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 what is up with my throat?
when my mo checked it, it wasn't even red.
but it's very dry, and almost feel's cracked, it has been two days, and hasn't gone away. i spit up some blood this morning. but ...

 I tried my friends asthma inhaler and now i feel sick, is something wrong?
I tried my friends inhaler on Friday, i took one puff, because she said it tasted like cherries and i wanted to know what it was like. and ever since then i feel light headed and dizzy and my throat ...

 I've been having trouble breathing a lot lately and my mom will not take me to the doctor. what should i do?
like i said im having trouble breathing and the bad thing is my mom wont take me to the doctor and my dad says if its still going on when i go to his house which is like 2 weeks away he'll take ...

 What is wrong with my lungs?!?
So it is now Monday, last Thursday I felt this pain in my left chest/heart area, it was a sharp pain. It hurt to take a deep breath, but I did it anyways got get it over with and it felt like ...

 is bronchitis contagious?
im 13 and i have just gotten bronchitis from a high fever. i go to a elementary school k-8 and will they stop me from going to school if it is contagious?...

 please help.SMOKING............................…
okay well i am 14 years old. Yesterday i went outside and smoked a cigarette for the first time in my life,then i smoked about 4 more cigarettes.my parents have no clue that im started smoking ans i ...

 Is second hand smoking worse than actual smoking?

 why does it hurt me to breathe when i run in the cold?
and i will cough all night if i run in the cold..
Additional Details
when i say cold i mean about 55*F, sorry it's cold to me!...

 granny attack please help?
a feww hours ago my granny took to many of her pilss by accident.and then she thought she was dorris day and came at me with her shoe.her shoe is very pointy and could have killed him.i managed to ...

 My mom smokes cigerettes and is on oxygen. How dangerous is this?
My mom continues to smoke and also has to take oxygen. Is there any danger of an explosion? How close would she have to be to the tank in order for there to be danger?...

 Pain in upper left chest?
i have considerable pain every time i breathe in my upper left chest, (where you place your right hand during the Pledge of Allegiance) what is wrong?...

 How do you stop snoring?
Breathe right stips don't help.They help me breathe easier, but I still snore. Any ...

 I have been smashing down Asbestos cement ceilings, how dangerous is this?
I know Asbestos isnt nice stuff to play with =)

Ten points to the first sensible ...

 Do you snore?
If so, do you know a way of solving it?!
Additional Details
by the way, its not me that snores, its my brother.. lol a lady would never do such a thing!! ha ha ...

 should I stop smoking cigarettes?
I mean haven't we all seen that south park episode? ...

 My 9 mth old daughter hasn't attempted to take any weight on her legs yet, is this a problem?
I've just been advised today from another mother that the fact that my 9 mth old daughter hasn't tried to take any weight on her legs could be a problem. She sits normally but hasn't ...

 second hand smoke is it dangersous?
for other people ...

 bad weed? old weed? what was i smoking?
last night i rolled a joint from this weed i bought from a friend. the smell wasn't that strong and it's pretty green. smoked it and wasn't feeling that high not like the high i ...

 Can't get rid of a bad productive cough from a cold 2 weeks ago. Do not have health ins.?
So, I need some otc medcine and nothing seems to work. Have already tried by usual home cures. Please do not tell me to go to the Doctor, I really do not have the money....

 white spots in throat?
ive just recently had a sore throat blocked sinus's sore ears, and generally just feeling like ****, today i noticed white spots at the back of my throat that wernt there yesterday, i know its ...

True or false : Quitting smoking cigarettes is as hard or harder than quitting heroin or alcohol ?
Personal story on this if you can , please ?

Have a good evening , all . D :)
Additional Details
JB, Me 26 years sober : still smoking
My sis 7 years heroin free : still smoking . Tough thing to quit , right ?

That's what I have read and heard - that the physical and psychological effects of stopping smoking are harder than quitting heroin. And with cigarettes, you see people smoking everywhere, or can still smell it on them, or see the cartons on the shelves at the store, so it's something that's hard to stop thinking about. You don't see people doing heroin on their breaks at work (atleast no where I've ever worked, lol).

