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Should i go to school when i have Bronchitis?
I went to the Doctor today and he said i had Bronchitis. He gave me some antibiotics, but i was wondering if i should go to school for the next few days of not? Also, is Bronchitis contagious?

Sophie x x x

it should be ok.=). But if it gets worse stop going.

řada předně
no not contagious, but you need to rest, stay home, if your not careful bronchitis could turn into pneumonia, and that could land you in the hospital

Logic & Reason :P
yes go to school and infect everyone mwa ha ha !!! nah really don't

No.. not for 24 hours after you have started the antibiotic. Then you aren't contageous.

Mary H
I bet you dont feel much like going to school, but you wont pass it on to anyone. Antibiotics work very well on this. Get well soonx

Hey Sophie.
If you like free days stay at home.
You might also want to avoid to infect the others.
If it is not thaaaat bad and you have to learn a lot
of stuff, hang on.

You need to rest and get a little better before returning to school. Bronchitis can turn into pneumonia very easy if you don't take time to get better, so stay home and get a doctor's note for school if needed.

Bri ;*<3 :)
No you should not go to school.
And yes bronchitis is contagious.

Trey M
You should deffinately not go to school because out of the two types of Bronchitis, (Acute and Chronic) they are both very contageous. When you sneeze or cough is when other around you have the highest chance to get bronchitis.

yes it can be contagious i had it and i didn't go to school its best to rest i would say but your doctor should give you a note for missed school . its best to rest up and take your medi and gett all betterrr:)

Nope, you should rest up!

Get well soon!

L 3 W ! $
no it can still be contagious for 3 days. get some rest, I just got over bronchitis and the antibiotic didn't help for a few days.

Another Depressed Teen.
dont go

Spiny Norman
No you should not go to school and you should take vitamins when taking antibiotics.

You should not go to school and, yes bronchitis is very contagious.

Yes bronchitis is contagious. Usually you don't get antibiotics because it is a virus, not an infection. But seeing as your doctor gave them to you, then you can go back to school after being on antibiotics for 24 hours and you don't have a fever. Feel better! :)

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