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What makes a sore throat better?
Ohh it hurts so bad :'(
I can't even talk,
I've taken medicine,
what will make me feel
better? Please help me?

cutie pie
you cook a onion and get the juice from, it and mix it with sugar and take a few tablespoons of it every know and then. my grandma is really into healthy and organic things. when ever i have a sore throat she makes that onion thing for me and it goes away she also makes me chicken soup and gives me a spoonful of honey and it goes away i really hope you get better and this helps :)

Justin H.
i gurgle salt water i mean like 1/4 salt 3/4 hot water

Yeah, gargling with salt water will help soothe it. Use 1/2 tsp in a full glass of warm water.
You don't say what medicines you've taken or how it started. Did you see your doctor? If not you really should, it could be something that needs antibiotics.
God bless and help you feel better.

SupeR cool
squeeze a lime and mix with honey.

Anything hot/warm.

This is what I usually do:
*Drink hot/warm soup.
*Drink tea.
*Eat cough drops (Halls, etc)
* And if none of these works, then i just withstand the pain until
it gets better and take medicine, because the only way to get rid
of it is to be patient, rest, take medicine.


Local Haole
gargle with warm salt water

I was literally having the same question. I have a bad sore throat too!
Try gargling salt water, it's a quick and easy temporary fix. Try going to bed early, and taking a multivitamin.

Hope you get over it soon! Good luck! :)

tea , soup

warm salt water gargle or chloreseptic sprays and lozenges. oh and time (it always takes time to heal)

Vanilla Chai Tea. I drank this tea when I was sick, and it made me feel MUCH better. Hot tea is especially good for the sore throat. And adding honey makes it taste really good too.
I make the Chai tea with water. It calls for water or milk, but with your sore throat, I don't recommend milk at this time.

Hope you feel better soon!

tea and honey

a nice cup of tea usually helps.

Tylenol or ibuprofen taken regularly as directed on the box, sipping very cold or hot liquids, gargling with warm salt water gargles and spit out - do this as often as you want; resting as much as possible while your body heals itself and running a humidifier in the bedroom where you sleep. And, consider getting a strep test done if you haven't already to see if you need any antibiotics. Sore throats usually go away in about 5 days

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