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Matt T
What can be done about the swine flu?
I know doctors would recommend rest, drink fluids.

Is there a swine flu vaccine? Should I get injected?

jaime b
they should inject your culo

Clare O
They have no proof that swine flu can be transmitted from human to human. The only way to get it is from infected pigs. You can't get it from eating pork but from being in contact with the pig. If you are still nervous you can get the flu vaccine.

cool j
close the border with mexico

Why not? I'm Lexi! ♥
Dude! Relax! I live in San Diego and no body at school or neighbors have it! Look, just be careful of germs, you don't have ot be so paranoid. Please answer mine!



Oh my pickle juice!
I am soo worried about that too!
My spanish teacher is going to mexico in 3weeks for her sister's wedding. And, if she comes back with it and doesn't know it, I'll get infected! AHHHH! I don't wanna get the worst flu ever that kills! :( what if i die? Im scared.

My teachers just told me to wash my hands alot and yeah just drink a lot of water and stuff, and just don't put your hands near you eyes or mouth.

get the mouth cover things and have a hand a teaser and wash ur hand at least. to keep u from getting it are to other people if u have it. but there is no curer.but it will take about 10-13 months to have a vaccine for it. hope i save a life!

You can take all the precautions you can, but in reality, we already practice these methods. I'm sure you've washed your hands and covered your mouth for as long as you could remember. The most important thing is to notice ANY changes in your health (symptoms similar to the flu)

Alex C
First of all, the likelihood of getting infected are extremely slim. But if you still want to be cautious, just treat it like any other virus; wash your hands, don't make love to pigs, etc.

Smooth Trooper
There's two options:

1. Get over yourself, you middle class suburban zilch.

2. Euthanasia! :-D

No, It would take 6-12 months to develope a vaccine for the swine flu, anyway.

Number 1 tip: Wash your hands every 2-3 hours.

The best thing to do is not worry about it. It is just going to be another bird flu or SARS. a couple hundred people will die and that is it. More people die in car wrecks in a day than will die from this.

I'm really afraid of this flu. What would happen if I get it??!?!

blame it on the recession.

Amber C
No there isn't a vaccine. If you feel ill go see your doctor and they can perscribe some sort of antibiotic that should help!

Jovanny Calderon
theres medicine for it.
to prevent and cure.

no there isnt a swine flu vaccine - yet.

so wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently!

George H
There is no swine flu vaccine but you would treat the same as you would treat the flu.

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