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What does it mean when someone says you have a "touch of pneumonia"? ?

Ivy G
You have a bad cold, but nothing worthy of seeing a doctor.

Billy S
when someone says that they dont really mean you have pneumonia, they mean you have a really bad cold.

It means you don't have full blown pnemonia, just some fluid in your lungs. trust me, you would KNOW if you had it full out. just a touch is ok.

It just means you have a cold, really. It doesn't really mean you have pneumonia - I mean, can you imagine if a doctor said you had "a touch of HIV"?

Well, you either have pneumonia or you don't.

Pneumonia is a viral or bacterial lung infection. Most people can recover from it very well, but it can be dangerous in the elderly, or the very young (ie, babies, young children).

What they probably mean is that it is not a big infection - just a minor one. Hopefully it can easily be treated by anitbiotics (if it's bacterial pneumonia). If it's viral pneumonia, only rest and time - to allow the immune system to fight it - will cure it.

??? Double Standards ???
Pneumonia , is when your lung tissue solidifies....in the abattoirs where I work....as an Inspector, we cut off a small piece of lung and put it in water....if it floats, it is healthy....it it sinks ...it is pneumonic....or has pneumonia. Pneumonia can affect the whole lung ......or a small part of the lung.....if we use the analogy of your hand representing your lungs.....it might be that your fingernail is infected....your finger infected....2 fingers infected....As long as they have identified the problem, and are being treated for it....you should be ok....but take care of yourself as well...stop smoking if you smoke...and keep out of smokey or fumey atmospheres.

pneumonia involves fluid on your lungs. If you have just a little fluid then I guess they would call it a touch of pneumonia. Take care of yourself so it doesn't get worse.

Mason K
You have it: water in the lungs. Stay in bed and eat lots of fruit, and get one of those crazy salads.

No... Sorry

pneumonia is a very serious disease, it can kill.
Its like saying i have a touch of aids.

Its probably a chest infection or something, if it was pnmnia they would be taken to hospital

It means you have the beginning phase of the disease...but if the doctor told you that, he would have given you some meds--if a friend told you that, ignore him and keep walking! (But be a good friend and don't cough on him!)

that u have something that may lead to namonia or that u have namonia but not that bad

you have pneumonia just a little bit. not enough to put you in the hospital or anything

pneumonia is fluid in your lungs so you cannot breath a touch of pneumonia is a little fluid this is not something to take lightly
get some meds
they used to call it walking pneumonia

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