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Lauren-Elizabeth B
What should I do about the smokers?
I'm a freshman in college and everyone around me is smoking! I don't care that they smoke (it's a personal choice) but I really hate it when it's around me. I'm very sensitive to smoke, but I don't want to be rude. Already this year I've had two ear infections and about a million sore throats all resulting from smoke. I've done my best to avoid it, but I'm still getting sick. What should I do?

Jose Carlos G
You Should

Respect the smokers


smoke cant cause ear infections

take some vick for the sore throat

and continue living

Scuba S


leave, bt why would u haha

where a gas mask.. or kill every smoker... or be a hermit.. or get a petition started to stop smoking on the campus.. or start smoking

Metal Princess Suspended!!!!
Where are they smoking? Perhaps it's a deeper illness.

Unfortunately you can't do much about it. Just move away from them when they smoke, there is nothing saying they can't do it. Sure its rude... what can you do... Nout.

Well your right it is your personal choice not to smoke, and good for you. However you cannot impede on other peoples right to do so either. At most colleges and universities that require people to be at least 100ft away from the building to smoke. So that should not be a factor.

If you are going out in public to places where people smoke than I suggest you may not want to go to those places anymore. I would definitely talk to your doctor though. Good Luck

Get in fetal posistion and cry hysterically....that will freak them out and they will leave.

where r you going that all this smoke is at? Try holding your breath as you pass by the "cool smokers". If you go to party's sorry cant help you much here.

I hate being around cigarette smoke too, but I don't think your illness is a result of just the smoke. To get ear infections and sore throats you need to have some kind of infection from a pathogen (eg bad bacteria/virus). Your immune system sounds like it is struggling.
Its essential to get plenty of sleep, eat good food and reduce stress.
All the best to you.

u should try 2 get your room changed because you can get lung Cancer

leave the area where the smokers are. im about to say to cover your nose but its quite awkward to do that.
tell them you have allergies. if that won't do, then just go with option1

I'm afraid if you have done your best to avoid it there is nothing else you can do.

I suppose you can try to get a smoking ban on your campus (my campus has one) Or try to get designated smoking areas.

Or wear a mask over your mouth all the time.

you should tell your adviser or counselor that the smoke really bothers you. oh, and make it really dramatic!! be like "i have weak lungs"

Andy is not my real name
Don't go near the smokers

Stay away from it!

Allergies inflame tissue, which makes that tissue more susceptable to pathogens. So smoke may indeed be responsible for infections.

My smoking friends were always very careful around me, always holding their cigs downwind, and even putting them out when I started coughing. I understand that even walking across campus you will be affected by secondhand smoke. I think you could organize a movement to ban smoking on campus. It's important.

Mickey Mouse Spears
I don't know what made you jump to the conclusion that second hand smoke caused your ear infections and sore throats, but it's definitely not possible for you to get an ear infection because of smoke. Ear infections are caused by bacteria. Bacteria is not carried in smoke.
Far more dangerous than smoking is the fact that you're around a lot of people, and people carry germs. Your sore throats are likely due to a bacterial infection or a virus, and being in such close quarters with others is far more likely to be the culprit than anything else. Also, the dry air that comes from the cold weather and furnaces would serve to irritate your throat far more than second hand smoke would.
All the hype about second hand smoke is just that: hype.
Are you in an area where there is a lot of traffic? If so, the exhaust that comes from the tailpipes of all of those cars is far more dangerous than 2nd hand smoke.

If it's in your dorm room I think your totally within your right to ask them not to smoke but if your at a party or a bar you kinda just gotta deal with the smoke or not go.

gas mask im just messing find someone who doesnt hang out with them and its not rude to tell someone to not smoke by you and just be like im sorry but i really dont like smoke

I think it will be best if you avoid those areas where people around you smoke or you can simply walk away from that area where people around you are smoking.


Just ask them politally to go away. say ur sesitive, it bothers u.
Dosn't seem rude.

wow, im sorry, im a smoker and i never, ever smoke around anyone without asking if they mind it.

you need to google " non smoking places in _____ " ( what ever city you live in ) and hang out there.

and you really need to tell your " friends " that its making you sick and you'd appreciate it if they could go out side and smoke, and not around you.

Flora Baby
Everybody knows smoking is bad, so if you just politely ask them to smoke less around you then they should be ok with that, I am a smoker and know I wouldn't react in a bad way - after all it's your health! Are there not designated smoking areas? If you feel like you would be missing out on the social life because of smokers, explain this to your closest smoking friends and just make some new friends who don't smoke. Also the ones who do smoke who you hang with, they can't be smoking all the time, so just avoid being really close with them when they are!
Good luck - you have the advantage of people the good cop in all this!

Just tell them. Don't be mean. I know some people can be pretty mean about these things. But just like...move away...or tell them what the smoking is doing to you. I'm sure they'll understand

Amanda H
Most universities are no smoking on campus, at least in doors. Simply go inside. If you have to be outside and people are smoking, step away from them. If they're your friends, tell them 'hey, i'm really sensitive to smoke,' and they'll understand. If they're not, then they wont.

The only way to solve the problem is to tell them about it. I myself am allergic to the smoke, and my parents always smoked around me and it didnt help my health. Just tell them and don't back down they may be killing themselves but they dont have to kill you too.

Robert F
I tell them about not smoking around me. I don't have many come around me and those that do respect my situation.

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