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 My husband snores so much I can't sleep with him... it's kind of a problem.?
he might have sleep apnia..not sure. he wears these nasal stip things that are supposed to work for snoring, but he still snores. Anyone know what we can do?...

 Is it more unhealthy to smoke weed in a car?
A few friends and I were smoking in the car and we would open the windows about every 40 minutes. Is there more of a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in a car than in a room or outside?...

 collapsed lung??? i'm so worried please help?
My boyfriend has trouble with walking every time he breaths in and out it hurts so much he can hardly bare it, and some times he has a cough with it, he feels like some things tight around his lung ...

 Should I tell a "smoker" who is having a hard time breathing that he did it to himself?
He's 56 and has a hard time breathing and walking over a hundred feet. He was warned over the last 40 years. Should I say "I told you so"?...

 I've tried holding my breath, chugging water, even breathing into a paper bag. How do I stop them?
What's the best way to stop the hiccups?...

 What will happen if I inhaled a small plastic resin bead?
Will the body break this down? I might have done this a few months ago, and since then, I have know symptoms or breathing problems....

 why do you smoke.......?

Additional Details
why is it when we stop we wish we hadnt, but when we start again we wish we hadnt ......

 Does anyone know how to deal with asthma?
i had a severe asthma attack yesterday on the bus and i was wondering if anyone here knew any good tips to help me keep my asthma under control....

 Does smoking cigarettes make you look cool?

 a question about the 1st of july smoking law!?
right i am not sure if i really understand this. i am a 16 year old girl smoker. from the 1st of july i can't smoke indoors anywhere but i can outside. is that correct? thnax in advance!!!...

 Is smoking good for you?
I am sick of hearing that smoking is bad for you, but is there anyway that smoking is good for you. Like can it make you taller, or is it good for your brain, anything?...

 Are you a smoker..............?

 ive stopped smoking and feel real ill?
i stopped smoking a week ago and i feel teribble my throat hurts and is making my asthma bad ,i felt great before i stopped why is this happening to me?...

 do you breathe when you pass-out?

 My nose is itchy. I'm sneezing like crazy, but I don't have a fever. May be allergies but not sure. what to do
My nose is incredibly itchy like I have to sneeze every few seconds, and I am sneezing every minute. I thought I was just allergic to my desk at work but I'm home now and still suffering. Any ...

 I like to fill-up my ashtray and then throw all of my butts in the street at once.?
Doesn't that make it easier for them to clean? I especially love littering on roads where some company says that they will keep the road clean....

 My Friends Smoke! Should I smoke?
well i just moved and made some new friends and there all smokers and every time we hang out they all smoke. so i don't no if i should start smoking or not, they say its not bad just to try one. ...

 i have a pressure on my left side of my chest and im only 14 years old and i have chest pains?

 how come I can't quit smoking? any suggestions? I'm at wits end?

 should i tell my dad i smoke cigarettes(occasionally)?
i already got caught smoking weed and suprisignly he didnt relle care.. now should i tell him about the cigarettes, or should i keep that 1 in? im not addicted!...

Henry 007
What is the best way of quitting smoking?
Help me please, what is the best way of quitting smoking?

I have been smoking for over 10 years now, recently I feel a pain
in my chest, I know smoking is bad for me, which might cause
me disease, but I can't stop it, I enjoy it, and I am scared of
disease causing too
Additional Details
Thank you for that, everybody
there are so many ways of stopping it
but it really hard for me to do

don leave it at once.. reduce the number slowly.. and eat chewing-gums.. there are tobacco flavoured (but don contain tobacco) chewing gums available, try them..

Lotty D
Hello, well done for trying to quit!

Use patches and if someone is someone is smoking in the same room as you, just leave the room! i know its hard but keep your hopes up!

my friends dad switched to a special brand of chocolate.. that works for a a lot of people.. juss find sumthing u really really like then start trying to replace the with the cigs

Douglas B
Cold turkey...........sandwiches

Patches and keeping busy.

My teacher not too long ago told us that she had smoked for 8 years, but wanted to quit for her daughter. So she went to a hypnotist and had 2? Or maybe 3 one hour sessions, and after that she quit cold turkey. That might work for you too. The only thing is that sessions were like $100 for an hour, but in the end, it's only beneficial, because it definitely beats getting a HUGE medical bill.

Gradualy stop smoking, so like each day have one less cigarete, u need will power and use nicotine patches and stuff. Ask your doctor.

Stan P
Lots of ways - Nicotine replacement therapy, physical therapy, hypnotherapy etc.

Read this blog on quitting smoking regularly:


Tony R @ Suspended
Swearing at the cigarette packet works.

Don't buy/light them! Seriously, it's a lot easier than some weak people make out. If you go into it thinking it will be hard, chances are it WILL be. Just decide to quit and ignore the tiny niggles to light up. Come on, aren't you bigger than a small cancer stick?!

I am trying to quit too.
One thing that is helping me is I no longer smoke inside. This makes time between ciggs longer and in return I am smoking alot less.
I tried Chantix, but only lasted one month, it made me have a very mean and angry attitude. The Doctor said there was alot of complaints against Chantix on altering your behavior for the worse.

Good Luck, I know its hard, but it's worth it.

one way i heard was to chew on that plastic thing that people some times use to smoke there cigarettes. Another is holding the cigarette like you are about to.

Hunn i feel your pain, i'm the same i'm currently using the nhs stop smoking it really does work get onto there website and start to day good luck bbe =] xxx



My Husband told me to put sellotape over my mouth. Try the website below. it has a great community that will help you.

X Sweety Pie X
Firstly, you have to really want to stop!!
Next, maybe look up on the internet lungs after smoking and sites that tell you all the gorey details about smoking. It might help put you off them. Also, pinpoint the times you tend to smoke the most and focus on try not to smoke then. When your buying cigarettes see if you can persuade yourself to buy something else like a bar of chocolate or a magazine etc. As you progress (if you do) try and see if you can go in and not buy anything at all in replace of where you would normally buy cigarettes!! Try and see your personal GP to check out about this pain in your chest though!!

Hope I helped!!

well u should really try this
go here and it would tell u every thing by steps

hope it works and u should really stop its bad 4 u and ur family wish u the best :D

Mr Bad Boy
Cold turkey. Its hell and it works

YOU are the way:


If you really want you just stopped !

Congratulations, you did it !!!!!!

This is a day to be proud of !

I quit Nov 30th after smoking for 17 years. I got a really bad cold (or at least that's what I thought) so I went to the doctor and had to get a nebulizer breathing treatment. Because of my smoking (I am 32 years old) I have developed asthma, bronchitis, and I had an upper respiratory infection. That made me go cold turkey, just like that. I haven't had a cigarette since. Think about it like this: You go to the doctor and they tell you you have emphysema or lung cancer. And, I'm saving over a thousand bucks a year! I hope this helps in some way. It isn't easy - to this day I still want a cigarette sometimes, but I just don't do it. Good luck!

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