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 do i have the swine flu?????????????
i had diahrea 3 days ago, but i feel a bit light headed and weak lately...i usually excercise a lot and i stopped eating a lot of fat foods recently...could i have the swine flu???...

 are cigarrettes more harmful than marjuana?

 I've been having this non-stop bad cough for the past 2 months...what is going on?

Additional Details
spitting up muccus too....green!

I was sick about 3 months ago. i got sick after a camping trip duing the weeked. I began coughing, weezing, sneezing, got ...

 My mom stops breathing in her sleep?
Okay... 3 days ago my family and I were at a hotel with a friend, right? Well, in the middle of the night my mom's friend starts shaking her and she wakes up. They said, "You weren't ...

 AM i sick with the cold, ?! I cant be!!!?
I have one eye that is all watery and a nose that is cloging up and my tounge itches really badly!!! head hurts 2!!!
Additional Details
No joke my frikin toung itchs im gonna get it ...

 My daughter has started smoking! Help!?
Hi, im Gillian, and lately, my daughter of 14 has been acting a little strangely, first she would come home reeking of very strong perfume, then i found a lighter, which she claimed to be one she had ...

 i spit blood up every once in awhile not alot and then it goes away im really scared wat could it be?

 My lungs hurt. What might this mean?
Both my sides hurt on the inside going towards my back, behind my ribs. I Figured its my lungs. I dont smoke. Everytime I breathe I feel the pain on both sides simutaneously. Could this be pnemonia? W...

 three reasons why people smoke, even when they know it's unhealthy?

 Will smoking weed........?
okay so i was wondering if smoking weed will effect my hockey at all. I only do it like 1 time a month or mabey a little more/less. I usually run every morning to get my stanima up if that makes any ...

 My roommates smoke...?
and i don't. i've noticed that whenever they smoke in the house i get headaches, and my ears hurt. is this a sign of being allergic?
Additional Details
cigarettes and ...

 2 months ago i had a serious panic attack n thought i was going to die, but i been smoking weed for years now?

 Can I check a pipe for smoking weed on an airplane in the states?
going on jamaican cruise and i want to buy a pipe or a couple. Houston airport. Bong?...

 Which is more harmful: smoking a cigarette or smoking a cigar?

 when is a good age to start smoking?
i might smoke soon because of my stress....

 my nose is stuffy, i can't breathe, help! click quick!?
i have a cold, like every winter ):
i ran out of vicks (or however you spell it) and i need a quick way to maybe clear it up?
help! it's hard to sleep with my mouth open ): ...

 Will I get mono?
So I found out one of my best guy friends has mono. I remember him complaining for a while he had a sore throat, and then that he was dizzy. Well he wasnt in school today, and after school he called ...

 *cough cough* *sniff sniff* I'VE GOT THE COLD!?
help me!
Additional Details
hey it's not funny! * AITCHOO!*...

 Should I start smoking tobacco?
I'm 11 and I really wanna start smoking tobacco because I think I'm cool and cool people like smoking it. All the famous people smoke so why shouldn't I?...

 my mom smokes a lot, how should I clear out my lungs?
My mom smokes a lot, and I've tried to get her to stop, but she won't. What is a good way to clear out your lungs and diapharam of smoke?

I want to last better for runner and ...

i like YOUUU.
Should i start smoking?
My friends think its cool.


cigarettes? um no... did you not get the memo?

besides it being gross and causing health problems... they're like freakin 6 or 7 bucks a pack now.

pot?... yeah, what the hell.

DIP!!!!!!!!!!! get camel snus its good :)

Oh, hello.
Your a dumbass if you. SO DON'T.

waste of money not cool stinky

If you'd like to shorten your life span and cause yourself some physical and emotional suffering, sure, why not?...and who can forget about your loved ones who will also suffer emotionally? ...sounds like a win....good thinking.

no. once you start it's really hard to quit.

i keep telling myself i'll quit, and when i do, i end up smoking a couple days later cuz i can't.

p.s. it's also 'expensive' in the sense that i could get bout 4 burgers off the dollar menu at McD's

Why start something that is deadly and cost a lot. Your friends wont care if you decide not to smoke. If they do then your friends aren't really your friends anyways.

