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 What testing methods are used for determining if smoking is bad for people.?

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 can someone help me on smoking?
Basically before ive smoked a few cigarettes, only ever one whole one the others have been shared with a friend.
Will it do the same to my body as a heavy smoker?
I regret ever trying one ...

 smoking cigarettes and throwing up?
Im 15 and i have been smoking for about 1 1/2 year. lately i have been throwing up after smoking a cigarette. Sometimes i don't but mostly i just burp and sometimes when i burp some vomit comes ...

What are some physical benefits to quitting smoking cigarettes?
Im 18 years old been smoking since i was about 13....my friend told me he grew bout 3-4 inches after he quit....hes bout 21....I was jus wondering if i might expect to grow som inches THAT WOULD BE GRAND =p

Gary B
You won;t die so soon.

if you continue to smoke, you will probably be dead by the time you are 50. just think, by the time you are 25 you are "middle-aged"! too bad emotional maturity doesn't follow along with physical "maturity" . . . .

if yo stop smoking now, you can extend your life time to 65 to 70 years. Still less than most people, but better than you are looking at now.

Since you are 18, you are about done growing UP. You MIGHT gain an inch yet, but the smoking has already done its damage to your height.

You'll live longer, smell better and save about $1,000 a year

you'll live longer

Mimi M
smoking stunts your growth.
in *most cases you do grow.
nothing good comes from smoking
im 13..
its rly a shame to hear how long youve been doin it
your lungs and heart become healthier
and u can do more stuff
like run longer without getting so tired right after
and dont get me started with cancer..
no offence. but im 13 - and more responsible
never tried a one && never will

when your 40 you wont look 60. my mom has been smoking since she was in the 8th grade. she has so many wrinkles it makes her look SUPER old. so if you want to look good and rock out when your 40 then quit! :)

Well giving up smoking just to gain an few inches isn't the right attitude. You should see the wider picture, clearer lungs, less pressure on your heart, clearer skin, lovely fingers, cleaner teeth are a few of the attributes of not smoking. It's just quitting that is difficult, but if those examples will you on to stop smoking....THAT WOULD BE GRAND. But please, there are many many, MANY benefits to stop smoking.

Idk about growing anymore cause your 18 now but you'll deffinately look younger if you quit now compared to other people who smoke. You'll feel a lot healthier and look a lot healthier. You won't reek of smoke. You will save tons of money. Why wouldn't you quit?

no but you wil live longer
you will not choke every morning
you will not stink of stale smoke
you will not have to stand outside in the rain just to get a fix

You will have less chance of getting Leukoplakia!

Ravi V
There is no relation between quit smoking and growth. It is very natural that person grows in height up to 20-21 yrs.

by quiting smoking u will have more pocket money, no bad smell from your mouth, so better chance to get a good girl friend. more pocket money so more outings and further more girlfriends........... u know.

Ben Dover
Your friend's growth was a coincidence. Quitting smoking now will benefit your lungs, heart, and all your other organs.

ive never herd of that but i have herd of
longer life
better taste and smell
more free will
healthier lungs / breathing
better blood and mind
better hair better skin better everything!better breath OH !
and you wont smell like **** when you walk around people

The best physical benefit from not smoking is not ending up dead from lung cancer.

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