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Tuns out I have Pneumonia but...?
I've had many problems with my body and I'm only 16!
Pneumonia was the worst so far..
The doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I've been taking the pills for a couple days now, and hasn't taken ANY effect on me whatsoever.
It only seems to make my pain worse. I've been having EXTREME breathing problems. I can never finish a sentence I'm saying...

Is this normal? Will the pills take effect on me in the future?

My mom had pneumonia when I was in school. She was so sick her doc put her in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. He had her in an oxygen tent that covered her bed. Even after she got home it was quite a while before she started to feel better. Give it another few days as anti biotic takes at least 4 to 5 days before you start feeling a bit better. If you have a vaporizer it would be a good idea to use that especially at night. If you don't start feeling a little better within the next few days call doc and tell him.

james p
Pneumonia is horrible, you have to find a way to remove the mucous buildup, and the fluid from your lungs.I have had pneumonia several times, the best advise I had was from a respiratory therapist, cup your hand and pat on your diaphragm area, this loosens the phlegm. You also must have something to help keep you hydrated, like gatorade. Sleep as much as possible, stay indoors, get plenty rest, and if you don't think your doctor is helping you, find another doctor. You should actually have a shot of something strong enough to combat the germ, oral antibiotics may not be strong enough to cure the problem.

A lot of times on antibiotics, the problem seems to get worse before it gets better, this is why it is SO important to finish taking all of the medicine. Its kind of like an internal war inside your body, the infection is fighting to stay, but the antibiotics are fighting to kill it. Hang in there and feel better soon.

I had pneumonia in one of my lungs, when at Uni. The doctor first sent me anyway saying I probably just had a virus, but then when things didn't improve sent to hospital for X-ray. I was put on a course of antibiotics for a week which didn't seem to do anything. I then was given a a different antibiotic which again didn't help. When I went back I was given a third treatment of new antibotics, that had only been on the market for 3 weeks, thankfully they cleared my pneumonia.
Best advice is to stick to the medications your doctor prescribes and make sure you don't miss taking your medication, but you may need a diffrent course of antibiotics before they find one that clears your pneumonia.
Hope you make a speedy recovery.

Tyler W
It'll help right now.

pneumonia will leave you with weaker lungs for the rest of your life, you may possibly develop chronic athsma as a result of it.
However if your symptoms are as bad as you are describing I would suggest another trip to the doctors as the antibiotics may not be strong enough or you may have a more serious problem.
Hope this helps

The pills should start working by tomorrow or the next day...if not then follow up with your Dr. He should have given you an inhaler or breathing treatments as well.

Christy H
how is your air environment. Do you smoke and/or do your parents smoke in the house/car etc. all this can cause and make your pneumonia worse. the antibiotics seem like they're making your pneumonia worse b/c most likely you're coughing up stuff and your congestion is breaking up. All this is normal you want to cough up as much stuff as possible. It will go from black to green to yellow to clear in the next few weeks. Keep taking your antibiotics as prescribe. Also, get a vaporizer and put that on at night in your room. Close the door...it will help to break up your chest. What you want is a lot of coughing and mucus coming up off your chest. this is good...it's getting the infection out of your lungs.

Not being able to breathe is normal but scary. The vaporizer will help...you can get them at wal-mart for like $10. Also, get the Vick's Vaporizer medicine to put in the water...it smells like vick's but it help to break that up off your chest. You really want to be in a room with vaporizer for the first 24 hrs. Coughing will hurt...immensely...but keep coughing. it hurts like a mother blanker but you gotta do it 'k.

Jennifer W
Pneumonia is treated with antibiotics and asthma medication. The typical protocol is...
1. Use a breathing machine at the doctor's office with a high dose of albuterol.
2. Start strong antibiotics right away.
3. Get a rescue inhaler
4. Possibly start a daily asthma med.
5. Follow up X-Ray to make sure the fluid is out of the lungs.