Please don't. You've probably heard this a million times but, smoking leads to lung cancer, yellow teeth (nails, eyes), HORRIBLE breath and a depleting amount of worthy friends that my need to stay clear of second hand smoke. Don't give in to peer pressure and if they say you HAVE to do it. Get better friends.
Smoking leads to drinking, which leads to wild parties where you wake up and there's a kid looking like you running around years later and your baby making kit full of STD infected syringes. It happens.

only if you want to die and it dont matter if your friends think its cool cuz its hella stupidwhich makes them stupid for smoking

ac!d r4!n
go ahead if you wanna ruin yur life and look incredibly ugly.
go ahead if you want cancer, and wanaa die at a early age.
peer pressure, stand up to it, don't fall into it. c'mon. be a man.

You could get lung cancer and a thousand other things.
Please dont make me lecture.

Notice how all the smoking questions are in the section called Respiratory Diseases. Don't Do It! =D

ewwwwwww no cigarettes are disgusting im 17 and i never smoked them a day in my life. i have tried black and mild cigars though and they are good to smoke ocassionally they dont have nicotine so you dont get addicted and they are not as bad for you. dont smoke because your friends think its cool that will make you a loser.

Take health class at my old middle school and you'd know the answer is NO.
It shreds your lungs. I've SEEN it. They brought organs in. Nasty.
It enlarges your heart, and is also crap for you liver.
I'm hoping this is a joke question. Seeing as "my friends thinks it's cool" is the oldest line in the book.
But also (statistics!) it's super expensive. I think it's something like if you smoke one pack a day, after a year, compiling all the money you've spent, you could take a trip to Disneyland.
Plus the taxes are going up. And it makes health insurance more expensive.

Yes you can! but ask yourself first, than ask your parents, if you agree to distroy yourself thats fine and also wait for your parents suggestion that surely be the perfect answer whether you can start to take the tart!

yeah u should becuz the stink is awsome.

if your friends told u to go play in traffic, would u think that was cool?

just visiting
the only thing you should start smoking is some salmon, turkey, and hams. perhaps some cheeses, and sausages, too. If you start learning how now, you will have a buisiness built up within a few years, and probably your own cable cooking show, too. The youngest cooking host on t.v.
You can hang with Bobby Flay. and Giada, Maybe get a shot on Iron Chef, too.

Now THAT would be cool.

Absolutely not !!
I smoked for years and loved the things so much I could eat them.
Right now I am remission with lung cancer, and have COPD really bad and I will find out in a couple days if I have breast cancer, which lung cancer would be my primary cancer if it is positive.
As far as it being cool, there a lot more things than smoking that is cool.
Ask your self this question--Do I want to risk my health and my life for something that really isn't cool? Enjoy your life smoke free !
Good Luck !

are you retarded?
"my friends think it's cool"
screw them

No. I spent only 5 years smoking and now have permanent lung problems. Putting them down was the hardest thing I ever did. Just don't do it.

You should really be asking yourself that. But just because your friends think its cool, doesn't mean you should. Peer pressure is almost never good.

Sparkle Dice
like the friends that said to do drugs was cool? hmmmm you need better friends

Stephanie H
Youll look like a chimney, youll stink, youll have yellow teeth, youll have yellow fingers, it tastes like crap and it is a scientifically proven fact that smoking kills.
And it doesnt look cool, it looks dumb. Its a waste of money that everone could do without. Why dont you just roll up a $10 note and smoke it!?! It would be doing just the same thing except it probably wouldnt kill you!
If you start smoking it instantly takes 10 years off your life!

Yes, your friends enjoy it and are having fun. But before you decide to start, consider that you may think differently when you're 80 and tethered to an oxygen tube!

My Nightmare of you
ya. pot that is.

Only retards smoke... true story

Jonny Dangerously
Cancer is the coolest!

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