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 Should I go back to the doctor?
Around last Wednesday night I came down with heavy breathing and croopy coughing, and I just thought it was allergies. It got was Thursday, so I stayed home Friday and went to the doctor. They said I ...

 if someones hands and feet are allways cold ,is it a circulation prob?
there not corn beef looking or anything just very cold,anybody had a prob like that cheers ...

 How to get rid of sore throats and coughing?
how can i get rid of it besides taking medicine bcuz the medicine is actually making me sleepy and i go to skool so i must be awake plz and thank ...

 I'm quitting smoking on Monday.?
Any sugestions on what will help be sucesful. I smoke a pack a day for the last 29 years. Any sucess stories? any help would be apreciated....

 What do you do if someone has a panic attack? How can you help them?

 anyone who really knows about asma?
My uncle is a bit of a fibber anyways,I was out with him this afternoon at dinner and we were talking about asma.

He said,he has a friend who has a six pack even doe he doesn't work ...

 I got my son's asthma inhaler (Albuterol) prescription filled today, but the expiration date is 04-08.?
Did asthma inhalers suddenly get a shorter usage time or did I get old product? Would the pharmacist take this back tomorrow (it's unopened) and find me one with a longer expiration date?...

 Does anyone else get bronchitis this often who doesn't smoke?
I have bronchitis for the third time in less than 3 months. I do not smoke and I take huge vitamin pills everyday. I went to the doctor just last month with bronchitis and was given a bunch of meds ...

 how do we care for our Immune System?

 WIthin the USA, where is the best place to live if you have asthma and reoccuring broncitis?
is it really like hot dry weather?
Or tropical?
Husband is talking about Florida but it rains alot. I have already lived their once. Wouldn't a place that rains alot put moisture into ...

 Dogs for asthmatic children?
My 5 year old son is asthmatic and seems very lonely .. A pet is our topic of conversation, we know cats are the worst for asthmatics , but have been thinking of a boxer dog.. anyone got more info ...

 I'm throwing up blood?
ok so I'm sick. I've been coughing and sneezing non stop. I was just coughing for like literally ten mins. and I started throwing up. and there was blood. what does this mean?...

 my mum was sneezing today?
she sneezed around 6,7 times is that swine flu neeed answer !!!!!!
voting best answer
i dont want her to get swine flu please give me good ...

 γ€€Why can't I breathe when I.....?
when I get a call from my crush?
do i have asthma??...

 is my boyfriend really badly ill?
hes had a cold and a terrible gut wrentching cough with phlegmn for more than a few days now but this morning he has awoken and cant get warm, ive got three blankets and the heating on, his cough is ...

 Can you sleep next to someone who snores?
I love my husband, but I can't stand his snoring. He is sort of mad at me because I chose to sleep in another room. Also our baby still sleeps with me in bed, so the bed gets small with all ...

 OK Brits you think you're all high city flyer's and smart to boot....cough chuueerr flem.CACK!!!?
Spot the error if you can.
For XYZ=21900975 to Z Step/X*A+RND(Int(WXZ))
else Y Inc
End If

10 points to first ...

 I can't stop cough when I try to talk, please help!?
Hi guys, I start cough last week, and now I can't stop caughing! Everytime I try to speak a word, my throat start feeling itche and I start cough, I been search around the internet and yahoo ...

 Is it sooo bad to smoke like 3 times in month?
That's not for me.
My friend is asking me to post this.
2) Is it bad to try smoking?...

 a bloodwork question...?
can u tell if u have smokesd or have nicotine or if u have smoked by yer blood?...

Smokers and non-smokers please answer this?
Is there anyone who doesn't think this is a step too far: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/mobile/magazine/8282579.stm

I myself smoke and enjoy it. Although I mainly smoke tobacco, I do sometimes enjoy a standard cigarette and always choose my favourite brand. If the packet is white, I will still choose my favourite brand for the quality, not the image. What difference would taking the image off actually have?

don't know but this image thing is aimed at young teenagers ,, Aim is to halve smokers by 2020 and eliminate it by 2030 ,,

If teenagers want to smoke, then they will regardless of brand. Alot of my friends started before they were 16 (I would never touch one) and that was from curiosity and because they wanted to look like cool kids at the college party. So no, changing the pictures will not help. I think they should put huge bill boards up with pictures of people dieing becaus of smoking etc.

