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What's the best way to cure Hiccoughs?
Additional Details
yes, holding your breath for 10 minutes would probably get rid of them...

u mean hiccups?
hold ur breath for as long as u can.
down a glass of water with out taking breaths.

Linda C
hold your breath for 10 min. - that's what my dad used to tell me-hmmm!

susie x ♥♥♥
Drinking a glass of water from the opposite side of the glass always helps me.

There is no cure, they will eventually go away after a while.

You can hold your breath for 10 seconds and try it upside down.
Get someone to scare you when you least expect it.
You can have a glass of cold water.
Don't worry it will eventually go away.

Hold your breath and swallow water 4 times! Always works for me.

Hiccups? or however u spell that. Well if you hold your breathe that works.

Lisa T
If you have someone there with you, get them to pinch your nose whilst holding a drink to your lips, while you are taking a sip from the cup, put your a finger in each ear. It should be gone in an instant. Works everytime my son has hiccups.

Fiyah! Canadian Beauty
u have to be called a liar. I know it sound dumb, but when i have them my friend says im lying, and to prove i have them, and it rally works, they go away.

best cure of hiccoughs starnge but true. Answer these questions. saying the answers aloud . . .
-what did you have for your breakfast yesterday?
- what did you have for your lunch yesterday
-did you have anything for your tea yesterday, if so what?
- what did you have for your supper yesterday?
- did you have any snacks inbetween?
- what did you have for your breakfast today?
-what did you have for your lunch today?
-what did you eat for your tea today?
-your supper today, what did you have?
- any snacks?
. . . once youve answered all these questions your hiccoughs should be gone, i have no idea how but it usually works

Deborah W.
An juice glass and a teaspoon. Fill the glass with water and put the teaspoon in the glass and drink.

ciaran t
i always hold my breath...my brother drinks water upside down?...there are millions of ways, everyone says they're the best...so for safety - do them all!

xcountry ♥
I always eat a spoonful or peanut butter, drink water, hold my breath (not for 10 minutes), breath deeply in and out, or stand upside down.....hope I could help!!!

cadillac chic
if you were here,I could get rid of them for you.But for now,look deeply into my eyes and to yourself ,count backwards from 20 to 1.......

Cover your mouth and nose with a brown paper bag. Breathe in and out deeply for a few minutes.

barry d
anthrax injections or mustard gas should do the trick

Drink from the opposite side of the cup.

jackie j
take a spoonful of sugar and let it dissolve in your mouth, by the time the sugar is gone the hiccups will be gone too. I have done this for at least 20 years and it never fails.

The tried and true method.....
It works for EVERYONE!! Fill a glass with water, (no need to drink off the oppposite side) and take 10 quick sips, without taking a breath!! I swear itll work, aand you wont make a mess doing it ;-)

Johnny Apollo
Try to make yourself sneeze - snorting pepper, snuff. Or have somebody unexpectedly scare the crap out of you.

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