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 How can I prevent second-hand smoking?
I have been exposed to second-hand smoking for the past 14 years even when I was still a fetus inside my mother's womb. What can I do to prevent this?
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My father ...

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 im 13 years old an i smoke??
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 Why do I always get a plugged sinus/cold for like 4 days after snorting cocaine, but no one else gets it?
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 I have taken my antibiotic incorrectly by accident now what?
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 Why has it been getting so cold at night lately?

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Winter? No, it's August..that means summer. It should be the hottest month of the year yet I'm shivering every night lately.

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 I have sinus issues?
can I use Aloe Vera in my nose internally, is it safe ?


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 how can i stop a person who smoke ?

 Why is my Boyfriend coughing up blood?
He's very chesty and sometimes uses his inhaler, although he was asthmatic when he was young.
It's been happening for a few months now but recently got worse...
any one know why ...

 My Toddler is ill, please help?
My son is 2, and teething. From Saterday night he has had fevers come and go. The fever is ussually 39, you can see his in pain and pulls up his legs to his tummy alot. He also got a terrible ...

 Am I having an anxiety attack?
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 I'm having shortess of breath, yet not coughing any clue?

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 will my doc give me.....................?
antiniotics for a cough? chest infection

i really really need it

im worried he wont give me them help>!...

 Help! Can't Breathe Properly!!?
ok, this may sound stupid but for some reason after i drank rockstar the energy drink.....i can't breathe normally. I have to force myself to breathe and my heart beat is a bit face because well ...

 Should I bring my inhaler? (please help)?
I have exercise induced asthma and I have an inhaler that I take 30 minutes prior to exercise. But yesterday I had to take it to relieve symptoms even though I wasn't exercising. I am going to ...

 why am i struggling to breath when i walk a bout or climb the stairs. I have been diagnosed with swine flu?

 I can't breathe :( Please help.?
Okay so I've had what seemed like a cold for the past week and a half.
I went out in the snow yesterday and I don't think that helped too much.
But atm my chest feels funny, I can&...

WIthin the USA, where is the best place to live if you have asthma and reoccuring broncitis?
is it really like hot dry weather?
Or tropical?
Husband is talking about Florida but it rains alot. I have already lived their once. Wouldn't a place that rains alot put moisture into his lungs.

jp medic
Its different for everyone but most people find relief from a dryer climate ie. Arizona or the high Rockies if you dont like the heat. San Diego also has a nice climate and low pollen. The problem is most of these areas also have a high smog factor which could cause issues for an asthmatic depending on what the triggers are.

indoors with an ionic breeze going right next to u! :))

lois b

sugar-glider queen
lol! i guess Arizona by what everyone is saying. i just wanted to say though that the high rockies is actually a bad idea. the higher the altitude the worse my asthma, and in the cold the more likely you get sick... which means horrible coughs that won't go away and lots of wheezing. -this is true for me and everyone else in my family with asthma. i don't have any problems during the summer (where i live we have dry hot summers the total opposite of our very snowy winters) so maybe Arizona isn't such a bad idea. thanks... now i want to move :)

Sue C
You want a hot dry place. FL would NOT be the rite place at all. I have know many folks who have moved to AZ & have said it's helped them immensely. It does get mighty hot there tho, but they do claim you don't mind it near as much as you would in a damp humid climate. I lived in the southern Gulf area of FL, & it gets stifling hot there, especially in the summer time. NOT a good place to go. Nevada also wouldn't be bad either as it's near AZ & also has the hot dry weather there too. But the very best IS AZ...best to you...:)

arizona is where people who has those conditions go, yeah way to much humidity in Fl

id think it was. so arizona might be best?

ill guess here, but AZ or NM? :))

tell him to start taking oregano oil... he can get it at a health food store... get some empty gel caps...fill them... and have him take 1 a day... his bronchitis will be gone and will never come back if he takes 1 a day as a vitamin daily!

It also benefits you in allot more ways..... i used to get severe bronchitis when i was younger... i natural doctor recommend this...and i have been bronchitis free for 12 years!
google it!
You can live where ever you want now!

Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye
Do either of you smoke or are around smokers? I used to have those conditions until I moved to Long Island, NY, not far from ocean beaches. The salt air is good for you. I run and the asthma rarely flares up -- maybe 1x a year. I haven't had bronchitis since age 24 or so.

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