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Daniel W
Thinking of Taking up Smoking!!?
I am 17, and i get really stressed sometimes... and once i tried smoking a cigarette and it seemed to calm me down!!

But i don't really want to spend all my money on smoking, what should i do??

Robyn H
You need to find another outlet to vent your stress, smoking is not the answer and you don't need me to preach on how bad they are we all know what damage they do. Talk to your parents about your stress or your GP and find another way. Smoking is not the answer!

I was going to point out that the world's oldest man (113 years old in case you're interested) was a smoker, but he died last week so...

No. Take it from a smoker. It really isn't worth it. You'll enjoy it for a few weeks. From that point on it becomes a habitual thing, part of your life. You no longer find yourself smoking out of comfort or for enjoyment. You start doing it because its part of your routine. My mornings to work don't feel right unless I have a cigarette after breakfast, even if I don't feel like it. My afternoon tea break? I wander outside for a cigarette, do I enjoy it? Not really, it relaxes me a little but I could get the same and more from reading the newspaper and having some tea in the staff room during my breaks.

I'm out of breath quicker than I was before I started smoking. Its a dirty habit, not just for health reasons but do you really want people noticing tobacco stains (yellow/brown marks along your fingers is not an attractive look to anybody) and moving away from you because of the smell? Its also an expensive habit. It may not seem much to pay £3.50 for a pouch of tobacco and £0.35 for rolling papers, but it all adds up. That two or perhaps three hundred pounds a year (maybe more depending on how heavy a smoker you become) could be put to better use by paying off bills on time, or treating yourself to something more beneficial to you.

Don't take it up. It seems attractive at first, but it becomes a heavy burden. You'll look 30% cooler smoking, but you'll be 100% dead later on.

don't smoke i started smoking when i was 13/14 to look cool and big I smoked about 60 a day the i cut down to 40 the 10 and then i stopped i started again 6 mouth later 30-40 the i cut down to 10 again then 5 it did not calm me down in fact it made me more stressed and it is very hard to stop and if you start look it is over £5.00 a packed you can't smoke anywhere anymore it is not big not cool and you will not get any girl or boy friends if you smoke don't start it comes from the mouth of a smoker you will wish you had never started don't do IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…


Becky Boo
I think you should watch a program or documentary about lung cancer. Then think about your family and future children possibly seeing you die of this horrific disease.

Then consider whether this eventuality would be more stressful than finding another way to deal with your problems.

I say no to that! it will waste alot of your money and you will 100% get addicted! which will affect your health i think you should try find something else that calms you down ! there are plenty of things, like chewinggum, stress balls, and even just talking to someone:)

Squinty B
buy some tape and tape all ur fingers together
do not start smoking its awful it smells its expensive
and worst of all addictive
dont do it

Smoking does not calm people down when they are stressed. If you are a complete idiot then you will choose to smoke. Just be sensible and find out about the terrible diseases that you can get from smoking. In addition people who smoke smell very bad.

there are a lot of ways to destress taht don't require smoking...

try long hot baths...

reading a book...

Write yourself words of encouragement

I actually have a whole book that says 101 ways to relax ...

I'll reply later with the ways.

whatever you do, don't throw your life or lungs away to smoking...

Yeah, it calms you down brilliantly, nothing quite like it in the way it calms you without impairing you the way alcohol or pot do. But as I'm sure you know it is addictive. What will happen often is that as you get used to it you'll want to smoke more to keep the effect, it will start to wear off so you'll want another cig. Is the high worth the price? I think so, but only you can make that decision for yourself. Plus it's getting harder to smoke, less socially acceptable, and there's always the chance that you'll die of it when you get old.

Miss Sunshine
Don't smoke. Not only is it expensive but it can lead to many other problems...It can cause lung disease, heart disease, and many other problems...

My father was a heavy smoker...died of a heart attack at 44 and I'm pretty sure that smoking contributed to his heart disease. Don't do it.

If you get stressed, take a deep breath and do something relaxing...read a book, go for a walk, take a warm bath. Smoking will only add to your problems in the end.

Victoria R
dont do it..

find something healthy to do that would relieve stress in a better way than clogging your lungs.

find a new hobby to get your mind off things

Use an alternative. Get distractions. When you're stressed out, write it down or talk to somebody about it. Rather than risking your health, talking to a friend or writing down your feelings aren't hazardous so just try something else.

Nooo sweetie
My grandma's smoked for such a long time now, she finds it hard to move, cant breath barely and on oxygen. It makes your breath stink and your teeth go yellow and disgusting.
Try using a stress ball to calm you down or even pray if your religious, it can really put you at rest.
Even a cup of tea or whatever it is that's your guilty pleasure like myne is chocolate, use it when your stressed.
calling up friends/family to talk about what your going through, you never know they might have felt like you one time and could give you some well needed advice.
give this a try http://www.smokershelp.net/
its got a great helpline that provide help from people who have seen it all before.
Also http://www.eslbee.com/why_you_should_not_smoke.htm
is great for a peptalk.
Don't smoke, at the end of the day all your problems wont be solved.
take care

It is an illusion that smoking calms you down. The chemicals in cigarettes are actually stimulants. The calming part comes because you stop what you're doing, take a break, concentrate on something other than the stressor, and breathe slowly.
Think of all the bad health effects. And lastly, you will be able to buy yourself a new car every 7 to 10 years with all the money you spend on cigarettes. 95% of all smokers start before they are 18. That means that the tobacco companies are targeting young people. Don't let them take your money and then slowly and painfully kill you.

when u find the cure to this please let me know :)

dont. lol i have never smoked but its the worst thing u can do. it makes your teeth and nails yellow, ruins your lungs and each cigarette you take shortens your life. dont ever do it cos once u start you'll be addicted for a long time. find other ways of calming down like listening to music or having a bath or something :)

Don't go there - resist resist resist!!! Disgusting habit.

40 a day smoker and disgusted with myself!


NO NO NO!!!!!!
you will die and ruin the rest of your life!

Trust me, don't start.

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