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Violent hiccupping. Please help!?
How do I get rid of it?
What does this lead to?
Should I tell my doctor?

Just try holding your breath and drinking water, it will probably go away eventually. Nothing, having the hiccups is harmless, it's just a spasm of your diaphragm, no cause for alarm. If you want to tell your doctor, go for it, but I doubt there is anything they can do.

reuna o
hold your breath.
nothing important.
not unless it continues...

pj j
just simply drinking warm water alone can actually help to stop hiccups, too simple it may seem to be, but his reasoning made sense — hiccups are caused by the spasming of the diaphragm, a sheet of muscle located across the bottom the ribcage. And what do you do when a you get a muscle cramp? You apply heat. Does this warm water method really stop hiccups? You bet. It works like a charm every time. The hiccups will resolve in less than a minute (usually about 15 seconds). If it doesn’t, what you’re drinking isn’t warm enough, try something warmer. OR

-Overloading the nerve endings in the mouth with a sweet sensation may do the trick. Have a teaspoonful of sugar, and if you can, place the sugar on the back of the tongue, where "sour" is tasted. This way, the sugar overload will pack the most punch.

-Some doctors recommend that you put your fingers in your ears to stop hiccups. The branches of the vagus nerve also reach into the auditory system, and by stimulating the nerve endings there, the vagus nerve goes into action. But be gentle, and don't stick your fingers too far into your ears.

-Swallowing water interrupts the hiccupping cycle, which can quiet the nerves. Gargling with water may also have the same effect.

If you get hiccups very violently or very often, you really should see a doctor. I’ve never heard of anyone dying from hiccups, so I wouldn’t get too worked up about it, but if you get hiccups so bad that you can’t breath or they are seriously disrupting your life, you should see a doctor. While they probably won’t have much else to offer for a cure, they may be able to help find the cause. There are many different causes (some unknown), but some I have heard of are certain medications, certain types of foods, stress, alcohol, and drinking or eating too fast.

Are you kidding? Why would you tell your doctor? He/she could stop them. And apparently you don't want that.
Of course you should tell your doctor or go to an ER. They can fix you up too.

This method works like a charm, just awkward to do. Get a cup of water about half full, rather than drinking from the closest rim, place your mouth at the farthest rim (you'll feel like your chin is in the cup and that's the correct position). Now you will need to lean over quite far to get the water to your mouth. Take several sips and swallow, don't worry if the first few tries you get water out your nose. After several sips, the hiccups should be gone. Good luck!

The best thing you can do is go to a Dollar store or somewhere that sells helium balloons and inhale the helium. This will reverse the spasm of your diaphragm. Hope you try it!! It really works!!

♪12 and helpful®
if it is geting with ur daily life then tell ur doc if not drink salt water , gargles put a lollipop in ur mouth

Jamie's Mom
the only way to stop is to get your mind off of it and drink water in between holding your breath

Cactus Cutie
Drink Water
Hold your Breath
Eating a spoonful of peanut butter seems to work for me. I hate hicups so much, because when I get them they causes me to throw up. I hate them!

It is a spasm of your diaphram. Therefore, do a backbend, and hold your breath. That should bring it out of the spasms. Repeat if necessary.

Some say to surround yourself with blue.
It helps repiroatory problems.
Some say count backward from 100.
Get someone to ask a random queston like count down by 3s until you age.

Have a person suddenly shock you
SUgars like honey will work.
Drink water from the wrong side of the glass.
Hold your breath for 15 seconds.

You can eat a tea spoon of brown sugar...I've used regular sugar and it stopped them. Good luck

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