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What would happen to me if it is my first time smoking?
I'm thinking of just smoking one cigarette probably with some of my friends at a party just to see what it's like...I wouldn't get addicted right off the bat would I?

Billy B
no, its a mind trick dont think about it u wont like it cause u wont be able to in-hale

Jim B
You might. But its unlikly.


Bluntman 777
well, for the first time, u would choke and start coughing because ur not used to the smoke

it really depends on whether you get addicted. but i can tell you for sure you will get dizzy and light headed and feel bad. that is on sign you need to get a grip and you must know it causes heart attacks and strokes and stuff in females and males. if you want ot take chances go for it you could be on in a million that is addicted. to it.

u will cough a lot

you still could get addicted and screw up your life...even if you smoke 1 time it will still affect you

If you are under age 25, and especially under 18, guess what....
your brain is reorganizing itself.
That means that everything you do is imprinted on your brain in a different way than it would be for an older person.(that explains why everyone older than you seems to be really into the music that they listened to in high school)
And, guess what....depending on your particular genetics, you can actually become addicted to nicotine with your FIRST cigarette.

I can understand wanting to know what it's like, but personally, I would suggest that you try to find out what it's like to:
bungee jump
summitt a mountain
run a 10 K
design your own clothes
hear someone sing a song that you wrote
teach a little kid how to read
build your own _________________(something)
walk up the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Then, your mouth won't smell like an ash tray, your teeth won't be scummy, your clothes won't stink, your lungs will be clean, and you'll have something you can brag about.

But you already knew that, didn't you? You're pretty smart.

AH!!Please don't do it I know it seems pretty cool it not trust me it is a horrible habit! It can lead to horrible diseases such as Heart disease and lung cancer.My friend's parents smoked and it gave them horrible sickness's and their friends that didn't smoke made so much money and they had Jobs I believe one became a Famous person
So its basically a huge waste don't do it PLEASE???

Pandora Wonderer
You wouldn't get addicted from just one. You would just cough alot. The people who become addicted are the people who wanna keep trying it out to act cool, to impress people, or to fit in usually.

serene e
no, nothing will happen and you won't get addicted.

u might start choking...very bad taste in ur mouth trust i tried yuckk not hot!!!

Is this a trick question???

One cigarette, you say....ONLY one cigarette??? That's all you are gonna have??? Just one cigarette???

Ok let's say that you are ABLE to only have one cigarette...
one of two things are going to happen...A] nothing will happen....oh, there might be this ashtray taste you might aquire, but nothing happens...But oh, that deep breath and that cool look of blowing smoke...Yeah, that's cool......but that's only ONE cigarette..if you decide to smoke another, other things might start to take shape..like addiction...Yeah, if you smoke more than ONE cigarette, you are going to get addicted...I know that some say ONE cigarette will not get you addicted....but let's face facts, any long hike begins with a single step...And smoking ONE cigarette begins that journey to emphasema, chronic bronchitis, with equal chances of lung cancer...Not a fun prospect....
2] You turn green, cough your guts outs, plead for water, which tastes terrible, and you swear NEVER to do that again....

And I hope you never do.....

[email protected]
your better off smoking a joint

s. strummer
no you won't. when I did, i didn't even cough or anything. it was just like, whatever. and i tried it a few more times, but the times i did were months apart. i only did it like, 3 times (including weed), and i wasnt addicted at all

Spike ( The soothsayer)
Cough ! Hack ! Ahhhhhh ! Ack !

One never hurt anyone.

no, you'd have to smoke for a little while to become addicted though. smoking is nasty though. you're better off not doing it.

No, one won't cause an addiction. I hope you hate it so bad that you swear to never smoke again. I'm trying to quit after smoking for 30 years. I AM addicted to cigarettes, and I hate it.

That's what I said 45 years ago ... now I have emphysema .
Do what you want .

A lot of people would say yes you will.. but thats not true I honestly do not think you will get addicted from smoking one cig.. however there is a good chance you will be up PUKING YOUR GUTS OUT ALL NIGHT LONG.. so IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN you will never do it again.. :) I could sit here and go on and on about the negative effects smoking has on your life.. but you already know all of that.. If you wanna try it sure go ahead and try it but I know for a fact that it will do nothing "good for you" and no it doesnt "make you look cool" in a few yrs when you get to high school and you don't smoke.. all those "cool people" will be WISHING they was you.. trust me I hear it daily.. god I wish I never started smoking.. after they are addicted and everyone they thought matter so much.. really doesn't anymore.. they wish they was you and never started.. and I was still "cool" in HS and had a lot of friends.. I did drink and smoke pot but I did that for me.. not anyone else.. I'm not encouraging drinking or smoking pot (i wont say doing drugs because weed IS NOT A DRUG ITS A PLANT OK!) but if your gonna do something drink.. or smoke some pot virtually no harmful effects on your body its better for you then drinking and smoking cigs and at least you get something out of it and no you wont get addicted to weed.. just don't be dumb! I was that person.. I still to this day don't smoke and it was the SMARTEST thing I EVER did was to not begin however they did make me extremely sick and I thought.. why do this to myself its not worth it I mean at least if your gonna get drunk and have a hang over you GOT TO BE DRUNK cigs do NOTHING for you except harm your health and make you well me anyways.. PUKE! so of course your curious and you will try them.. but after you do try them and realize there is nothing thrilling, fun, or cool about them.. don't be an idiot and continue this ridiculousness if your friends are you friends they will respect your BRAIN! Good luck!

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