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What could this breathing problem mean I have, im a little scared?
ok so pretty often, everytime i get up, i start to feel lightheaded and dizzy, then I blackout,

it lasts for a few seconds. then after my mind clears, i can feel my heart beating really fast, and i get this tingly feeling after i blackout.
why does this happen please??
1 day ago - 3 days left to answer.

and before and after i get this pain in my head, but only for a few seconds

oh and im 13..and this only happens when i get up or something, andim at a normal weight. i dont take any medications, im healthy
Additional Details
it also happens sometimes when i get up from the couch or chair, or just if i get up frombed please help im so scared

It sounds like low blood pressure or possibly anemia, get it checked out by the doctor before something worse happens like passing out and falling down a flight of stairs.


Sounds like hypotension.

Tell your parents, maybe you should go see a doctor.

Helping You!
That happens to me all the time and personally I love the feeling of it!
I went to the doctor and he said it had something to do with my ears and it will go away one day. :P

I would go to the doctors.

PLEASE go see a doctor! This is nothing someone on this site needs to answer. You could have a very serious condition. Go see your doctor or an out patient place. Somewhere someone can give you an idea on what is going on. RUN don't walk!

Go see a doctor.

maybe inner ear infection better go to the doc

try going to the doctor,u might have a breathing disfunction you brain blacksout because u need oxygen plz go to the doctor

I got that sometimes when I was about that same age. Like the Blood is rushing all the way to your head, and I feel like I'm floating and falling at the same time.

But if you're blacking out, I'd go see a doctor immediately and get a blood test. Maybe you're not getting enough sugar or protein.

Ron again
Yes go see a doctor..

You really need to tell your parents about this and see a doctor. It could be a very dangerous condition that one of the symptoms is orthostatic hypotension. That's something that's exactly like what you described.
Please do not put this off. See a doctor ASAP. The "tingling"part has me a little worried.
God bless.

That happened to me b4 an i went to the emergency room they said i wasn't getting enough oxygen.

But everyone is different you should probably go see a doctor A.S.A.P.
before it gets serous hopefully its not.

Matt Peszynski
Just relax... As long as you feel fine sitting, then i would just wait a few days and it will go away. What it sounds like to me is just what happens when you get up to fast. I know i get it sometimes too, its most likely not anything wrong.

Go see a doctor

Steven S
These symptoms sound like something pertaining to your heart or blood pressure. Or it could be something as simple as fluid in your ears causing vertigo.

You should see a doctor.

A professional opinion is much better than message board yahoos telling you what it is.

Please don't be scared or nervous. That's how these problems get worse. Please go see your doctor.

It's probably asma I have t

I had all of these things, like blacking out and stuff, and so I went to the doctor and she told me I was dehydrated.

mr truthy speak speak
could be RDT but its prob nothing. see the doctor obviously. tell your parents aswell.

It's actually very normal...I had the same thing at your age...it's the blood not getting into your brain fast enough when you get up...try getting up slower...thats what the doc told me. It happens often with tall people or with kids who]ve just had a growth spurt.

~LoVin BiRds aNd FiShieS <3~
this happens to me too, i was given to possible reasons and solutions for this from my doctor(today actually):

1. dehydration-drink more liquids

2. when you stand up your blood pressure like increases or something, leading to those symtoms- to prevent these symtoms stand up slower.

the second one has laready been working for me. and i wouldnt worry to much about this b/c it happens to alot of people i know, but if it keeps happening i would reccomand going to doctor soon.

good luck!

That sounds like low blood pressure. It has happened to me on occasion, and I was a little bit anemic and had low blood pressure.
I don't think its terribly serious, but you should mention it to your parents and doctor the next time you go in to get a checkup.
If it gets worse, or you actually fall down when it happens or if the pain in your head gets worse, get your parents to take you to a doctor!
Good luck!

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