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 How bad is weed for you?
How bad is it actually for you? Is it really five times worse than cigarettes? And also is there a way that makes it easier on ur lungs (aka better for you) like maybe smoking it out of a pipe ...

 Cigarrettes-Lung Cancer?
I have been having a lot of chest pain and coughing lately. This has been going on for about a month. I am just now going to the doctor. I am 19 and started smoking when I was 13. From 13-17 I ...

 Is pneumonia contagious?

 how can i tune my body into needing less sleep,is it possible to have 4 hrs sleep and still feel awake?

 is it healthier to smoke really weak cigarettes?
i recently switched to smoking cigarettes with 0.1mg tar and 0.1mg nicotene.

this should make it healthier or not? and less addictive?
Additional Details
but if the amount of ...

 urinary tract infection?
what is urinary tract infection?give me some ...

 wants to smoke pot. any tips?
I really want to try smoking weed. My friend is getting some free from he's friend. ive never tried smoking cigarettes either so im really new to all this.. shud i smoke before pot?
My ...

 Should i go to school when i have Bronchitis?
I went to the Doctor today and he said i had Bronchitis. He gave me some antibiotics, but i was wondering if i should go to school for the next few days of not? Also, is Bronchitis contagious?

 Should I got to the emergency room for this?
I was diagnosed yesterday with simmers ear. They gave me ear drops, and I have been using them exactly how they said to. However, when I put the ear drops in I experience sever pain and each time I ...

 whats the best way of relaxing after you hae finished a 9 page essay that is due on monday ?
im so stressed ...

 True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol ?
Personal story on this if you can , please ?

Have a good evening , all . D :)
Additional Details
JB, Me 26 years sober : still smoking
My sis 7 years heroin ...

 How do I know if someone has swine flu?
I have read that swine fly can ONLY be diagnosed with a blood test in lab. Otherwise the symptoms are just like regular flu.

I have a 7 year old home from school today with a bad dose of ...

 My mum's had a sneaky cigarette, and doesn't want her No-Smoking group to know?
How can she 'evade/trick' the carbon monoxide machine which tests her breath for these fumes, or at least bring her levels down? By 5:45 GMT, to be precise....

 what can u smoke to get a high like weed?

 how can i heal a stomache full of air?
i know im not full but i feel like some where near my stomache or actual stomache is full of air or gas since when i get up i feel full. is there a way to cure this or atleast know a type of disease ...

 for those who stopped smoking....?
i stopped smoking 6/7 weeks ago, and i am now concerned about gaining weight.
i am a waitress, so i am on my feet for about 12 hours every day, and do not have time to exercise on the side.

 Should I quite smoking, and why?

 I smoked a whole pack of Marlboro Reds last night, but now...?
Okay so I've started smoking about a week ago...and last night I went a little overboard and smoked a whole pack.
I didn't feel sick at all and it wasn't unpleasant for me, just ...

 My Mother wants me to go to the doctors because of a cough but this is the problem...?
I am worried to go to the doctors with my mother because when I went on holiday a few weeks ago I smoked quite alot.. Some days I smoked 10 everyday and other days just 1-4. I also smoked tobacco ...

Ok so i just went to the doctor and he said that i had bronchitis ...is bronchitis bad ??? i noticed that i had ALOT of trouble breathing since last night, like my breaths are really short and i try ...

Leah M
What causes young people to start smoking?
I'm just curious as to what could possibly cause junior high/ high school students to start smoking. Especially with all of the information out there.
So... why?

leah mailloux?

It's cool. Like bowties.

Intuitive Witch
Peer pressure from friends that smoke because they think it is cool.

Every cigarette that you smoke has over 200 dangerous chemicals in it.

They cause all kinds of lung disease including cancer.

I have lost three of my family members because of smoking.

1975 my dad had a blood clot break free from the lung, go into the hart and cause it to stop.

2000 my mother died from lung cancer, and had to carry Oxygen tanks around with her the last five years of her life.

Wednesday May 5, 2010 my brother had gone through chemo therapy three times and the cancer killed him because the tumor was attached to the one lung and heart at the same time, and while having a coughing spell it ripped his Aorta from the heart. He died in about 1 minute while the blood pumped into his chest cavity.

I have never smoked, and will never smoke. In fires people die from smoke inhalation so why would you want to intentionally want to put that garbage into your body? Not to mention it smells really bad.

Just Myself
its cool

answer mine http://ph.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AlOqLfNF2Au70UJicxoBLdaISAx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100918175930AA7LjZe

Chaise électrique
To be "cool", peer pressure, to feel like an adult, family/friend problems or stress, or just because they want to smoke.

Being around friends is the reason why all lot of people do it really.

Act Grownup, look cool, peer pressure. Same reason they drink and take drugs
Only greater fear of a parent prevents them. I asked my adult kids what prevented them from trying drugs. Both looked at me with a surprise on their face and said in unison, Fear of you Mom

It's bad, so they are daring, doing something dangerous. The perception that it's cool, peer pressure. I've heard some girls say they started smoking so they'd have an easier time losing weight, too.

Erin Wilson
I guess a friend who smokes offers a cigarette and they take it and get addicted

think they look grown up and cool

Because of peer pressure. Also they have nothing else to do. Im in high school,and EVERYONE has smoked or still do smoke. They think im (un cool) cuz i dont smoke.wtf. I wanna live past 60.

Wake Up
to try and look older and cool or because of stress they use smoking as a stress reliever and the last one the myth some teens believe to lose weight because smoking kills your appetite

Whatever Whatever
peer pressure.

The three main reasons
1) Peer Pressure
2) Curiosity
3) To look "cool"

curiosity, boredom, peer pressure, and emotional escape

Ronald B
They still think it looks cool.

Selena lee
It's either peer pressure or role models that smoke.
And I'm also a teenager and I think it's disgusting.

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