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What does it mean when your chest feels tight, like theres alot of pressure on it and its hard to breath?
My friend is having a problem it came last night and she said it feels like her chest is tight and its hard for her to breathe. She said that her breathing was really short and shes been trying to take deep breaths. Does anyone know what this means or what it could be? Its kind of scary and i don't know what it means, so if anyone knows please help. Thanks.

Danny O
that woman in heat tell her breasts to stop hoggin all the blood from her head

I'm not exactly sure what it means, but when it happened to me I just had to take one really deep breath although it hurt and it went away. That's the best I can do.

Blue Jean
I get that from time to time, my doctor has said it's caused by stress. Suggest that your friend try relaxation techniques and/or find a way to de-stress.

I agree with the first answer. these are the same thing my grandfather said he was feeling when he was having a heart attack

ஐ ^.O We have sheep in Wales ஐ
hyperventilating most likely

just tell her to calm down.

tell her to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth!

collapsed lung? if when she tries to breathe in there is a sharp pain by her rib it could mean her lung doesnt have a strong lining of mucus yes mucus on the outside to protect it from catching on her ribs which can cause a sharp pain but that usually only lasts a few minutes to a hour or so tops.Also she could be having the beginning signs of a TERRIBLE chest cold i know mine felt that way when i got the one im just not getting over... If she is scared and still having trouble she should really go to the ER its best to be safe than sorry

I've had that before, but than again i have a heart condition (at 13!). I'd see a doctor!

Why haven't you called 911 yet? Those two symptoms indicates a heart attack.

Alex Lanis
It's called dyspnea. Probably due to congestive heart failure or pulmonary embolus.

i think you're stressed out or sick or nearvous about something you could also be sick so check youre tempature

the best thing to do is go to a doctor, but if u don't want to then theres no help. it cud be that the person has an acute asthma, too much stress or high cholestrol causin the blood in the veins restricted from movin around.

athsma attack?

This could be any number of things, she has to go to the emergency room. It could no matter what the age of the person be a heart attack. Don't mess around with chest pains and difficulty breathing.

it sounds like either asthma or a panic attack tell your friend to go to the ER or call her dr.asap tell her also to try to stay calm because the more she tenses up the worse it can get.

Jonathan S
Could be a number of things. Check webmd.com for symptoms to get more clearer picture of what you think it could be. I'd suggest going to the doctors though.

Akiyama Mio
she could have asthma but it hasn't been diagnosed, it might have been an attack, if she still has it, get her to call 911 or go round her house and do it for her, it could be serious. collapsed lung, panic attack. check for anymore symptoms.
good luck to your friend.

Yeah your friend has Asthma...I have it too... Your friend has to go to the doctor and get an Inhaler...

ASTHMA - If you're under 30 years old, you're probably not having a heart attack. Yes, it could be anxiety attack but It's most likely asthma. And remember you do not have to wheeze in order to have asthma. I should know, I don't wheeze but have had asthma for 10 years.

Call 911 right now!

It could possibly be stress/anxiety attack, is what it sounds like to me...but if she has never had one before and does not know, it might be best to be checked out by a doctor to be on the safe side. Usually if it is a heart attack-she would feel numbness or tingling in her arm.

It means you call 911

it could be alot of things. GO to the hospital now

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