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nikkidee babyee
Smoking at a very young age. What happens?
at 14, 15, and 16 ive been noticing lots of kids are developing the habit of being smokers. Why do you think this happens, and what happens to them when their caught?

dey kno how to smoke dat bud!!!!!!
haha lol
n e ways it juss messed up dere
bodies n stuff...

Following are some dangerous risks involved with early age smoking:

* Students who smoke during middle school years give rise to frequent absences, poor grades, academic difficulties, delinquency, and impaired relationships .They are more likely to engage in marijuana use or drinking on a weekly basis or using hard drugs.
* The chances of involving in stealing rise among children who smoke before 10 years.
* People who smoke before the age of 15 are more likely to get bladder cancer and lung cancer in later age. The disease is the fourth most common cancer among men and kills millions each year.
* In many cases early age smoking gives rise to Permanent Genetic Damage in later life.
* Brain hemorrhage (sub-arachnoid hemorrhage) is six times higher in young smokers than young non-smokers.
* Women who smoke at an early age are at risk for heart diseases and lung cancer. They’re also at risk for reduced fertility and premature menopause.
* Women who take up smoking within five years of menstruation or those before pregnancy are more likely to develop breast cancer before they reach menopause.
* A study finds that teenagers who smoke, or exposed to second-hand smoke, face a much higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome, disorders associated with obesity that increases the chances of heart attack, strokes and diabetes.
* Studies show that men who start smoking when at 16 or before are at double the risk of developing symptomatic peripheral arterial occlusive disease.

they are tied to a tree and tickled

My friend was caught. AT SCHOOL! haha. Idiot. lol.
He is my best friend. but really, that is just stupid.
The school called his mom. She told him these words "I am not going to make you stop, but i am not going to support your habbit"
Oh and the school only gave him 3 days ISS..
Crazy people. lol

Julie R
per pressure (fitting in)

if they get cought theyre mostlikely to stop smoking.. and be grounded

they will die very young. if they continue smoking, they won't past their 40's, the cancer and lungs problems would kill them. And no federal grant for college education it they caught.

Kaiialyne S
I started smoking when I was 12. When my parents caught me at 14 they were super pissed and I got grounded, etc. If you get caught by the cops, they write you up a ticket and I think that's about it.

Laura M.
Yeah. My son just started smoking and he is only 15 years old. When I caught him in his room, i grounded him. Then we talked and i asked him why he was smoking. He told me it was because all of his friends smoke. So i asked him if he wanted to quite and he said yes and i took him to his doctor were they gave him a medicine that is for kids his age. So i would say it happens because of peer pressure,

Eric P
same thing happens to anyone who smokes. they get a chance of having lung cancer, tared gums, bad breath, yellow teeth, coughing a lot. The only differences that it's illegal for someone under 18 to smoke. And as far as if they get caught, it depends on who catches them. So it's a wide array of options.

Because not a lot has changed since my grandpa and his buddies thought it was cool to hang out behind the barn and smoke cigarettes: kids think they're being cool and grown up by smoking, then they get hooked, then they wish they hadn't. What authority figures will do if the kids get caught is nothing compared to what the cigarettes will do to them if they keep it up.

it happens due to peer pressure,trying to be cool & act older.

then on day they're 30 with a pack a day habit.

They're smoking because their friends are smoking, peer pressure...They don't want to look like snobs..
What happens to them if they're caught ?
Hopefully they'll get their butts wooped and get a clue !
Or they'll end up like me, emphasema at 42...

Well they smoke because they think it is cool. And when they get caught, of course, they're in trouble. If they're not caught, they die earlier anyway.

Joshua H
Same reason it always did -- kids get curious because their friends or siblings are doing it, they try it, they like it, they get hooked.

If they're caught, their parents are usually disappointed, but they know that some kids are going to start, so they accept the inevitable. A minority of parents make a major issue of it, with groundings and so forth. If the kid is already a smoker rather than just experimenting, they usually lose.

Despite what people say, smoking cigarettes is very cool. Otherwise, why would teenagers smoke? Obviously, it's not cool when you are older and know better, but for teenagers, it's the hippest thing!

Because of this, and because of peer pressure, more and more young kids are beginning to smoke. Most teens think they'll just smoke around their friends, and they can "quit whenever they want to", but by the time they decide to quit, they are addicted, doomed to a life of nicotine.

Plus, cigarettes are becoming easier and easier to obtain. Whether it's older siblings, friends, or the local gas station that never asks for ID, if a teenager wants a cigarette, they're going to get one.

As for when they get caught, nothing happens. Yeah, their parents and teachers yell at them, and forbid them from doing it again, but teens are going to do whatever they want. The more "prohibited" something is, the more likely they are to do it. (Which is why I personally feel that lowering the legal smoking age will actually lower the number of smokers.)

Weather they are caught or not. If kids want to smoke, they will continue. I started at 16, and I'm 40 and still smoking.

Most kids start because someone they admire smokes, whether it be a family member, a friend, another adult they look up to. Some start because they are told not to & they do it to rebel. Some may feel that no one cares about them and hope to get some kind of attention, even if it might be negative.

Most usually start out thinking they'll just be able to stop when they want to.

I'd imagine that they'd get in trouble if they got caught.

What's worse is what happens to them if the DON'T get caught......

or if they do & no one is able to convince them to stop..

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