effects. It's not like smoking pot or anything - there's no "high".

I really don't see the point in it either. I mean, if you're going to smoke something a kill yourself slowly, why not get high in the process? Smoking pot is stupid but at least you get something out of it. I think the main reason people start smoking cigarettes is to look older and cool.

My grandpa smoked his whole life and he died at 65 of lung cancer.

So your 16 and you dont know if there are side effects. You can get very sick and even die from smoking or being around those who smoke. No Im not that person that gets mad if you smoke near me, I have smoked over a pack in my life and I have lived with smokers my whole life. People begin smoking to fit in or to relieve stress, and sometimes just to try it. They get addicted soon after, not as soon as people say, but still soon, and it is hard to stop.

Blackening of lungs
Yellow teeth
Yellow finger nails
only some side effects

no point...unless you like lungs filled with cancer, smoke, nicotine, breath smells bad, clothes smell bad, lungs filled with nicotine that doesnt even wash off of an ashtray let alone come out of your lungs...your friend should be shamed offering you one of her cancer sticks...just say NO.

Audrina M
well i smoked at 14
there is no point to it, people just do it to try it
and finally get hooked.
and yes there are side affects,
you can get head rushes, lung cancer ect.
and good for you for not taking the cigarette :]

I've been smoking since I was 13 and should never have started. I'm 21 now and I get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs...not because I'm unfit...but because my lungs are working much harder than they should. The point for me when I started was stress relief and I actually loved the flavor, but looking back now it is not worth it all..especially if you are into any physical activities. I would try to convince your friend not to smoke if I were you but in the end she will make her own choices just like you. I hope you choose to make the right one and never take a drag off of a cigarette in your life. :)

Mr. Goodkat
Teenagers usually do it to be cool. Adults because they did it as teenagers to be cool.

Side effects? Well, emphysema, lung cancer, throat cancer, I could go on...

it says it calms them down put people that age probably do it just to look cool

dont do it its not worth it.

There are lots of side effects to smoking...Mostly people continue to do it because of the addiction to nicotine. Don't do it.

the side effects are coughing, less lung capacity, yellow teeth, smelling like cigarettes and increasing your chances of emphysema and cancer.

people do it to look cool, to act older, and because they get addicted.

There are some side affects, it controls you telling your body you want more, they probably do it because they think its cool.

Dylan R

It usually starts with peer pressure then people keep doing it because they get addicted. Some people are also self-medicating for anxiety because cigarettes have a calming effect but there are WAY better ways to deal with anxiety.

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