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rich c
What are those disgusting things you can cough up?
The look like little tiny white balls and they smell soooo bad.... I cough them up every once in a while and idk how to get rid of them... my sister said thwey are puss balls..IDK its disgusting can someone please help me??

Flingershock (Suspended)
man..go to a doctor so you don't have to be sharing this information on YA....

sugar freak
dont do drugs kiddies!

thats never happened to me in my life.

go there it says what causes them.

Beanie =)
its phlem... yea its gross

warrior soul
I've had a few in my lifetime, but they always came from the tonsils. There's nothing I know of to get rid of them. They aren't harmful, just disgusting.

The Cake is a Lie!
There's this gland thing in your throat that makes them. Everybody coughs them up though.



they are tonsil balls;
nothing to worry about cos everyone has them:)

Well sometimes it can be mucus. Try taking some mucinex (however you spell it) and if that doent work then maybe call your docter, or tell your mom. They could be puss balls just drink alot of water. Hope i helpled

lance r


we call them lung cookies, but it's actually hardened phlegm balls- many smokers get them

REPORTED. thanks bitches.
omfg dude!
i get that **** too!
i went to the doctor and he told me its pieces of food.
i was like wtf?
but its true.
they get stuck in your throat for a week then you cough them up.
they start to smell like crap too.
its gross.

i asked the doctor and he said it was from not brushing your whole mouth like the teeth in the back. so the plaque would come off and go down your throght and thats what would come up.


What I want to know is why you smelled it.

Sounds about right.


omg....it's mucas..

it's not a disease it's just another way for the in your respiratory system carbon dioxide to get out of your body. it's another thing for fleame.

I get those too! I think its puss. But it's nothing to worry about.

i know that. i also dont know how to remove them

[email protected]
If you haven't had your tonsils removed, bits of food get stuck in the pockets around your tonsils. They eventually come out in the form of that smelly white ball you're hacking up. I've had this happen to me my entire life, and although it's not dangerous, it's gross and irritating. The only way to stop it is to get your tonsils removed.

Those are called "pellets". Tell your doctor, that means you have a lung infection (bronchitis).

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