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Lauren R
So I always forget to breathe?
Whenever I'm concentrating on something I stop breathing so then my body has to do this weird grunt thing to breathe again.
I don't purposely do this but it happens when I read or write.
It's kinda weird.

Captain Tucker
ha. maybe u should talk to your doctor.

Pj H
it's ok just remember!

No need to see a doctor (unless you're worried). This is a completely normal thing.

Joey V
if you forget to breathe agian then ill right you a card

Is that a question or are you just telling us? If it is, don't worry, the same thing is happening to my sister. Its just girls going through hormones and stuff. Don't worry.

lol, that's kinda tight :P

wow.... your special...

I do the same thing.

go to doctor that sounds serious

birthday girl
go c a doctor

one time i was reading a book and that happened
i dont know

Maybe you should see a medical professional. This doesn't sound like it is normal.

When I read or write I breathe kind of slower but I don't stop!

Most of us hold our breath when we are excerting ourselves, so this is not uncommon. The grunt you describe is produced by sudden laryngeal opening and the sudden exhaling.

i have the same thing. it commonly happens when you are really interested in something and you cant seem to do anything else. its actually pretty commonly associated with smart people. your probably just smart

try yoga and/or meditating. might help

I think your from another planet...poor you!!

i think u should ask your doctor about that

it feels good when i hold in my breath.. but then you know.. breathing just.. oh you know.. continues again. :I

She's So Lovely
That's like Bella from Twilight haha.

never have heard of that till...niw um my advice is try to breathe and not die!

that is ssooo weird!

you need to see a doctor. this is a problem with some people and if not treated can be deadly.

That's impossible, breathing is an involuntary action that is controlled by your brain. You can temporarily control it ex. holding breath.

Please, visit a physician.

spicy iguana
Talk to your doctor, your body should prevent that automatically.

its kinda when your eating you have to stop breathing while you chew your food. i suppose that its the same thing so its sounds normal unless if the problem persists go to your doctor

How many times are you going to ask the same question. You've survived this long so..............take a breather!!!

Go to the doctors...this maybe serious

you need to see a doctor about htis seriously! it could be not to think about it your body is soppose to breathe on its own so something is not right here you should see a doctor!

It's okay, you don't remember to breathe with each breath. When your body needs to breathe it will. Not that weird.

U Like That, Dont U B**ch?

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