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Someone smoked in the same house as my 2 year old :(?
On Christmas day, all the family were at my brother in laws. I didn't know until that day that his house mate smokes in his bedroom upstairs. I could smell smoke in the house faintly all day but my brother in law said his housemate only smoked out in the conservatory but later that day, I smelt a really strong smell of smoke coming from upstairs and it turned out his housemate WAS smoking in his own bedroom with his door open and no window open. The smoke was drifting down the stairs into the room where we all were all day and evening. I was SO ANGRY (so was my brother in law). My main concern is we were all in that house for about 11 hours that day and if his housemate is doing this on a regular basis, then the whole house could be full of smoke. My little girl is only 2 and most definitely will have breathed this in all day. She even had a nap in my brother in laws bedroom in her travel bed for about 2 hours!!!! I ended up washing all her bed linen and clothes etc as soon as we got home as I was convinced there was smoke in everything (and 3rd hand smoke not good either right)? But I am really scared about my daughter breathing all that 2nd hand smoke in all day long. Just how dangerous could this have been and will it have done her any harm long term and am I right to wash everything in case smoke has got on it all? A Very Scared Mum :(

As long as your daughter doesn't start any kind of coughing, there is no need to worry. My mom used to (very rarely) bring my little brother to her friends house when he was a toddler. She didn't like bringing him for this same reason, but he never showed any signs of a problem. Just one day shouldn't do any harm. Washing everything was a good step.

This was more unpleasant than dangerous. No serious damage would have been inflicted on your daughter by this comparatively small exposure. I can remember the days when it was permissible to smoke anywhere - in trains, underground trains, top of buses, aeroplanes, public buildings. And some families chain smoked in close proximity to each other in confined stuffy rooms. I'm still here though.

Well it sounds as though you have voiced how you feel. I would say your daughter will probably be just fine since you washed everything . Be sure in the future before you visit your in laws that they are smoke free. Or at least where you will be staying is .

You are a fruit cake arn't you? Forget about the smoke, there are far more dangerous things to be concerned of, you do drive a car I presume? Own a tv? Microwave? Use anti-bacterial cleaners? Wi-Fi connections? Mobile phone? I think you are grossly over-reacting. Your child is not a unique individual snowflake!!!!

Listen to Tin-God and Sam will you. You are behaving like a lunatic. You really should see a doctor about your neurosis. For the babies sake.
By the way I'm a non-smoking loving father.

Relax. One day is not going to do her any harm whatsoever. Although second hand smoke over the long run is not good, this will have no impact on her health.
If you still worry, consider this: Smokers lungs and overall health improve dramatically shortly after they quit smoking.
So your daughter is fine and will continue to be fine. Once in a while exposure can not be avoided.

you are over-reacting.. keep on protecting her from smokers, but forget yesterday, it's already written in the books...

Hey Jude
I'm more concerned about breathing the air outside of my house rather than any 2nd hand smoke. I don't think the amount of time that your daughter was around the 2nd hand smoke will not do any harm. Both my parents smoked and I'm 44 and it hasn't effected me any.

james h
not likely at all to have been damaging. the smoke in the clothes that you spoke of, is just a smell. more harmful things happen from car fumes from walking down the street, than what happened yesterday.

im sorry but you are going way way over the top about this
i bet you drive you girl around in a car that is surrounded by other cars that are all pumping out harmful smoke
your child would breath in more crap in a 20 min journey than she would all week with this lodger smoking in another room
its a bit rich you having ago at this guy for smoking in his own room that he lives in when your polluting the world every day in your car
god help your little girl if this is what your going to be like every time she is near smoke our bomb fires or anything like that.
you really need to get a grip

Calm down dear! Yes, passive smoking (i.e. inhalation of someone else's smoke) is dangerous and particularly so to a child with small lung capacity. However, yesterday will have done no lasting damage (unless your daughter has a propensity for asthma). You are right to wash all traces from clothing etc. but your daughter will be fine. Just think of all the car exhaust fumes she inhales when out in her pushchair for example., it is impossible to prevent complete exposure to harm no matter how conscientious you are as a parent. You must keep things in proportion; you love your daughter but cannot protect her from everything - you just have to do you best.

The person who learnt the biggest lesson yesterday sounds like your relative who discovered that his lodger is taking advantage of him and lying about where he is smoking. That needs to be addressed.

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