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bettie m
What causes noise bleeds.?
What would be the main cause of a noise bleed in a 67 year old man. Is this something of concern.

Kristen Marie
Usually it's dry, thin air. It could be a concern depending on how often you get them. If you get them every day then I would definately go check with your doctor though.

Stefan M
High blood pressure

Rozee M
Noise doesnt bleed

Depends on how often and amount. He could be blowing his nose too hard .. If this just started I suggest he ask his Dr. whats going on .. Even if he had this happen in the past , I would still suggest he have his nose looked at ..

Joshua G
alot of things cant cause a nose bleed the cold weather can dry out the sinus passage or picking your nose blowing your nose to hard get a humidifier dont blow the nose so hard and you shouldnt have your finger up there its just nasty if you try that and it continues go see a doc

Yeah, nose bleeds are definitely due to dry air, and blowing too much. I've found it may also be due to heat (which then leads to dry air) and picking of the nose of course would cause it.

And noise can bleed, just in a different sense of the word.

NOSE bleeds can be caused by dry air, a sinus infection, blowing nose too much, a drug problem or extremely thin blood.

Lourdes F
dry air

Riisss ♥
Usually it just means that your nose is really dry. Like when you sleep, you know how sometimes you wake up and your tongue feels like leather? It's just dryness, and maybe your not drinking enough water. So try to stay hydrated. :)

I don't think anything cause "noise bleeds". haha!

Nose bleeds can be caused by numerous things. Including dry winter air. I'd call a physician just in case.

Low humidity in the air and picking doesn't help also.

There are alot of answers to that questions. You would have to make the decision if it's a concern since you didn't specify how often this has happened. Different causes such as a recent cold, dry conditions, and blowing your nose too hard are the usual suspects. If none of these apply and it is reoccurring then yes, I would be concerned. It's not hard to ask the doctor what he thinks.

I think you mean nose bleeds?

Nosebleeds are caused by the rupture of a small blood vessel called a capillary in the nose.

The most common cause of this is injury - a good bash to the nose will result in bleeding.

The other main cause is dryness of the inside of the nose. A dry climate or heated indoor air irritates and dries out nasal membranes, causing crusts that may itch and then bleed when picked.

Other causes of nosebleeds are colds, high altitude, allergies and medications.

Nosebleeds can also result from a calcium deficiency.

Occasionally, nosebleeds may indicate other disorders such as bleeding disorders, cancer, high blood pressure or disease of the arteries.

They can also indicate hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia, also known as Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome.

This is a disorder involving a vascular growth similar to a birthmark in the back of the nose.

dryness in the air
could need to have a vein in nose cauterized-that's what they do to my son
high blood pressure-my mom
new medications

call your doctor to make an appiontment if you are worried-you know your body the best and if something is not right you need to get it checked out!
good luck

I get alot of nose bleeds during the change of seasons, usually at the beginning and end of winter. I think it has do do with the lack of moisture in the air cause the skin in my nostril to dry and crack up.

There are lots of different reasons. My son has a friend who has a nose bleed whenever he comes over. I think it's excitement in his case. He's eight, quite a bit younger but an example. I think you should be concerned if you can't get it to stop. I get them if I've had the heater on too long or on hot days. A Doctor is always a good resource if you are concerned.

Very loud noises often cause the eardrums to explode which will lead to a noise bleed.

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