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What testing methods are used for determining if smoking is bad for people.?

Smiling JW™
The counting of cause of death certificates by smoking related diseases.

Shane B
cancer in the u.s is Pretty because of smoking

Well. I don't know about testing, but the proof is in all this: Family histories, "cause of death" charts, lung cancer cases in smokers vs. non-smokers, pictures of damaged organs in smokers vs. non-smokers. Google it.

It's called death.

me, smoking for a year, my aerobic respiration is going down hill

Born Again Atheist
It's not rocket science. Smoking causes a multitude of health problems. All of them can lead to an early death. That's all you need to do is look around at the people that smoke, notice that a lot of them are on oxygen. Then count the number of deaths that can be attributed to smoking.

You could smoke five packs of cigarettes a day for a year, then have a chest x-ray to see the damage to the lungs.

There are lots of different tests.

There are some done in labs where they attach certain chemical traces to cells, and see if they kill the cells.

Anecdotal evidence is a big use too.

Otherwise it's done through study groups where they compare non-smokers to smokers and put them through different screenings & tests such as how much oxygen they can hold in their lungs, how much flows around their bodies, rates of cancer & lung & heart disease, attention, IQ, etc etc

super mike
drop a cigarette butt in the toilet and let it sit for an hour...

Jennifer P
Testing done on lab animals and extensive research done on cadavers.

escape the fate!
cutting a smoker open and looking at there black lungs.

Noticing that they are MUCH more likely to die of lung cancer is a pretty good indication

Spiral CT scans will show the damage to the lungs. MRI will also. Breathing tests, showing the strength of the lungs. Lung biopsies. Vein and artery ultrasounds. Brain scans. MRI of the kidneys. Bladder scans. Smoking will affect almost all organs.

When someone gets cancer, they're asked if they smoke. Many people say yes; though that's fairly conclusive, I'm sure there are a few tests done on animals or new smokers to record its effects on the lungs. Tests could range from recording respiratory rates and coughing episodes to x-rays, CAT scans and lung biopsies, and probably do. Just do some googling, there's definitely been at least some research.

But even if you don't, just think about Cancer's origins; it begins when some foreign energy or contaminant causes a mutation in your DNA. If you subject your lungs to foreign chemicals the human species has just learned to inhaled, natural selection wouldn't have provided any defense; its just looking for a very specific bolt. They have a toolbox full of bolt sizes they're familiar with, and with those bolts they're building a robot (the robot is your body, the bolts are chemicals, and you are your immune system). If you decide to go to a warehouse with every bolt in existence (or every chemical on earth), most are probably not going to work for your robot. But if you put a bunch of random bolts in your toolbox and can't recognize them, just as an inexperienced kid may use the wrong lego piece, you may (and, given enough bad bolts, WILL) use the wrong one, just an evolutionary inexperienced immune sytsem may accept harmful chemicals. Thats why our skin and our lack of orifices are so important; because there things harmful to our bodies, our best defense is to just block most of them out. That's also why I don't like drugs; while most medicine and even a few narcotics (like marijuana) have benefits, we simply don't know enough about the human body to know its full effect; because our bodies have just been introduced to them, neither do our immune systems. Who's to say we aren't using bad bolts and causing cancer when we take, well, anything? Its risky buisness; that's why polls and questionaires are current the best way to judge the safety of a drug. Trying to analyze all its possible effects is like trying to trace how a boogie boarders wake in NJ will effect the wave size in Australia. Your better off just using trial and error.

Don't smoke. ;)

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