I remember how hard it was for me to quit. I felt like total crap for weeks, my heart was racing like crazy, dizziness, irritability, etc. I ended up quitting by eating all the Enteman chocolate chip cookies I wanted every time I wanted a cigarette. Seriously! I gained weight, but took it off after the strongest cigarette cravings stopped.

It's worse of course if your significant other smokes. When I quit smoking, I was dating a guy who detested smoking, so I had an extra incentive =). I didn't get to kiss him until I brushed my teeth five times and if I wanted to smoke, he'd make me go outside, even in sub-zero weather.

I hope that you can quit someday honey. I know it's so darn hard to quit. Heroin users can go to clinics at the taxpayer's expense. People who want to quit smoking are on their own unless their insurance will cover treatment to help them.

Take care my friend.

Susie QZ
I never smoked but I went to a smoking cessation seminar once. The leader said that people who smoke view the cigarette as their best friend and that is why they can't give it up and that it is an addiction stronger than anything, food, and heroin included.

cliffordw hippiefied ol fart
i think it depends on the person, so i would say it's really not a true or false situation.

Miss Sexy McTopheavy
Honestly...I don't think so. I quit smoking 3 years ago, after13 years of smoking, I know how hard it is! But, alcohol with-drawls can actually result in death, heroin with-drawls will make you wish you were dead...tobacco, not quite that rough.

Good luck, I know it can be done!

I quit 24 years...started in Sept again. Next week I am starting the e-cigarette...will let you know.

Very True Hun. i wish they had places for smokers like they do for addicted drug addicts

All I can say is that I've never heard of rehab clinics for smokers. So I would say false.

Big Dog D
i would say yes.

This is true, they've studied what's in a cigarette and there are substances similar or as bad as heroin and crack in cigarettes which are part of the physical dependency, not just nicotine.
Both of my parents smoked for 35 years and then quit with spiritual help. Mom had no trouble. Dad quit and then would sneak one evey so often off someone who smoked. Then he started having trouble breathing. He was put on oxygen and could do vey little for the last two years of his life. I helped my Mom take care of him until he passed. My parents are both born-again and I know my Dad tried his best to quit. I tried amoking as a teen and was terrible at it! I am allergic to it! My Mom prayed for me to be able to quit and I stopped without any cravings or side effects. She prayed for me and just told me to trust the Holy Spirit, that he's take all that away and he did! Still like the smell, just would never smoke! No one should die like that-truly horrible. I'm glad Daddy's not in pain anymore!

Moon :)
I trust you will succeed!! :)

Best of luck to you, dear friend, and best of health!! :)

(((((( D )))))) :)

False. I used to smoke and used to drink heavily. I quit smoking about 26 years ago and curbed my drinking. I still drink but I have to be careful not to slide back into my old ways. I only drink wine and an occasional beer now with the knowledge and awareness I need to be careful of how much I consume. I never really considered myself an alcoholic but I was drinking too much and would have crashed and burned if I hadn't realized it when I did. I was a heavy smoker and realized I needed to stop that as well and quit cold turkey. It did take several attempts but the first attempts were half-hearted. I found it very difficult to quit until I got angry enough with myself to pull it off :)

bodacioius baby
Never had a alcohol or drug problem, but I smoke and I know it is way hard...But now there is the ecig..check the site...type in search...e-cige-8 that is the newest one..my friend got it, it taste just like a cig and he now never smokes anything but that..u can start with high nicotine then med. low and no nicotine...It looks like a cig..emits smoke when you inhale, exhale..the smoke is steam,..the cartridges are about 1 pack of cigs average 2 dollars or so...the large set sis and I ordered come with everything..2 chargers etc. and 63 cartridges for 135.00 We have them on there way now, will no longer be smoking reg. cigs..and also the ecig can be smoked anywhere..I am trying to get the word out..this product is saving lives...hope all who read this and smoke take the time to research this and buy it.

I have never been a smoker, but I have seen so many people that smoke and they just can't quit

Jay M
In a way it is more difficult, because you know that at any time of the day or night, you can walk to the nearest corner store and buy a pack of smokes. Copping some smack may be more difficult, and even bars close at some point.

Ridin The Storm Out
True- I'm proof.

Cap'n One-Aye
We are bodily and mentally different from our fellows. (BB pp 30 - (sic))
Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and I use them to relax. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and I used it to fire things up and get the party going.

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