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Terrible coughing fits when sick?
I keep getting woken up when I try to sleep with terrible, harsh coughing fits that eventually make me feel like I want to throw up. I've taken some cough syrup, which lessens them slightly, but they're still incredibly painful and debilitating. I get them while awake, too.

Are there any other solutions to frequent and harsh coughing?

best bet is not to listen to any of us. we don't have a medical degree. Go to the doctor.

take short breaths... Deep breaths or lughs trigger a harsh cough... Take short breaths until it heals its self little by little

speak to your doctor and they should give you some tablets to ease the pain. drink a lot of water and orange juice it really helps i had the same thing

Go to the doctor as soon as possible. Use halls cough drops to supress the coughing. Drink warm tea mixed with honey and squeeze some lemon in there as well. But coughing till the point where you want to throw up is not good at all...

Jenny Lou
Yes there is an old home remedy that my great grandma has used and believe me it really does work. You take lemon juice and mix it with pickle juice and yes I do realize how gross this sounds but it honestly does work

Kika F
You should definitely see a doctor about this if you can. I had the same problem, waited too long, finally went to a doctor, turned out to be bronchitis. If bronchitis goes untreated for too long, you're in for a miserable two or three weeks. Are you just coughing or coughing up nasty snot looking stuff (phlem). If you are, do not swallow it. Always try and cough it up.
Drink plenty of room temperature and hot fluids. Teas are really good, especially teas with peppermint, lemon, and honey. Another good way to subside the cough is to mix a few spoonfuls of honey and lemon juice in a glass and heat it in the microwave. The honey coats the throat, the lemon suppresses the cough, the fact that it's hot breaks up mucus in the chest, and it tastes great!

Lucy Blue
You might try sleeping with a vaporizer. If you have dry, heated air inside that makes it worse. If it doesn't clear up soon you should be checked for bronchitis or pneumonia.

It's not in the throat, those sort of coughs come from the chest. You may have some sort of chest cold or even a slight spell of the conjunctivitis that's been going around.

any sort of throat soother may not work much, try medicines that are more about getting rid of a straight sickness or cold, or products such as mucinex to clean out your chest.

Sounds like post nasal drip. Easily relieved with a nose spray before going to bed.

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