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gaby c
What's the best way to help someone when they're having an anxiety attack?
Last night was the first time i've ever been around someone having an attack and i had no clue on what to do....I wanna be prepared for the next time (which hopefully won't be anytime soon)

So tips and advice would be nice.

Thank you

Scream at them and tell them they 'NEED TO GET A GRIP!!!!!" and smack them around and shake them.

just a little indigestion BABE!!!!!

Stanley Hudson
Heimlich maneuver.

Remind them that anxiety is the number two killer of people their age.

Hi there, I have a friend who goes through what you were mentioning so usually what I do is try to calm them done first and foremost by simply being there for them and re-assuring the person but without overcrowding or making them overly worried. If that makes sense? Some of the things I do are:
Talk to my friend,Tell them a story to relax them by making them feel comfortable in the situation(preferably funny but nothing too much),tell them to slow their breathing down,to count to 10 slowly while breathing in and out. Among other things. It really depends on the person to be honest though,trial and error type of thing. Above all you need to stay calm,if you are relaxed and fine about the situation it will really help the person to relax.

Tell them to breathe through their stomach. When you inhale push your stomach out and when you exhale let it come back. Tell them to do this slowly. it is much better then breathing through your chest because the ribcage puts a lot of pressure on the lungs and is actually not helping the person, because it causes them to hyperventiliate.
Be there for them, and tell them everything is okay and that it will soonly pass.

pamela d
just see lf you can talk them out of lt

Just take their hand and pull them to the side, preferably away from people and calm them down in a soothing tone and manner.
Remind them to take deep breaths, and try to get their heart rate down, try and get them to communicate with you reasonably, and not fixate on whatever has thrown them into the attack.

Talk about the situation that you're in, try and get them to reevaluate it, remind them that you're there with them, and that everything will be alright.

Mmm...depending on the occasion you may just have to leave, if they have severe anxiety.

the best advice i can offer is to ask that person now what you can do if it happens again. it's scarey, so knowing now is a good idea. take care.

A person who is having an anxiety attack is probably saying that they are having a hard time breathing. This is why you are asking this question under the Respiratory section. What you need to realize that if someone says that they are having a hard time breathing, even if all of their vital signs are good, they are having a hard time breathing because that is what they think. Do they have anti anxiey drugs to take? Do what they need sit there hold their hand and talk softly to them. Do not tell them to relax or calm down...they already know that. Just be there for them and have them take their meds.

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