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 My cough goes: uuuuurrggghKwukKwukKwuk-ohohKwaaaaaaargh… yours

sherry f
What is the best medicine to take to go to sleep?
I have fibromyalgia and i can't sleep, I finally can go to sleep 3 or 4 am and then of course get up way late, now i feel it is a pattern and i cant break it

haha use chloroform

Since you have fibromyalgia, you have to be careful what you take and to exercise by walking every day, but not too much exercise! I find sleepytime tea very helpful. Most any pain reliever will make you sleepy too, but I suspect that you may already be taking strong pain medicine and that may be the problem! Ask your doctor before taking anything, even herbal remedies. Interactions with different meds and herbal remedies are possible, so it is wise to ask the doctor even if only by phone! If you are already taking pain meds, please let your doctor know about this problem as it may be helped simply by changing the time you take the meds. Do not exercise too late in the evening since it can be too stimulating and give you more energy instead of sleepiness. Acupuncture will help ease your pain and get your system regular again, so you will be sleeping on your own terms before you know it! Acupressure also helps, both therapies together is the best thing money can buy!

suzanne g
Ambien - gives no hangover

You don't need meds...go to the vitamin isle and get yourself a bottle of Melatonin. You will be out before you know it.

I have had severe insomnia for 40 years (it started when I was 16). I can really sympathize with your situation. Sleep deprivation is actually a form of torture in POW camps! My insomnia story is at www.fms-help.com/insomnia.htm. It can wreck your life! The meds that work best for me are either zolpidem (which is generic ambien and cheaper) or lunesta (expensive), plus sometimes I take a small amount (1 tablespoon) of Nyquil. For a list of everything I've tried for sleep since 1982 and how it worked for me, see www.fms-help.com/sleep.htm. Simple sleep remedies (such as warm milk, exercise, etc.) help people who don't have fibro, but they don't begin to touch my problem! With fibro, our sleep clock is broken - I personally think it's a virus affecting the hypothalamus portion of the brain, but who knows?! Much more research is needed.

jusanother girl

warm milk and chocolate shuts down your system and will make your sleepy

krista b
take one benadryl tablet. it knocks u out


Take a walk every day before supper.

I take two Tylenol PM around 9 and fall asleep around 10. Sleep all night. I've tried all the expensive sleeping aids and none of them work any better than the over the counter PM pills.

Ambien CR...Lunesta makes your mouth taste like metal. Tylenol PM is pretty good, too.

Over-the-counter sleeping pills work for me. Or you could try Tylenol PM if you haven't already. Other than that, maybe hot milk, turkey, or peanut butter.

Benadryl works for some people. But its like taking a candy to me. If your really having a problem why don't you contact your doc. There are alot of meds out there that will help you sleep. Trazadone and Quetiapine are just a couple that aren't controlled substances (so you won't get addicted) that help with insomnia. And there are many many others. Just speak with your doc about it. And all that's in Tylenol PM is benadryl and tylenol. Nothing special. So if your not having pain I wouldn't take that.

get more fresh are and exersice more outside.
you won't have any problems with sleeping

bill l
you can take tylenol p.m.

try a little lavender essential oil on a tissue ( 1 to 2 drops) and put it in your pillow case. it helps me. there are other essential oils that promote sleep to, you can check them out on the internet. Just do a search on essential oils and sleep. Much better than drugs. Also, my cousin has severe fibromyalgia, and she is getting tremendous help from her chiroprator. Been to several md's and no help, but this one is helping her. I would check into that too. less drugs, more help.

NyQuil always works for me!

(And it tastes way too horrible to get addicted to it!)

andrew p
you need something that you can take for long term not short like ambien try trazodone yes the hangover feeling lasts for a few days but its really up to you

They have EXCELLENT TEAS.....and they are completely naturaland create no habits. LINDEN TEA is great

I get good results with Tylenol PM

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