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sometimes 5 a day instead.
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Will it get ...

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others smoke their whole lives.
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Can i make my lungs healthy again or they just going to be black permanently?...

U Know ? my wife unnecessarily slapped me in an unusually condition ?
One day i invited my 4 best childhood friends at home and i asked my wife to get tea for all ,she came and served the tea to all ,& suddenly she slapped me without reason , she is not psycho ,
What would be my reaction at that time of moment ?

you know what to do

the good ole D-slap

that'll put her in her place

god i would never for the life of me slap my man no matter what the reason was...its disrespectful.
and if HE did slap me i'll just walk away and leave until things cool down n solve it calmly.
Uh, just talk to her and maybe she gets some kind of a punishment. Like don't talk to her for a couple of days. and have her apologize.
Solve ur problems in a room with a closed door that no one will ever see or know of ur troubles. This is how marriage survives.

get a divorce ,this woman has no respect for you and probably hates you ,leave tonight ,don't wait.and don't come back.....

Complete @rsehole
She felt left out and lost it. She will try and use the "You made me feel stupid" crap on you. Basically, your childhood friends will never ever like her as she reads like a loony toon.

Mary L
did she no you invited your 4 best childhood friends over.

Ricky N.
Most probably in a rude way you asked her to prepare tea for your friends as if she was a servant!!so she felt offended and slapped you so hard that you got respiratory problems---lol
Your reaction at that moment would have been to say"excuse me" to your friends and ask her in private in the kitchen what that was all about?

she is mently disappeared. u know about CHAMICAL LOCHA.............

wow....I'm pretty sure thats not the whole story! there's more to it than that! I dont know the whole story so I cant tell u why she slapped you.

Stay happy!

I'd probably pass out from the utter shock of the confusion trying to comprehend the incident.

scott emt, nursing asst
sounds like my wife i really dont know what makes them nuts some times

wel firstly think over how u were behaving to her in front of ur friends...did u do or say something which she might not have liked or tht mgt be embarrasing to her...of course ur wife is no psycho ..so there is absolutely some reason behind her behaving like tis...tink over it...and if u find something which mgt have offendend her..make a note of it n make sure u wnt mke the same mistake again..anyways...talk it out...n make her understand tht u never meant to hurt her....

Gud luck!!

Kelly H
Your English is terrible.

Maybe she felt like a servant.

Ask her why? It is not nice (normal) to slap anyone, especially in front of other people.


wow thats silly

Laugh it out and joke about it and in private ask her what is up.

Jojy John Alphonso ♪ C.A.B†
I still don't understand how your question qualifies as a Respiratory Disease question but I am assuming that the slap started some respiratory problems for you...

Aweh, that's funny, sorry.

Did you tell her that you were inviting friends over, or did you just invite them over unexpectedly?

It could of also been how you asked. Did you ask nicely or rudely? She might of been offended.

Do yourself a favor, choose the less painful option. Get your tea yourself next time.

thats funny

To your friends: "excuse me a moment"

In private with your wife: "why did you do that?"

something you said? something you forgot to do? something you ate? ask her dude, how the hell are we supposed to know.

What'd the five fingers say to the face?

Get your own tea next time.

reena j
didn understand ur que buddy,if you wanna know y she did so then you can ask her wen she is in calm condition.

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