Read the article, it tells you why they want to take the images and logos etc off in there. I personally don't smoke but know people who do. I think there are good points and bad points, it may cut sales slightly but with teenagers, to be quite honest they're probably happy to get hold of cigarettes no matter what they are. If all the packs are the same it will introduce a market for worse things to be put into them and you may not know what you're getting if you're sold them from a person rather then a shop which is admittedly unlikely. Worse drugs could be disguised in the plain packets though which would not be good.

live and let live
i dont smoke but i defend your right to do it. this government is going way out of line with the nannying. whats next? all wine in dark bottles so we cant see the colour? all wine and spirits to be sold from under the counter?
they are planning to ban smoking in your own car. when they try that there should be a mass drive round the streets with every one smoking. i will buy a fake ciggy just to join in.

I think it's ridiculous. I don't know anyone, teenage or otherwise, who smokes because they were attracted to a particular brand of cigarettes.

First you decide you want to smoke, then you figure out your brand. Not the other way around.

LaToya F
I smoke newports and will untill I decide to stop I dont care what the package looks like.


These people don't get it... Price doesn't affect who smokes and who doesn't.

Also, not everyone even wants to quit.

γ€€γ€€ I've just stopped smoking, I'm sixteen, but when I started smoking a few years ago, it was never the packet, it was the price, surely it'll now be cheaper due to not needing to pay more for the packaging?
γ€€γ€€ And even when I was at my worst and didn't mind price, it was the taste, I was a big L&B silver fan, but I wouldn't really have cared about the packaging, I mean I'd rather not carry around boring white packets, but, it wouldn't have put me off.
γ€€γ€€ Anyone who buys cigarettes based completely on the packaging, are complete idiots!
γ€€γ€€ In fact I see a small problem with it, if the packages are all the same, then I'd have less of a clue, over which has less chemicals or tar or nicotine, as (odd as this sounds) girly packets and lights or whatever, just tended to be the better alternative.
γ€€γ€€ Furthermore, I do honestly believe that junk food is a bigger problem, the risks with smoking are well known and well documented, as opposed to fast foods, furthermore, smokers in my opinion work longer as they are able to, before health risks down to fast food start to happen the consumers, can gain a lot of weight and find it more difficult to work, therefore relying upon the state, in addition to this, junk food is something that affects a much younger audience too, I mean how many four year olds smoke? Compared to the amount who eat burgers? Moreover, in general the people who smoke are more aware of the effect, than those who eat unhealthily, not so much.
γ€€γ€€ Smokers have it drilled into them every day that smoking is killing them, you buy a packet, you see the picture, you see the warning, You turn on the television, you see the quit smoking adverts, you go out, you see the posters. Maybe junk food, alcohol and cars should be plain white, and have warnings and graphic pictures on the side, I personally see them as equally if not more dangerous, and albeit there is the danger of second hand smoke etc, precautions such as smoking outside can be taken, whereas cars kill innocent by standers etc.
γ€€γ€€ And finally, smokers pay for themselves, the private cost paid by all smokers, are more than enough to cover some smokers who need health care, do people who over engorge themselves on fast food? No.

γ€€γ€€ "It is a form of commercial censorship. No other product comes in plain white packaging. For some people it will make smoking slightly illicit. It will make smoking cool again." -> I like that, I never thought of that, maybe it'll be counter-productive?

i don't think that would ever fly in the US. i'm sure someone would find a way to make it a free speech / censorship issue.

but to address the topic, i understand the theory - you destroy the brand identity, which is what people relate to, in an effort to break the chain of desire or interest. but i can't see that working in a practical sense. people aren't going to stop smoking simply because their marlboros are in a plain white pack instead of having their classic red top and such. just another example of the over-the-top war on tobacco.

it's funny how much we try to push personal responsibility as a global community, yet we're not responsible enough to look at a pack of cigarettes with a brand styling on it.

mad keith
Like you I am and WILL remain a smoker I don't give a dam about packaging But what is currently P1SSING me off is Yet again being forced to do something that I don't want to do...ITS MY LIFE AND I WILL SMOKE
If people around me don't like it then thay can go outside ITS VERY VERY SIMPLE

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