Pneumonia doesn't get better in one or two days. It usually takes one or two weeks.

cheryl g
maybe you should go back to your doctor, as you might need a different antibiotic, or may even need intravenous antibiotics for a while


hope u get well soon x

Pneumonia! hope u get well soon

and i recommend u change ur doc if u have been takin antibiotics for more than 5 days because that is how long it takes for the medication to have any effect.

in the mean time take rest n drink loads of water :)

omg! i feel so bad!! I really hope you get better soon!

Ashley V
sweetie i wish you the best of l;uck. i dont really know, but i really hope you get better.

Take your Antibiotics around the clock. Set your alarm so that you can take them when you are supposed to. If your are to take them every 6 hours and it is 11:00pm and this is the time to take your medicine, wake up to take it. Pneumonia is tough to get rid of and can be fatal. So the importance of taking your prescribed medicine is crucial.
I would suggest going back to your doctor and maybe you can get a breathing treatment. It will work wonders with your shortness of breath that you are talking about.
Also, when you cough, lay on the side that is effected by the pneumonia because it will not hurt as bad. I would also encourage to cough and deep breath every 2 hours.
When I had Pneumonia I took a bubble bath with Johnson and Johnson baby wash the one with the menthol in it. Get Well Soon :)

No it is definitely not normal. Only 16? That must be hard!!

I would see if you can maybe just go see a different doctor, my mother died of something call Pulmonary Fibrosis, and her doctor never caught it.

Second Opinions are always good when your original treatment plan is not working

It can take a few days for antibiotics to kick in, but if your symptoms are getting worse get back in touch with your dr. Usually patients get admitted to hospital for IV antibiotics as they act much quicker. Don't hesitate to get back intouch with your dr if your unsure.

Breathing difficulty is normal with pnuemonia, also is high temp and coughing up sputum.


Feline Friend
get a cuppa down ya

did the doctor put you on breathing treatments? i was hospitalized for pneumonia (i feel your pain about many problems, i'm only 25 myself) and the breathing treatments got me through the day! if not, you should call your doc back and tell them nothing is helping so far.

Im a respiratory therapist and I deal with lots of kids/adults with penumonia. I would give the antibiotics a couple of days to start working...if you are truly having a hard time breathing then you need to go back and see your physician again. You might be having bronchoconstriction which is associated with Asthma. Have you ever had any tests performed to see if you have asthma?? You might need to. Also it might be bronchitis too which can cause you to be having breathing trouble. You definitly need to see a physician again and probably get a bronchodilator such as an Albuterol inhaler or possibly a nebulizer. If its true pneumonia then you should be coughing thick possibly green or yellow/tan secretions. Try to drink plenty of fluids and this will thin out your secretions to help you cough them up easily. Pneumonia can be something easy to cure, but it can become deadly as well if not managed correctly. DONT WAIT till the last minute to go see your doctor. If you are struggling to breathe and you cannot finish a sentence then you MUST go back in. The last thing you want is to get sedated and be placed on a ventilator because you are hyperventilating. Hope this helps. good luck!

If you have not started to feel better by tomorrow, go straight back to your Dr. The antibiotics should be starting to work by then. If they are not, then you probably need a different type for the infection you have.
Make sure you take them at regular intervals, ie if they are to be taken 4 times a day take them exactly 6 hours apart, even during the night. Set your alarm to wake you. this is important so as to ensure you have a level of the drug in your body at all times. Rest as much as you can and drink plenty of fluids, especially water to help keep the mucus in your chest loose and easy to cough out. You can try inhalations of steam too, put boiling water in a bowl, cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl to breathe in the steam,. do this for about 5 mins every 3 hours or so.
if you are having real trouble breathing and it isnt getting better or is getting worse, then call your Dr out or go to the hospital as you may need to be admitted for intravenous antibiotic treatment or oxygen therapy.
You will recover but you will need to take extra care of yourself for a few weeks after to make sure you get strong again. the germ wont stay in your lungs for ever, dont worry, but you may find you are more prone to bad coughs and chest infections than before.
Once you are well again, it may be worth asking your Dr for a full check up just to make sure that there isn't anything causing you to be unwell so often...maybe you could do with some vitamins or need to improve your diet. For now tho, take care and dont hesitate to see your Dr again tomorrow if you dont feel any better, or to call him out sooner if necessary.

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