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Sore Throat or something else?
I've had a sore throat now for about a week and a half, my sore throats never last this long. I've been brushing my teeth, washing it. It just started, I haven't been around anyone sick whatsoever. I take allergy pills as well. It started off hurting just a little, and now it hurts pretty badly.

No swelling of the neck, lymph nodes, tongue, tonsils or throat.
No cough either, no coughing up blood or anything.
No fever, or throwing up.

It's just a little red, stinging, burning, really dry feeling, hurts when I swallow or eat, wheezing as well.

It's starting to make my ears hurt and have a pressure feeling on them.

The thing is that my tonsils hurt really badly. Usually when I have a sore throat my tonsils barely hurt, but they hurt really badly right now. No puss or swelling though.

I'm 18, I am a smoker [for almost 5 years].

Is it just allergies, sore throat or really bad irritation, or something worse?

Can't go to the doctors, have no money, no insurance and now car to get there.

Thats AIDS

you might want to think about maybe tonsilitus......
ik this is kinda gross, but what color is your snot? cuz if its not yellow than it might be your tonsils.....

ummmm does it hurt for you to breathe?

Saღ Nღy
Hi why don't you stop smoking and ask your family and friend to sign up for a doctor. Also ask your mom or dad to help pay for the health insurance.

Audrey B
I'm not a Dr., but I don't really believe in them. They're out for money.
Try the off brand of Robutussin. Costs @ $5. Check the labels...there are different kinds. You want %100 guffeisen,,,[whatever...can't spell it] Don't get the ones with "other" additives.
Then use ear candles...Don't mention it to too many people, because they're trying to take it off the market. Good and natural, but you NEED soneone to watch the process.
Just follow the instructions.

Start gargling with warm salt water and take tylenol you probably have a cold and its staying in your throat. Kill the bacteria with the warm salt water do that for a 1-2 mins every 30 mins for a few days.
I hope this helps!

You need to use Hydrogen Peroxide for oral Hygiene I have used it for years and guess what never get sick or a sore throat. Trust me after you use it a few times it is nothing to use. I use it 2 to 3 times a day when I brush my teeth, try it you may like it, it does work.

Comet Wesley
It sounds like an infection. If you can find a farm store you can buy a small bag of oxytetracycline and dose yourself with it. any kind of tetracycline tastes bad so if you can manage to get it down by swallowing it inside something else then thast would help. If not then you can mix it with something and drink it and then drink something else to get rid of the taste. It will be cheaper than seeing a doctor.

Sounds like strep to me, which only clears up with antibotics. Go to the ER!

I am a nurse and it sounds like strep throat to me! you need antibiotics or it will only get worse. It can cause kidney damage if not taken care of too!

Gargle with warm salt water repeated until the problem goes away. Do not forget to drink fluids often and hopefully have some honey to go along with it....

I had similar symptoms earlier this yr and I eventually lost my voice. It turned out to be strep throat which needs antiviral medication to go away. I recommend that you go to a walk in clinic and have it checked.

Btw strep throat is contagious.. I had to bleach my dishes and utensils, so be especially conservative until you know what it is for sure lol If you do lose your voice, dont even whisper. Whispering makes it worse =x

Take care

Marrtha Evanns
If your tonsils are infected, you may need some antibiotics to clear this up. Have someone look in the back of your throat to see what they can assess---preferably a nurse friend if you can't afford a doctor. They have free medical clinics in most cities for the uninsured, or you pay on a sliding scale if you have an income.

Also, QUIT SMOKING. If your throat is sore, that will irritate it more. You are young, and smoking will age you quickly and damage your health. You will have loads more money if you quit smoking also. You will also smell nicer.

Also, this throat problem could possibly be from drainage from your sinuses. Try getting a netti pot from the drug store or SINUS RINSE (do a youtube search for these to see how they are used) or also a websearch. You can rinse out your sinuses or infected material and allergens that may be causing irritation to your throat.

Allergens can also cause some irritation to your throat.

Try eating some garlic if you think it's germs causing this. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Oregano is also good and is a natural antibiotic. Gargle with a DILUTE vinegar solution to see it helps. Vinegar (very dilute is good for killing germs and yeast). Could it be thrush? Thrush will cause burning. Cut out sugary foods and quit smoking and try to see a doctor if it doesn't resolve. Also, STDs can also cause throat problems.

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