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Throat burns when smoking? ?
Throat burns when smoking?
when i smoke cigarettes, it doesnt burn when i take a drag, but when i blow out the smoke my throat burns a little
what is that?

Pretty Face
Don't smoke. My dad smoked and he died from lung cancer. This one time my mom found a cigarette in his pocket and then he had to move to a different house for a month. So you do not wanna end up like him.

Anna S
just quit

Me and my random self!:)


Don't put SH*T like that in your mouth and inhale like a dumba*s!

You have scorched your exhaust pipe.
Best to quit now before you pop your heart.
Problem is; if you are really addicted; you won't quit. You may stop for awhile and think you quit; but the first stressful thing happens you will pick up again and again until you get to where you are coughing up phlem and your lungs are so burned out that your breath gets short just getting in the car and when others smoke you will bum one even though you have a coughing fit.
I have a friend that has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer(means there is nothing that can be done unless he quits) so he is smoking his way to the grave one butt at a time.
He is 59 and his only regret is his lungs won't let him kick start his Harley anymore.
If he makes it to Christmas I will be surprised.

i know how to make the burning stop.. its a simple answer. stop smoking!

duh stop smoking and see a doctor and you will probably get better stupid do you that's an early sign of throat cancer be smart and stop
lets this be your wake up call !!!!

Question answerer
Don't smokkke!!!

go to the doctor,

tree frog girl
oh! i have the solution... DONT SMOKE!....

Alana L
um i have a solution don't smoke it can mess up your lungs and you can die

Chuck Natey
Your body slowly deteriorating as you burn it alive.

Joanna M
it's a sign that u smoke too much

doesn't matter what it is, it's a bad thing. Stop smoking and the burning will stop.

George P
Oh that's just a sign that you should stop smoking

the fumes of the smoke are ya know toxic and probably eatting away at your throat. gross dont ya think

that might early warning signs of throat cancer, which would start much earlier than lung cancer, which might also be preceded by emphysema a/o chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

live laugh love
time to stop

Uhh, don't smoke lol. It'll stop this problem altogether.

Stop smoking, easy.
Also when smoking this does happen, even with experienced smokers.

It's just smoke, but most people don't mention it, bring a bottle of water.

It's your body telling you that you're hurting it. You know nothing good comes out of smoking. Go, talk to your doctor about it and try to give your body,lungs,throat,and blood system the same love that it gives you on a day to day basis. Please?

Edie Beedie
here's what it is:

QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!

Because cigg smoke is poisen
and just like any other type of poisen it's going to hurt/harm your body in some way or another

just quit the ****!

It's your body's way of saying "Don't smoke".

You shouldn`t smoke . A sign .

Please answer this

why dont you stop smoking?

Does Heaven Have a Sportsbook?
Means you've got irritation, obviously. Got any other symptoms of a cold or flu?

Could be smoke going up into your nose from the throat, too. How do you exhale the smoke?

I would stop, obviously, if the symptoms persist.

dont smoke.
easy solution.

Bone-Z Dekay
Since the only responses you appear to be getting are "don't smoke", I'll try to give you a real answer...

I tried to start smoking about a year ago, but I couldn't do it for that same reason. It burned my throat WAY too much. It could be that you're allergic or that you have a very small lung capacity. Either way, try a different brand of cigarettes and see if any are less harsh on your throat.

If it continues, maybe you just need to smoke more and get used to it.

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