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 About secondhand smoke?
If you do your best not to smoke in front of anyone, what are the chances that someone will breathe in your secondhand smoke?

For example, I do my best to only smoke in private places when ...

 diseases caused my smoking?
besides cancer, what diseases can you get from smoking?...

 If you hear yourself wheezing on inhalations, what does that mean?
Is it an indication of asthma or a respiratory infection?...

 Does weed affect your lungs and throat the same as cigs?

 What's the best way to cure Hiccoughs?
Additional Details
yes, holding your breath for 10 minutes would probably get rid of them......

 what happens when you swallow blood?
i had a bloody nose and i inhaled throught my nost by accident and now i have a really bad headache and my throat kinda ...

 Best answer gets 10 points. Please help?
Either my nose or my lungs ( I can't really tell which) is producing alot of mucus recently... I keep swallowing my mucus and it makes me hard to breathe sometimes. What is wrong with me? Can it ...

 What is the best way of quitting smoking?
Help me please, what is the best way of quitting smoking?

I have been smoking for over 10 years now, recently I feel a pain
in my chest, I know smoking is bad for me, which might ...

 What does coughing up blood mean?
Cause i've been doing that lately.

Could smoking weed have anything to do with it?...

 what to do if you have pain in your chest when you breath?
what to do if you have pain in your chest when you breath i dont want to go to the hoppital so what should i do at home without telling my mom
Additional Details
i dont smoke or ...

 small amount of blood in morning nasal discharge?
For the past three weeks or so, I've woken up with small amounts of blood in my mucus, both dry and wet. Once I blow my nose though, I find no more blood in my nasal discharge during the ...

 im sick...what do i have?
My tonsills have been swollen for about 3 days, i had a fever, ear ache and felt weak..What could this be?...

 Y do we have 2 have all none smoking pubs would it b better 2 have smoking & none smoking?

 im sick, someone please help?
So, today, i didnt go to school.
because my throat hurts, and my whole body hurts.
so i slept pretty much all day.. and i just woke up.
all day, i have been getting really cold and ...

 How do I tell my manager I'm quitting today? W/O notice?
I work at a company that is going to be gone before the holidays, and frankly, the liquidation is getting too stressful in conjunction with school. I am far behind in school, and today is crucial... ...

 My cough goes: uuuuurrggghKwukKwukKwuk-ohohKwaaaaaaargh… yours

 What are some tips that would help getting my mom to stop smoking?

Additional Details
she promised she'd stop on like, my 10th birthday, and that was 3 years ago. I thought for a while that she stoped, which i think she did, but since she's a ...

 How do i get my parents to stop smoking?
I am a softball pitcher and im reallllyyy good..and i want to go to college but my mom smokes(my dad stopped) and im wondering if the smoke will affect me and i wont be able to play in college...and ...

 My husband snores so much I can't sleep with him... it's kind of a problem.?
he might have sleep apnia..not sure. he wears these nasal stip things that are supposed to work for snoring, but he still snores. Anyone know what we can do?...

 Is it more unhealthy to smoke weed in a car?
A few friends and I were smoking in the car and we would open the windows about every 40 minutes. Is there more of a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in a car than in a room or outside?...

Raj V
Smoking is good or bad?

Good without the fire

Smoking ciggerrets is bad.
Smoking weed is okay,but it is illegal in allot of areas,so unless you live in an area where its leagal don't smoke it.

weed isn't addicting

btw weed is only illegal because the government can't profit of of it.

it is depend on consumption,if a person smoke in limit than no problem at all but in limit!!

I been smoking for 10 years. I still dont know....

smoking is bad Habit.

hai it's a bad thing!
try to avoide smoking
it doesn't spoil your life alone it will affect your neibours, friends & also your family members life toooooooooooo. so avoide smooooooooooking

karthik enterprises
It's very bad dear,
Life is for enjoy.... Not for fall,,,,,,,

Very good.who smokes generally will not get ill in Older age as he may die before become Old.

Good for Doctor and for chemist you burn your lungs from smoke of nicotine and visit to doctor regularly and you damage the other people lungs

Trex 450se
do bears **** in the woods?

bad for health in later stages of life.

its very bad. please do not smoke.

b r i g - i i e e e
bad you silly!
you will die of one of the many diseases or affects for sure.
its discusting and life shortening in a tube.

It makes you feel good, but can harm your health after many years. The choice is yours.

Soniya Jaraika
really a worst habit
it spoils u and ur surrounding person health who is allergic.
if u smoke in a public place everyone who is crossing u will get irritated and affected.it may create head pain for them
For u lungs will get damage then liver,eyes will lost its attraction and becoming red or dull brown,cancer symptoms starts.
In that money u can do manythings which is useful
just see this link and enjoy if u want to smoke and waste ur money and health

In my view smoking persons r dirtymind people who is addict to it and wont have brain

how is that sites information.do u like to have that means do it


Soniya Jaraika

Absolutely bad

Joe B
will breaking your ankle hurt?

Of course its bad your tracking smoke in your lungs
and your lungs erode from the inside out. Its horrible.

Tim Weller

obvously..its bad

Definitely, Smoking is a very bad Habit, it is not good for health.It is not only affect on smoker but affect to any other people who are around of it. i hate those people..

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